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Liverpool Journal

Jan 6th, 1877

Sir Henry De HOGHTON, late of Hoghton Tower Lancashire, who died on the, 2nd Ult, at Hyde Park.

Chevalier Francois De ROSAZ, late of 51 Upper Bedford Place, Brighton who died, Sept, 21st, last.

John BROUGHTON late of Peterborough, who died on, 24th, May, last.

Robert Burnett BRANDIER of Belmoredean, West Grinstead, Sussex, who died on, 7th, Nov, last.

Gilbert Robert BLAINT, late of, Montaqu Place, Montaqu Square, who died, Nov, 15th, last.

Alfred CHAPMAN, late of, 19 Eaton Place, who died, Nov, 19th, last.

Jan 13th 1877,

Sir Elkanah ARMITAGE, late of Hope Hall, Lancashire, who died, Nov, 26th, last Was proved at the Manchester District Registry, by Elkanah ARMITAGE, Benjamin ARMITAGE, Samuel ARMITAGE and Joseph John ARMITAGE, sons of the deceased, the executors, the personal estate being sworn under £200,000.

The testator bequeaths to his son Elijah, £28,000, to his son Vernon, Kirke, £21,000, upon trust for the children of his deceased daughter Mrs Rebecca SOUTHAM, £16,000, the interest whereof to be paid to their father George SOUTHAM, for their maintenance and education, upon trust for his daughters, Mrs Jane Ann HEWITT and Mrs Mary Bowers BENNETT, and their children, £16,000 each, all these legacies free of duty. The residue he leaves to his four sons Elkanah, Benjamin, Samuel and Joseph John ARMITAGE.

James KAY, late of Turton Tower, Lancashire, who died, Nov 4th, last.

James CAREY, late of Broadwater Down, Frant, Sussex, who died, Oct, 26th, last.

Sir Francis SHUCKBURGH, late of Upper Shuckburgh, Warwickshire, who died, Oct, 29th, last.

Henry Burdett LANGHAM, late of Cottesbrooke, Northamptonshire and Hamstead, who died, Nov, 30th, last.

Pearce William ROGERS,C.B, of the High Court of Chancery who died, Nov 7th, last.

Mrs Percy FITZGERALD of 27 St Georges Rd.




Liverpool Echo

July 1st 1892

Will of Southport Gentleman

Probate of a will dated, 10th July 1885 of the late John CHADWICK, 28 Park Ave, Southport, formerly Brek Hill, Pemdleton, who died, 29th January last, estate granted to the executors Mr John Begg MCKERROW, Mr William Hudson FAWSETT, Mr George Vernon CHADWICK, testator’s son, to each he bequeathed £200, and to his wife Caroline Elwin CHADWICK £500, horses and carriages, enjoyment of his house, with furniture, pictures and statutory. In widowhood an annuity of £1,000, to be reduced to a life annuity of £500 if she marries again. To his three married daughter £3,200, to his unmarried daughters £500, in trust to each £2,700. To each of his sons £3,200 and he leaves the residue of his property in trust to his children. Shares to his daughters to be to the shares of his sons in the proportion of 10 to 7. To his brother Joseph £300, his brother James £100, £100 each to his two nieces and £100 in trust to his nephew Joseph. His sons to have the option of acquiring a valuation in the silk mill at West Houghton, Bolton and his throwing mill Great Bridgewater St, Manchester.




Liverpool Mercury, Jan 7th 1899

A Clergyman’s singular will

The Rev Charles Henry Thomas Wyer DAW. M.A, Vicar of Stapleford, Cambridge, formerly Rector of Otterham, Cornwall who died on Oct 21st last, has bequeathed to his son all his mineral stores, tools, drawings and pamphlets written by himself and others about mechanics or mechanism absolutely, and the living at Otterham and the estate at Kernick, subject to an annual charge in favour of his daughter.

In his will he says,

“I desire that the total outlay of my burial be no more than £10, coffin and coffin fittings included. I will that after my decease, and within 6hrs of my burial, a certificate, as follows, be given in writing, to the person in charge, by two members of the Royal College of Surgeons in England.”

The following certificate is attached to his will.

“We Joseph GRIFFITHS and John GAY, duly qualified surgeons, and who are not in business partnership, certify that we have severed the right leg above the knee on the corpse, shown us as that of the late, Charles Henry Thomas Wyer DAW, and which we believe so to be – [signed] Joseph GRIFFITHS. M.R.C.S, England, John GAY. M.R.C.S, England, L.R.C.P, October 25th 1898.”

