Capt Alfred W. V. TRANT


Liverpool Mercury

Nov 22nd, 1913

DEVONIAN Captain and Officers

The presentation of awards by the Leyland Line to the Capt and officers of the DEVONIAN for the heroism they displayed when rescuing the passengers of the VOLTURNO, took place this week in the boardroom of the company's office.

The chairman made the following presentations.

Captain TRANT, Solid silver centre piece.

Chief officer Thomas STEELE, 1st officer, T. B. KNIGHT, 2nd officer W. H. BAKER, Solid silver tea service

5th Engineer T. SOUTER, Gold Hunter watch.

Previous awards have been made to other crew members.

Mr F. C. DANSON of the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society presented each of the three officers with a silver mounted barometer.

Nov 29th, 1913

Awarded at Liverpool Town Hall and presented privately by the Lord Mayor by the Liverpool Shipwreck Humane Society to officers and crew of the DEVONIAN for rescuing passengers on the VOLTURNO

Capt Alfred W. V. TRANT, Gold medal and illuminated certificate.

Chief Officer Thomas STEELE, 1st Officer Thomas B. KNIGHT, 2nd Officer William H. BAKER, Silver medals with silver mounted barometer and illuminated certificates.

Bo'sun Jacinto NAVARRO, AB Arthur HAZELWOOD, Silver medals and certificate.

5th Engineer James SOUTER, Bo'sun's mate, Frederick J. BAILEY, Lamp trimmer William WALSH, Quartermasters William H. FLETCHER, James ROSSITER, James BROWN, Lawrence ONEIL, AB's E. Donald CUNNINGHAM, William BROWN, William POTTER, W. Andrew REED, Christopher WOOD, Ordinary seamen, W. John PRICE, Bronze medals and certificates.


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