Liverpool's Bowling Alley 1849

Liverpool Journal March 3rd 1849


Like begets like, but competition produces perfection. A few weeks since we announced the opening of a splendid bowling-hall in Newington, and we have to state that another bowling-hall invites to recreation, on the opposite side of the street, by all the allurements which taste, capital, and skill can communicate. It was erected for Mr SAUNDERS by Messers FURNESS and KILPIN, the eminent builders, and the design is in every way worthy of the architect Mr KILPIN.

The entrance is from Newington and upon opening the door you look upon a capacious hall, decorated with paintings and studded with statues. Along the right hand side extend a series of soft and fashionable sofas, and between them and the opposite side run parallel from each other five alleys, separated from each by a mahogany railway, on which returns the balls, on the principle of gravitation. The bar is at the west end and is furnished in a style of great beauty. The aspect of the whole is elegant, grand, expressive and aristocratic.

On Wednesday the hall was opened to the public, and on the preceding evening Mr SAUNDERS entertained about 50 gentlemen at a magnificent banquet, prepared by Mr BROWN, of the Niagara Hotel, Clayton Square. Mr ROSS of the chronicle took the chair and Mr KILPIN acted as vice-president. Professional vocalists were in attendance and the guests spent an evening of unmixed delight and sorial enjoyment.

Mr SAUNDERS was the first to introduce the American game of bowls into the country, and his politeness, attention, and gentlemanly bearing, have while at the saloon in Slater St, secured him a host of friends who nightly crowd to the hall. The game itself is becoming increasingly popular and the existence of more than one alley cannot fail to provide for all the patronage which ever rewards desirable entertainment of substantial value.


An Ad published March 10th by the competitor




Citizens and strangers are invited to visit this splendid Establishment which is not surpassed in England or America, either for useful or ornamental fittings


Made of the very best material and the only ones in England of the


They were laid under the immediate superintendence and direction of the proprietor, whose long experience of eight years in this kind of business, and his having been, for the past four years, Proprietor of the celebrated Gothic Hall Bowling Saloon in New York, [the largest of its kind in the world] gave him a great advantage over others in filling up an establishment of this kind in


The walls are tastefully decorated with oil paintings by one of the first artists. The BAR is filled upon the American plan and well supplied with the best of ales, wines, liquors and cigars, all the different fancy American beverages are made, viz: mint julep, sherry cobblers, punches, egg noggs, gin and brandy cocktails, brandy smashers, etc, etc.

The coffee or REFRESHMENT BAR is also well supplied with delicacies, in fact, no expense or pains have been spared to make the Establishment the first in the Kingdom, and if strict attention to business and to the comfort and amusement of all have any weight the Proprietor is satisfied they will be pleased by their visit.




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