Southport BMD'S



Southport Visiter 1858




15th, John REBUTT, Bricklayer, Upper King St, a son

19th, Capt NICHOLSON, 3rd Duke of Lancasters Own Militia, of Hoghton Terrace, a son

19th, At Aughton, nr Ormskirk, Mrs William HARPIN, a son

22nd, Joseph THRELFALL, Cordwainer, Manchester Rd, a dau

25th, Bispham Vicarage, Rev W. A. MOCATTA, a daughter who survived only a few minutes.


15th, John SHAWCROSS, Whitesmith, Church St, a son

22nd, Rev J. A. KERSHAW, a son

23rd, Rev C. R. ORD, a son

25th, Mr J. GWINELL, Stationmaster, Birkdale Park, a son

28th, Edward RIMMER, Provision dealer, Manchester Rd, a son

Last week, the wife of a fine looking old fellow, residing, South St, Perth, named MCDONALD, presented her Lord with his 24th child.


24th, Seth RIMMER, Birkdale Park, a son [see deaths]

26th, Amos GREGSON, 143 Lord St, a dau

27th, Mr H. ROBINSON, plasterer, Bath St, a dau

29th, Isaac Henry EVANS, Druggist, Barrowford, a dau

31st, George SUMNER, Weaver, Upper King St, Southport, a son


7th, The Grove Lowton, prematurely, John H. MCKEAND, a dau [see deaths}

12th, W. RIPYARD, Painter, Upper King St, a dau

13th, R. W. BARNES, Billiard proprietor, Upper King St, a dau

13th, Mr E. MULLIGAN, Stoker, Tulketh St, a son

16th, 15 Chester St, Kennington Lane London, a poor woman, the wife of a journeyman printer, of three fine male children, who as well as their mother are progressing favourably [ our P.D, says that in this poor typo’s case an extra quantity of, “small caps” will be required]

19th, A woman named Elspet GORDON, of Rothes, gave birth to three male children and two female children. The three boys were born alive and lived till the next morning, the two girls were stillborn. The births were premature in the 6 month, extraordinarily all were full grown for the period of gestation, and one of the boys had two front teeth when he came into the world. Dr Dawson ROTHES attended the woman, she is doing well.

22nd, 4 Buckingham Place, Stonehouse Devonshire, Mr Thomas Ramsey DINNIS, Paymaster and purser, H.M.S, LOUIST, a son

22nd, George MAWSON, Bazaar Keeper, a son

22nd, G. T. HALLS, Manager of the gas works, a dau, since dead.


2nd, 79 Tulketh St, Southport, Richard Ramsey DINNIS, Visiter Office, a son

28th, Ellesmere Place, New Bath St, Mr Ellis LEVER, a dau


10th, Trinity Parsonage, Rev Jonathan JACKSON, a dau

16th, Richard ANDOW, Green Lawn, a dau

20th, James HARRISON, of Chapel St, a son


7th, Dr MC’NICOLL, a dau


1st, Edward ATKINSON Esq, Grange Hall, nr Preston of a son and heir

4th, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Lt Col INGALL. C.B, Commanding Officer of the 62nd Regt, a son

6th, Ashburne Terrace, Moss side, nr Manchester, Edward BROOKE, a son

9th, Cornelius DEWHURST, Butcher, a dau

11th, John RIMMER, Birkdale, a dau

17th, E. Walter STOCKER, Scarisbrick Arms Hotel, a son

18th, Victoria Park, Manchester, Thomas B. SHARP, a dau

23rd, Butler GASQUOINE Esq, Birkenhead, a son


1st, Thomas VAUGHAN, Tailor, a son

7th, Redbrook, Joseph HILES, Miller, a son

16th, Mr C. S. GOODMAN, Attorney, a son

17th, G. RIMMINGTON, Tulketh St, a son

22nd, William RANDLE, Aughton Rd, Birkdale Park, a dau


24th, John BOWDEN, Coronation Walk, a dau

24th, Edward JUMP, Coronation Walk, a son


7th, William Francis ARNITT, Sandhill Cottages, King St, a dau

17th, Preston, John AUGHTON, late of Birkdale Park, a dau


12th, Relict of the late William MAWDSLEY, Ironmonger, Lord St of a posthumous son



7th, Aston Chapel, Mr Peter LINAKER of Norton Hill, nr Runcorn, to Catherine youngest dau of the late Thomas STRETCH of Aston Heath, nr Preston Brook, Cheshire.