The will continues:-

“I will that 3gs be paid to each surgeon, but they may take the severed limb at 3gs, part payment if they choose, the corpse will then pack in an ordinary coffin, with or without the severed limb. I will that if the severing of the right leg be omitted, and not certified by two surgeons, the whole of this will, be cancelled, and of no effect, except the provision for my daughter.”

The gross value of the estate has been estimated at, £4,230-16s-10d.

Liverpool Mercury, 21st Jan 1899

Flintshire claimants to the TYSON Millions.

It appears there are claimants in Flintshire to the millions left by the late James TYSON the Australian millionaire. The claimants reside in the neighbourhood of Northop Hall, near Harwarden, and consist of two branches of the family, descended from TYSON who came from Ireland in the last century with the proprietors of the Irish Colliery, and who gave Irish names to the locality, such as “Dublin,” “Little Dublin,” and “Vinegar Hill.” etc. Mrs TYSON had two sons viz, Thomas, who was an under gardener at Hawarden Castle, and another who became the head of another branch of the family in the neighbourhood.

Thomas TYSON had five children, James, Thomas, Peter, Mary and Grace Thomas died without issue, but Peter had several children, one of them Peter TYSON Snr - now residing at Fern Bank, Northop Hall.

Mary married an Edward WILLIAMS of Ewloe Wood, and had a family of whom one was Edward WILLIAMS now residing at Well House, Pentremoch, who in 1893 and 1894 spent some time searching the family pedigree, and wrote to James TYSON claiming to be a relative through his grandmother, who was an aunt of James TYSON.

Grace TYSON married a man named LEADMAN of Altringham Castle and died without issue.

James TYSON who is buried in Eccleston churchyard, had two sons. He had a shoe shop in Chester. His son Thomas went to Exeter, and died there, and James the second son went to Australia 47 yrs ago, and became a wealthy glazier. From this account it would appear Peter TYSON Snr, above referred to, is a cousin of the late millionaire




Liverpool Mercury 19th Jan 1907

In the Probate Court before Mr Justice Bargrave DEANE an application was made with reference to the will of Benjamin WALKER of Chambers Rd, Southport who died on Nov 10th 1906, leaving an estate of £58,000, Mr BAYFOR, the counsel in the case of the executors, said the deceased will was a holograph will, dated, Sept 18th 1906, and it contained certain alterations and interlineations. Mr MIDDLETON who appeared for certain charities which he said were residuary legaties, opposed the application. His Lordship said he could not deal with the matter on the motion it was useless , unless all the parties consented. It must be the subject of an action.

26th January 1907

The late Mr Bashall PARK, retired manufacturer of Withnell, Lancashire, has left legacies amounting to £270,000, of which £48,000 is for charitable institutions.

Mrs Arabella VERNON, Western-super-Mare, bequeathed £43,000 for charities.




Liverpool Weekly Mercury Feb 15th 1908


The late Mr Thomas LEATHES of the Lyceum, 1 Bold St, Liverpool, left, £23.617.

The late James Richmond PATON. J.P, 7 Darby Rd, Grassendale, for many years head of the firm Messers J. R. PATON and Co, Cotton Brokers, 4 Oldhall St, Liverpool, and a director of the World Marine Insurance Co. Ltd, left, £43.333.




Liverpool Daily Post 1939

Legal notices


Re ? ? deceased, Persuant to the Trustee Act 1925. Notice is hereby given that any persons having a claim against the estate of ? ? contact etc :-

Estate of:-

Oct 5th

Robena HUGHES, late of, 165 Victoria Rd, New Brighton, formerly of Edenhurst, Albion St, New Brighton, widow who died, 6th June 1939

Oct 10th

James BLACKLEDGE, late of 6 Beech Lawn, Waterloo, who died 25th July 1939

Henry Cook ATHERTON, late of Mond St, Fazakerly, formerly of 9 Maesbury, 35 Desborough, Cresent, both in Liverpool, who died 20th June 1939

Oct 12th

Elizabeth SCHOFIELD, late of Ashestree, Birkenhead Rd, Meols, Cheshire, widow who died 12th Sept 1939

Oct 14th

Clara CUDLIP, late of 317 Brodie Ave, Liverpool, widow, formerly of 29 High Lane, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, who died 28th May 1939

