Brave Liverpool Policemen 1908

Liverpool Weekly Mercury 1908

Group of Liverpool Police Officers who received medals on Tuesday for 25 years service with unblemished records.

Top, Police-sergeant MC CLELLAND 291D.

Second Row, Police-sergeant GILBARR 25B, and Police-sergeant TOWNLEY 18F.

Front row, Inspector CLATWORTHY, [C. Division], Chief Inspector WEIR, [Central Fire Station], Inspector KEELAN [F].


MAY 16th 1908

Awards made by Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society

Cons 238A Thomas CLARKE

Cons 285A James O/Ragan HEALEY

Serg 28E Abraham GREEN

Cons 254E John WALDRON

Serg 44H Walter John BURDEN

Cons 103A John WILSON

Serg 30H Now sub inspector William KEBBY

Cons 251C John Patrick REYNOLDS

Cons 162D Robert LOCKE

Cons 114 E Thomas James GALVIN

Cons 250E Peter TAYLOR

Cons 61 F Richard HESKETH

Cons 100G Ernest Charles PONTING

Cons 273A Edward JORDAN

Cons 136G Arthur HARRISON

Liverpool Mercury Dec 5th 1908

Medals for brave Liverpool policemen

At a meeting of the Liverpool Watch Committee the Head Constable presented a number of officers on the occasion of the formal award to them of medals and votes of thanks from the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society, for brave conduct.

Awards given to the following officers :-

PC, 54, A, William MORRIS

PC, 98, A, James DONOVAN

PC, 242, A, Joseph Thomas Percival CRITCHLEY

PC, 103, C, Samuel GRAHAM

PC, 190, H, Matthew GALLOWAY

PC, 226, H, William GLEESON

PC, 57, A, John Murray LEARMONT

PC, 330, A, Thomas Edward KELLY

PC, 101, A, George Albert MORRIS

PC, 136, A, Francis TRAINOR

PC, 187, B, Edward JONES

PC, 172, C, Alfred William ROBERTS

Police Sgt, 21, D, Joseph FOX

PC, 52, D, Robert KINNISH

PC, 102, D, Walter HEWITT

PC, 221, D, Alfred LECKE

Police Sgt, 12, F, William WYATT

PC, 125, G, John Thomas RILEY

PC, 129, G, Francis Mark BAINBRIDGE

PC, 331, A, Frederick POWELL

PC, 51, C, Joseph NOLAN

PC, 237, E, Charles HEELY

PC, 192, H, Hodgson HALL

PC, 227, H, Thomas SCAIFE



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