Prize giving on the AKBAR, 1882

Reformatory ship AKBAR
Liverpool Journal Dec 30th 1882

Prize Day on the AKBAR

The prizes gained by the boys on board the reformatory ship AKBAR were distributed on Thursday by the Bishop of Liverpool in the presence of a number of ladies and gentlemen who were conveyed from the Landing Stage and Rock Ferry by the steamer, GIPSY QUEEN. The interior of the vessel where the presentation took place was tastefully decorated.

The Rev Dr STEWART [Rector of Liverpool] was in the chair, amongst others present were :-

Bishop of Liverpool Dr RYLE, the Rev’s, T. B. BANNER, BURBRIDGE, Gustavus CARSON, Paige COX, BREAREY and FARMER, Admiral GOUGH. CB, Messers, Benson RATHBONE, CROPPER, READ, KELLY, DALZEL, Capt GROOME, and Capt SYMONS. RN.

After the ship’s band had played the overture, “La Recreation Musical.”

The Rev Gustavus CARSON, briefly addressed the boys, and said he was pleased so many were wearing the Blue Ribbon, for it showed they were determined to keep away from the terrible evil that had been the ruin of so many a brave man.

He then went on to wish all present a happy new year.

Rev Mr BURBRIDGE, exhorted them to do their duty in whatever situation of life they may be placed, they should be honest and sober, and remember that Tel-el-Kebir was won by men who drank nothing stronger than cold tea. He wished them every success in life and wished them not to forget the moral and religious training they received on board the AKBAR.

The Rev Mr FARMER [Staleybridge] spoke, followed by Admiral GOUCH. CB, who dilated in the necessity of discipline and of avoiding dangerous companions and drunkenness.

The other speakers were Rev Paige COX [Rock Ferry] and Mr KELLY, after which the Bishop proceeded to deliver the prizes.

Religious knowledge, S. WOOLMAN, J. LEE.

Greatest proficiency in all subjects, E. THOMPSON, A. PHOENIX.

Arithmetic, C. SPIRES, P. PAGE.

Geography, R. PARRY, F. MIDDLETON.

Seamanship, O. DAVIES, E. GIBSON.

Rule of the road, R. PARRY, E. DUXBERRY.

Rocket apparatus for saving life, G. SANDLES, A. WOODRUFF.

Spelling, F. BROWN, G. BOSWORTH.

Mental arithmetic, [given by Mr A. J. DAZELL], J. ARMSTRONG, F. DOBSON.

Greatest improvement in writing, A. TAYLOR, J. WILKS.

Band prizes, [given by Mr MAYNARD]. G. READ, E. DUXBERRY, F. BROWN, R. BRUCE.

Swimming prizes [given by Mr WATERHOUSE], HEA, DAVIES, READ, PARRY.

Conduct and diligence, J and A. COSTINE

Neatest dress and tidiest bag, KELLY, R. BRUCE.

Conclusion, the Bishop said it had given him great pleasure to be present, he felt to give encouragement to the boys and to enable them to make a start in life was the greatest object of the AKBAR. They should look ahead for it was through the want of looking ahead that people got into trouble, they should not regret to look within at their heart and conscience, they should aim to look above and he trusted that many good things they had learned on board the AKBAR would stand them in good stead in after years.

On the motion of Rev Mr BREAREY, seconded by Rev T. B. BANNER, a hearty thanks was given to his Lordship for residing.

Bishop RYLE in reply alluded to the good training given in the ship and said, their thanks was due to the committee managers and instructors.

A vote of thanks was given to the chairman and the proceedings terminated.


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