13th, St James Ch, Birkdale Park, D. M. FOX Esq. C.E, to Mary Catherine eldest dau of T. B. BROWNE Esq of Millington Hall, Montgomeryshire, H. M. Inspector of Schools.

25th, St James Ch, Birkdale, William TAYLOR, Farmer of Banks, to Miss Ellen WILSON, of Southport

26th, Tarleton, Joseph HULL, Farmer, Tarleton to Miss Milrea Gibson, of Eccles, nr Manchester.


10th, St Nicholas Ch, Liverpool, George SUMNER, Weaver of Churchtown, to Alice, eldest dau of James STEWART, Shoemaker, Southport.

10th, Trinity Ch, Southport, James WILSON of Liverpool to Miss Elizabeth MATHER, Southport

11th, Ind Chapel, Eastbank St, Richard DAVIES, formerly this town to Mary dau of the late Rev W. BOWEN, Minister of the Cong Chapel Bretherton this County.

11th, Christ Ch, John WRIGHT to Elizabeth MELLING

14th, Christ Ch, William JOHNSON [of the firm Henry JOHNSON and Co, provision dealers] to Hannah France, 3rd dau of the late James HILL, Manchester

18th, Christ Ch, William Henry DEANE Esq of Liverpool to Georgina Catherine, dau of George WOOD Esq late of Manchester.

18th, Christ Ch, Edward CARR of Southport to Mary RIMMER of Birkdale

25th, Wenhaston Suffolk, John son of William BAYES Esq of Liverpool to Mary Charlotte, eldest dau of Charles WHITE, former place.

25th, St James, London, Capt Geoffrey NIGHTINGALE, Commandant of the 4th Hydrabad Cavalry to Annie, 3rd dau of the late Thomas J. KNOWLYS, Heysham Tower, Lancashire


27th, Christ Ch, Job JOHNSON of Marshside to Mrs Betty RIMMER, same place


6th, Parish Ch, St Helens, Charles, 2nd son of H. D. PONTIFEX Esq of London to Lucy eldest dau of J. BOARDMAN Esq St Helens.

13th, St Brides Ch, Liverpool, Robert Gorton COOMB Esq of Basford, Nottinghamshire, to Frances Sarah dau of the late Terrick JONES Esq, Great Crosby.

18th, Parish Ch, Ormskirk, James TRAVIS to Miss Ann BAYBUTT, both Ormskirk

25th, Parish Ch, Ormskirk, Edward LANGTON to Margaret DEAKIN both of Newburgh

29th, Parish Ch, OrmskirkCharles John son of W. D. WEBB Esq of Haselour in the County of Stafford to Emma only dau of the late Edward BOYER Esq, Brooklands, nr Ormskirk


14th, Parish Ch, Marylebone, London, by Rev Henry CLARKE. M.A, father of the groom, Vicar of Hannston, Lincolnshire, assisted by Rev Joseph MC CARTIE, Rector of St Judes Manchester, Rev Robert CLARKE. M.A, Missionary of the church Missionary Society Peshawur to Elizabeth Mary, eldest dau of Robert BROWNE Esq, Gloucester Place, Portman Sq, London

Last week at Preston, nr Brighton, the Dowager Countess of Effingham to Mr HOLMES who has filled the humble position as scripture reader at a church their. The bride is 80yrs old, the groom, 30yrs. The Countess has for many years manifest a great interest in the labours of the scripture reader and gave him some valuable presents. The Countess has a princely income worthy of a daughter and mother of a peer of the realm. The Aristocratic relatives are terribly exited about the unexpected and eccentric conduct of this aged and noble lady, it is the universal topic of conversation in all circles.

