Liverpool Journal, Jan 22nd 1881


A meeting of the Local Marine Board was held on Tuesday afternoon at the Sailorís Home for the purpose of presenting medals by the French Government and the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society to the Captain and Officers of the steamship THALES, also a medal awarded by the King of Belgium to Mr PLINT third officer of the same ship for bravery.m

To Mr T. L. PLINT third officer of the THALES a silver medal and diploma given by the Belgian Government for gallantry in rescuing a youth from drowning in Belgium on the 7th of May.

Mr T. MILLS on behalf of the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society presented Capt BLAIR, Mr LAWSON, Chief officer, Mr PLINT 3rd officer and Mr WATERMAN 4th officer of the THALES a Silver medal for the following brave conduct; ;-

Masterís log:-

About 11pm on the 3rd Dec 1879 we decried signals of distress on our port bow, and bore down to see what it was. Saw a vessel with main mast gone, apparently a wreck, but as the sea was very high it was impossible to render her assistance, but, remained by till 2am. On the 4th the wind and sea abated, we came close to leeward of her, when the cries of the men were distinctly heard calling for a boat, it was pitiful to hear, especially that of a boy 14yrs of age, whose voice, mingling with the crowd touched every heart on board. A volunteer crew was raised consisting of the three mates and three seamen, who, after very great danger and difficulty succeeded in rescuing the crew [six in number the 7th was killed before the arrival of the boat] of the brig JEAN of Dunkirk from Port du Bouc for Granville loaded with salt.

The poor fellows had been at the pumps for 48hrs, a biscuit their only food, they had not even a drink of water. Every attention was paid to them on the THALES and they were landed at Southampton.

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