Oct 17th

William Henry WILLIAMS, late of 2 Watford Rd, Liverpool, who died 8th Sept 1939

Robert Christopher LONG, late of The Elms, Dingle, Liverpool, who died 15th Feb 1939

James Stebbing BEADEL, late of 11 Rumford St, Liverpool, Merchant, who died 28th Sept 1939

Oct 18th

Mary ADAMSON, late of The Anchorage, 74 Anfield Rd, Liverpool, spinster who died 4th Oct 1939

Oct 20th

Alice Owen TAYLOR, late of 80 Connaught Rd, Liverpool, widow, who died 12th July 1939

Sydney SEE, late of 87 Woodcroft Rd, Liverpool, who died 16th Feb 1939

Mary Teresa FARRELL, late of 17 Laburum Rd, Fairfield, who died on 15th April 1939

John Abbott FAWKES, late of 30 Manor House Lane, Preston and formerly of 14 Ingrow Rd, Kensington, Liverpool, who died 17th Sept 1939

Richard Owen WILLIAMS, late of 12 Skerries Rd, Anfield, who died 12th Dec 1938

Oct 23rd

David HOGG, late of 5 Brabant Rd, Aigburth, Liverpool, retired Company Director and Manager, who died 23rd Sept 1939

Oct 25th,

George Hall CLARKE, late of Aberfoyle, 23 Grovenor Rd, Hoylake, who died 18th Oct 1939

Oct 27th

Ellis William DAVIES, late of Craigwen in the town and county of Carnarvon, Solicitor who died 28th April 1939

Edward Russell TAYLOR, formerly of Kingscourt, Penkett Rd, Wallasey, late of 3 Princes Gate West and 2 South John St, Liverpool, Surveyor and Estate Agent who died 14th Oct 1939

Helena Sophia HUNDT, late of 8 Stanley Rd, Waterloo, Liverpool, who died 20th March 1938

Oct 28th

Elizabeth BLAIR, late of 23 Kelvin Grove, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, widow, who died 4th Dec 1890, whose will was proved on 12th May 1891

Oct 31st

Benjamin ELLIS, late of 55 and 56 Minories in the City of London and Lynwood, Chemin de Brancolor, Nice, Alpes Maritimes, France, who died 25th May 1939

Nov 3rd

Alfred LAMACRAFT, late of 69 Bankfield Rd, West Derby, who died 19th Aug 1939

Mrs Charlotte HERON, late of Weatherstones, Neston, Cheshire, who died 22nd Oct 1939

Jane Mary HEPPLE, late of 17 Carrington Rd, Wallasey, who died 20th Apr 1939

Nov 7th

Catherine Emma HUGHES, of 7 Chermside Rd, Liverpool, spinster, died 4th Oct 1939

Frederick JAQUES, late of 12 Rumney Rd, West Kirkdale, Liverpool, who died 6th June 1939

Mary SMITH, late of 28 Gower St, Bootle, widow, who died 31st Oct 1939

Nov 8th

Thomas SHARP, of Yewtree, Maghull, who died 22nd Oct 1939

Nov 9th

Mary PENNELL, of 9 Brougham Terrace, Liverpool 6, who died 26th Oct 1939

Nov 10th

John Thomas BYRNE, late of Gledhill, Mossley Hill Drive, Liverpool, who died 18th Aug 1939

Edith HOUGHTON, late of 42 Loudon Grove, Liverpool, who died 28th Sept 1937

William Herbert BOOTH, late of Hinderton Hey, School Lane, Grange, West Kirby, Chester and Mill Croft, Greasby, Wirral, corn merchant and threshing machine proprietor, who died 1st July 1939

Nov 13th

John HUGHES, late of Rearsby, Higher Rd, Halewood, who died 1st Aug 1939

Nov 14th

Miss Eliza OCKLESTON, late of 39 Bidston Rd, Birkenhead, who died 10th Aug 1939

Nov 17th

Frederick George CANNING, late of 6 Laurel Rd, Fairfield and carried on business as Canning and Co, 46d The Temple, Dale St, General merchant, who died 6th Sept 1939

Thomas MORRIS late of 14 Roby St, Wavertree, Liverpool, who died 29th Jul 1939

Nov 21st

George LOW, late of 9 Eshe Rd, Blundellsands, who carried on business as College Motors Co, Crosby Park Garage, Coronation Rd, Great Crosby, who died 27th Jul 1939

Dorothy Bernice AINSLIE, late of 20 Seaforth Drive, Moreton, Wirral, widow, who died 1st Oct 1939