18th, St Marys on the sand, Seabank Rd, Charles Francis ARNHEIM to Jane SHERRINGTON, both of Southport

23rd, Liverpool, William RICHARDSON, gas fitter, eldest son of the late John RICHARDSON of Southport to Miss Margaret DEACON, Liverpool

End of May, St James Ch, Birkdale, Dr Edward John LONGTON, to Eleanor youngest dau James H. WRIGLEY Esq, Sandowne, Southport


7th, St Kildea, nr Melbourne, Victoria, Mr PRIESTLY of St Kildea to Miss Dora SEGAR, formerly, Harford St, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool

8th, St James Ch, Robert eldest son William SHARROCK Esq, Southport, to Mary youngest dau of the late Charles BIRD Esq, Liverpool

14th, Christ Ch, William H. RATCLIFFE, Painter to Mary Ann, 2nd dau of Richard JUMP, Boot and shoemaker, Eastbank St

14th, St Mathews Ch, Manchester, Robert HUNT Jnr of Churchtown to Miss Ellen TAYLOR, late of Stockport

17th, Parish Ch, Ormskirk by Rev John Foster STATHAM. B.A, of St Pauls Bury, brother of the groom, James youngest son of John STATHAM of Pendleton to Mary eldest dau of the late Francis JOHNSON, Ormskirk, also same place, William Byrom SUMMERS of Liverpool to Jane youngest dau of the late Francis JOHNSON, Ormskirk.

19th, Parish Ch, Ormskirk William BELL to Ellen, 2nd dau of James ROTHWELL both of Chapel St, Ormskirk

26th, Trinity Ch, Southport, Rev Thomas RADLEY of Radley House, Sheffield to Elizabeth only dau of the late Charles OLLERENSHAW Esq of Droysden, Ashton-under-Lyne

28th, Brindle Ch, William Drewry SUTTON Esq of Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Mary Ann only dau of William JOHNSON, Minthorne Academy, Brindle


15th, Christ Ch, Doncaster, Robert Heywood MC’KEAND Esq of Lowton to Anne, 3rd dau Charles BAKER Esq, Eastfield House, Doncaster.

21st, Parish Ch, Ulverston, Rev William WANNOP, incumbent Burscough Bridge, to Ann dau of the late George PARKER Esq of Ulverston

25th, St Philips Ch, Liverpool, William COLLETT, Joiner to Kate NICKSON both this town, same time and place, William BALL, Joiner to Mary youngest dau John MOORE, Plumpton, Cumberland

30th, Childwall Ch, Henry BRISCALL, Merchant Leeds, to Caroline dau of the late W. L. WOLSTENHOLME, Edge Hill


7th, St James Ch, Birkdale, W. BLUNDELL of Blowick to Betty PEET of Southport

10th, St James Ch, Birkdale, Richard MONK, Ostler to Miss Ann MC’DERMIT, Cook of the Scarisbrick Arms Hotel

11th, St James Ch, Birkdale, Robert LEECH Esq, South Greave, Rochdale and New York to Ann Jane dau of Edward RODGETT Esq, Ribbleton, Lancashire

11th, Peterborough, Canada, West, Spencer Atkins JONES, late of Southport to Elizabeth, 2nd dau, J. FORD Esq of Peterborough. C. W.

13th, Christ Ch, William DUTTON of Birkdale to Mrs Ann BATES, this town

18th, Christ Ch, Peter RIMMER to Ellen HIGSON

24th, Christ Ch, William RIGBY of Churchtown to Miss Catherine THOMPSON, same place

24th, Walton, Henry Roberts, eldest son of H. C. GERARD, Brewer, to Mary dau the late James TWIST, Ormskirk

26th St Michaels, Toxteth Park, Francis Sharp POWELL Esq. M.P, for Wigan of Bellingham Lodge, Wigan and Horton Hall, Bradford to Anne, 2nd dau of Mathew GREGSON Esq, Toxteth Park


9th, Parish Ch, Deane, Edward youngest son of William CANNON Esq, Park Hill to Elizabeth only dau of James ECKERSLEY, West Bank, Bolton-Le- Moors


2nd, Walton-on-the-Hill, Thomas Buckley HARDMAN Esq, Falkner Cresent, Bootle to Elizabeth eldest dau of Charles WARD of Longton, Staffordshire

3rd, Christ Ch, Richard ROBINSON to Matilda CULSHAW, both this town

25th, Ind Chapel, Eastbank St, Hargreaves MAWDSLEY, Watchmaker, Lord St to Mary youngest dau Henry MACOUN Esq, Birkdale Park, late of Bolton

28th, Spondon Ch, by Rev W. CORNWELL, Incumbent Crossens, John Blake CORNWELL to Lelitia Mary eldest dau Henry HOLBROOK Esq of Spondon, Derbyshire


2nd, St Michaels Ch, in-the-Hamlet, Liverpool, William Hairby HASTINGS to Elizabeth OLDHAM, both that town.

