Liverpool Daily Post, May 15th 1942

Exploits of the ex-THETIS

HMS THUNDERBOLT formerly the THETIS is home again after more than a year on highly successful underwater operations, and the saving from death in the Mediterranean 43 merchant seamen and a dog.

Under the command of Lieut Com Cecil B. CROUCH [Lucky] who recently received a bar to his DSO, the submarine which was the grave of 99 men at the bottom of Liverpool Bay in June 1939, has now a record of successes on her "Jolly Roger". Notably the destruction of two U-boats and 5 enemy supply ships, and 6 bombardments and gun actions against enemy positions, including an Italian fort. When the submarine was salvaged after 5mths [a stupendous feat of marine engineering] she served in Northern waters, where, according to one officer "the Balaklava helmets froze to our heads"

When on her way to the Mediterranean she rescued 43 seamen and a dog, survivors of a torpedoed merchant ship, making quite a crush with over 100 men on board. On recurring memory of the "cruise" is of the kindness of the English colony in Alexandria. Each man is asked what are his favourite sports and recreation, then a car comes and whisks him off and he is made to feel completely at home.

Lieut Com CROUCH is called "Lucky" because he left the submarines SEAHORE and SWORDFISH in each case shortly before they were lost. He is the only son of Mr and Mrs Charles CROUCH of Deal.

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