Supposed loss of the BALLINA, Ramsey bay 1882

Liverpool Journal 14th January 1882,

On Wed last the body of a youth was picked up in the trawl net of a Fleetwood boat in Ramsey bay. On Thurs the fishing smack DOTTERREL of Fleetwood picked up another body of a man in the same place, he was 5 ft 6 ins, slight, with brown hair, clad in woollen over-clothing, that of a fireman or engineer. Information was received at Ramsey yesterday that the steamer BALLINA [Capt LYNUM Master] which left Liverpool a week ago with cargo for Larne and Sligo, has since been missing supposed foundered at Ramsey Bay, having struck the rocks on the South side. The two bodies recovered were evidently crew. The Customs officials have been alerted to look out for further evidence of the disaster.

The BALLINA was owned by, Mr G. J. POLLEXFEN, 28 Brunswick St, she carried no passengers and the crew were from the South-west of Ireland and Liverpool. She was built in Barrow in 1875 but hails from Liverpool, 341 tons reg.

January 21st,

Loss of the BALLINA, another body found

The owners of the BALLINA which is supposed to have foundered with all on board on Thurs, received the clothes from the body which was picked up a week ago in Ramsey Bay, I.O.M. These have been identified as belonging to the Asst steward, a boy named J. FLANAGAN.

FLANAGAN it appears was an orphan, a circumstance making his death all the more melancholy was that he was serving as a substitute for another, the previous boy was at home on his Christmas holiday. No further wreckage has been found.

The boy FLANAGAN is a native of Liverpool, his remains were received at Ramsey a couple of days after being found.

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