11th, Ind Chapel Southport, Hugh THRELFALL to Nancy SPENCER, both of Churchtown

17th, London, Major Robert LINDSAY of the Scots Fusilier Guards to Hon Miss JONES LLOYD only dau of Lord and Lady OVERTONE

18th, Walton-on-the-Hill, Alfred DEAN of St Helens, son of John DEAN, Southport to Mary Ann, eldest dau of the late Thomas METCALF of Kirkdale

27th, Christ Ch, Thomas HOWARD of Blowick to Miss Jane WRIGHT, Crossens


21st, Christ Ch, William HILLS, of Oldham to Ann Caroline ROSTERN of Southport, widow of the late James ROSTERN of Ratclifffe, dau of James WROE, Stationer, Manchester.

25th, Cathedral Manchester, John BATLEY of Holmfirth to Emma only dau of J. H. NEILD, Vine St, Hulme

28th, Kirkby Chapel, William eldest son of Hugh BULLAN, Kirkby, to Dorothy eldest dau of the late William WOOD, Simonswood



11th, Elizabeth, aged 48, wife of John RAWSTHORNE, Clitheroe

12th, John GRIMSHAW, aged 51, in this town, of Lower Broughton

14th, Elizabeth, aged 55, in this town, widow of the late Edmund HEALD, Grocer, Lancaster

16th, At Banks, nr Southport, John infant son of William BLUNDELL

16th, Ellen, aged 45, in this town, dau of the late Henry WALKER of Manchester and sister of Rev John WALKER. M.A, Incumbent, St Pauls, Bury

16th, 20 Seabank Rd, William GREEN, aged 66, late of Macclesfield, Cheshire

22nd, Melbourne Terrace, Leonard SLATER, aged 77

22nd Lucy, the wife of J. H. WATERHOUSE, of Gt Russel St, London, aged 31, of rapid consumption at the Hoghton Arms Hotel, this town, eldest dau of T. A. MCBEAN Esq, Devonshire St, Portland Place [another family member deceased 16th Feb].

25th, Capt William GILL, Harris Terrace, Douglas, aged 63, many years senior Capt of the I.O.M, Packets, much respected by the visitors and others of Mona Island.

28th, Wesley Place, George JOHNSTON, aged 26.


2nd, Mrs HODSON, aged 76, Row Lane.

5th at Son-in-Laws residence Rev W. HACKETT, Churchtown, Mrs Elizabeth ATKINSON, aged 85, formerly of Bilsboro, for many years a member of the Cong Chapel, Grimshaw St, Preston

8th, John HELSALL Esq, Whitchurch, Salop, Brother-in-Law of Mr VENABLES, Prof of Music, Liverpool and this town.

10th, In action at Cawnpore in the brilliant charge under Brigadier WILSON, Major STIRLING, Capt ‘s MCCREE and MURPHY, John only brother of Mr Insp PICKERING, late this town. The deceased was known as a brave soldier had been out in India for 11yrs, with the 64th Regt. He fell with the Gallant officers mentioned, in front of 4 guns they captured, but for want of support were unable to retain

14th Whitchurch, Salop, Anne, aged 40, beloved wife Allan SMITH, Railway Contractor, and Sister-in-Law of Walter SMITH, this town

15th, Ralph Steele, aged 2, son of Mr A. SLATER, Grocer, Eastbank St.

16th, Leighton Cottage, nr Milnthorpe, Mary, aged 26, 2nd dau of Mrs WATERHOUSE of the Hoghton Arms Hotel, this town [see above 22nd Jan]

20th, Charles Mozley, aged 28, only son of the late Jonathan BOOTH of Manchester.

21st, Elizabeth Hurst, aged 21, dau of Rev John Egarr MILLSON, Independent Minister this town

22nd, At Devonport, Mary Jane, aged 5 yrs, eldest dau of George HALLS, Manager Southport, Gas works


1st, Brother-in-Laws residence John KERSHAW, Heap Cottage, Heywood, Thomas Frederick LOWE Esq, Solicitor Warrington, eldest son of the late Rev Thomas LOWE, Rector of St Pauls Ch, Warrington

2nd, At the Star Inn, Manchester, Thomas Lister PARKER Esq, formerly of Browsholme Hall and hereditary bow bearer of the Forest of Bowland in the County of York. He was descended from an ancient and well-connected family, on the borders of Lancashire, being the eldest son and heir of John PARKER Esq M.P, by his wife Beatrice, Sister of the 1st Lord RIDDLESDALE of Gisburn Park and Grandson of Edward PARKER Esq, and of his wife Barbara, co-heiress of Sir William FLEMING Bart of Rydall, Westmoreland. He was elected F. S. A in 1801, F. R. S and High Sheriff of Lancashire in 1804. Commission of the Peace for West Riding, York and Lancashire but never took the oathes, Dept Lieut of both Counties.