Nov 24th

Peter WRIGHT [the younger] late of 17 and 19 Jubilee St, Liverpool, furniture remover, who died 16th Sept 1939

Hannah Elizabeth CROOKE of 104 Brighton St, Wallasey, wife of William James CROOKE, who died 13th July 1939

William BALDWIN late of 16 Keble Rd, Bottle, who died 2nd Sept 1939

Mary Ann WARRINER, late of 9 Park Rd, West Kirby, widow, who died 10th Sept 1939

Nov 28th

Arthur Leake WESTON, late of 34 King St, Rockferry, who died 28th July 1939

Harriet Ross OATES, late of 53 Brodie Ave, Allerton, Liverpool, spinster, who died 20th March 1939

John BELL, late of Burneside, Birkenhead, Hoylake, who died 18th Nov 1939

Dec 1st

Joseph Vincent RAINFORD, late of 18 Hyde Rd, Waterloo, who died 5th Aug 1939

Henry Ernest CORKHILL, late of Hillglen, Fforddlas, Prestatyn, retired bank manager who died 10th Nov 1939

Dec 5th

William Aitkin FLETCHER, late of 48 Moss Lane, Orrell Park, Liverpool, who died 6th Oct 1939

Ada Jane RUTHERFORD, late of Parkfield House, 2 Parkfield Rd, Liverpool, who died 13th July 1939

Annie SHARPLES, Garsdale, Sinclair Dr, Wavertree, who died 27th Nov 1938

Dec 8th

Charles Henry Barlow, of the Griffin Hotel, Farnworth St, Widnes, retired architect and surveyor, who died 19th Aug 1939

Harold Ernest BELL, late of 14 St Hilary Dr, Wallasey, merchant taylor, who died 15th Oct 1939

William John PICKERSGILL, 4 Elton Ave, Great Crosby, who died 15th Aug 1939

Dec 12th

Robert Bibby De WOLFE, late of 5 Mayville Rd, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, late of 5 Dovedale Rd, Mossley Hill, Master of Arts and Clerk in Holy Orders, who died 24th Oct 1939

George Rideal HIGSON, 50 Moscow Dr, Liverpool, died 4th Sept 1939

Dec 13th

Joseph CHIPCHASE, late of 61 Needham Rd, Liverpool, who died 31st Oct 1938

Arnold Alexander SHARPLES, Garsdale, 13 Sinclair Dr, Wavertree, Liverpool, who died 21st Nov 1939

Dec 14th

Capt Owen THOMAS, 24 Green Lane, Liverpool, who died 9th Jan 1930, request for witnesses of the will to communicate with solicitors.

Dec 16th

Leonard SMITH, late of Chapel St, Wrexham, who died 5th Oct 1939

Elizabeth Ann LLOYD, late of 44 Gloucester Rd, Wallasey, who died 20th Oct 1939

Sarah BREESE, late of Top-y-Craig, Llangedwyn, Montgomeryshire, who died 6th Nov 1939

Dec 29th

Fanny WILKINSON, Greenfield, Town Row, West Derby, who died 25th Dec 1939

George SUTHERLAND, 24 Ashton Rd, Hunts Cross, Liverpool, retired school master, who died 21st Oct 1939

Francis John ARNEY, 20 Olive Tree Rd, Wavertree, Liverpool, retired estate agent, who died 5th Sep 1939

Henry Howard HANMER, of Berkleys Hotel, Queens Rd, Southport, formerly of Bells Private Hotel, 12 Albert Rd, Southport, who died 14th Aug 1939

Dec 30th

Frances Caroline MOORE, 19 Ampthill Rd, Liverpool, spinster, who died 17th Dec 1939

Arthur Edward CHEVALIER, Langdale, Grovenor Rd, Colwyn Bay, formerly of Liverpool, solicitor [retired] who died 17th Dec 1939




The Times June 5th 1940

In the estate of Henry Philip STEPHENSON

late of Vancouver British Columbia


GITTENS HURTON and ROBERTS, 60 Castle St, Liverpool, Solicitors for Robert West STEPHENSON of, Cannon Craig, Windermere, and Attorney for Jessie and George Maclaren STEPHENSON




Liverpool Daily Post Tue Apr 1st 1941

Demands against the estate of Louise Wilhelmine West late of Gorse Hill Wallasey who died 6 Oct 1940. Will proved by Arthur Hall Haslam and Samuel Dean 57 Moorfields Solicitor.


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