Liverpool steamer Camarthen Coast




Liverpool Daily Post, Nov 10th 1939


The Liverpool ship CARMARTHEN COAST has been sunk in the North Sea by an explosion. Two men are killed, 6 injured, 15 survivors were landed by lifeboat yesterday. The Captain is an Anglesey man the 1st mate belongs to Liverpool.

CARMARTHEN COAST, 961 tons of Liverpool, owned by Coast Lines Ltd. Built at Ardrossan in 1921 and traded between London and Scotland. She had left Kirkcaldy for London with a general cargo.

The missing men

2nd Engineer, Harry KING, aged 40, of David St. Kirkcaldy

John KERR, Donkeyman, Mid St, Kirkcaldy.

Who were both in the engine-room when the explosion occurred. Mr KING leaves a widow and two young children.

The rescued men unruffled by their ordeal in the open sea, were tucking into eggs and bacon soon after being landed.

Taken to hospital with injuries.

Chief Engineer, Gordon MCDONALD, aged 63, Somerville Rd, South Harrow

Andrew DUTCH, aged 50, William Buildings, Kirkcaldy

Peter CORMACK, aged 46, Seatown, Buckie

John LESLIE, Patterson St, Kirkcaldy

Donald ROSE, Oliphant Terrace, Kirkcaldy

James EGAN, Eagle Buildings, Methil

After their injuries were dressed, LESLIE, ROSE and EGAN were taken by car to the Seaman's mission.

LESLIE, Fireman said, there was a tremendous explosion and he was blown 30ft up the ladder and as he was falling managed to seize the ladder and hang on. Both his arms and hands were injured in the effort to save himself. Mr KING who was with him was killed outright.

CORMACK said he was at the wheel beside the Captain and the 2nd Mate when the explosion occurred, they were blown to one side and he injured his leg.

ROSE, Able seaman, said he was in the galley when the explosion occurred, the stove was shattered and pieces of iron struck him in the head, hands and face. Everything was black and he was unable to get out of the door. He managed to unscrew a porthole cover and get out. He says they were about one and a half hours in the lifeboat before reaching the shore.

Other survivors

Capt J. O. ROWLANDS, David St, Kirkcaldy, who comes from Anglesey and has been in the trade for many years.

W. MILLER, 1st Mate, Liverpool

J. S. WESTON, 2nd Mate, London

A. SMITH, Boatswain, London

J. EGAN, Able seaman

T. DUTCH Jnr, Ord seaman

D. MC LAAKLAND, Cook and Steward

J. YOUNG, Ship's boy

WATSON, Fireman


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