5th, Richmond Hill, Liverpool, Mrs BROWN, aged 75, wife of William BROWN Esq, M.P, South Lancs

8th, Rachel Alice, 3rd dau of James PLATT

8th, Fathers residence, Churchtown, Edward SUTTON, aged 28, Miller, eldest son of Robert SUTTON, Shoemaker.

17th, James LEES Esq, Stamford House, Ashton-under-Lyne

18th, At Southport, Richard EVANS, aged 54, late of Windermere House, Princes Pk, Liverpool

24th, John Luther James, infant son of Seth RIMMER, Grocer, Birkdale Park [see above born same day]

25th, Charles Edward aged 11mths, youngest child of Benjamin PIDDUCK, Ironmonger, Lord St [see 6th Apr]

26th, Brother-in-Laws residence, Kirkdale, Grace COTTON, aged 75, relict of William COTTON, late of Preston

27th, Charles MAWSON, aged 35, Bazaar Keeper, Lord St.

28th, Edwin NEVILL, aged 27, son of John NEVILL, Wellington Inn, Eastbank Rd., his remains accompanied to the grave by members of the Loyal Fleetwood Lodge of Oddfellows

31st, Lord St, Sarah, last surviving dau of Rev Thomas Edward PODMORE, Vicar of Wybunbury, Cheshire, niece to Rev Robert Berisford PODMORE, Rector of Monkskirby, Puleston house, Warwickshire

31st Elizabeth, aged 79, relict of the late Thomas CARDWELL Esq of Ardwick, Manchester


3rd, Fathers residence, Aughton, John SEPHTON, aged 24, School master Warrington

4th, Elizabeth, in this town, 2nd dau of the late Rev Robert BULLOCK, All Saints Ch, Bolton

4th, Ormskirk, Mrs Catherine BROUGHTON

5th, Robert, aged 31/2 yrs, youngest son, Mr Luke PARKINSON, Little London

6th, John Harding, aged 21/2 yrs, 2nd son of Benjamin PIDDUCK, Ironmonger, Lord St. [another son died above 25th March]

7th, James LONGTON Esq, M.D, aged 61.

8th, Maria, aged 32, wife of John H. MCKEAND, Grove Lowton, dau of the late E. H. WALKER Esq, Southport [see above gave birth to a daughter, 7th April]

15th, Hannah, aged 74, wife of James HARDMAN, Neville St

16th, Alice dau of Jonathan HUYTON, of Burscough St, Ormskirk

18th, Miss MAWDSLEY, aged 77, Scarisbrick

19th, the infant daughter of Robert WHALLEY, Lathom

21st, John aged 27, son of Richard HUNTER, Newburgh

22nd, John WRIGHT, aged 44, Birkdale

24th, John Robert, infant son of John RABUTT, Bricklayer, Upper King St.

24th, Thomas TARBUCK of Rainford, Clerk to Messers RICHARDSON’S Brewery, and for many years agent to Miss BRANRETH, Ormskirk.

29th, Mary, aged 32, wife of Jacob BENTHAM, Whitesmith, this town

30th in this town, Samuel WALKER, aged 52, of the Green Ratcliffe


2nd Richard PRESCOT Esq, aged 72, at his residence in Dalton

4th, In this town, Hannah, aged 35, wife of Samuel PRESTWICH, Cotton spinner, only daughter of Richard BARLOW of Farnsworth

13th, in this town, Hamilton James, aged 19, only son of Capt James R. REA, of Liverpool

14th The Grove Lowton, Maria, infant dau of John H. MCKEAND, [born 7th April, Mother died 8th April]

15th, Brooklands, nr Ormskirk, Mary aged 60, relict of Edward BOYER Esq, the deceased lady survived the marriage of her only daughter by 16days.

?, At his sons seat Northamptonshire Mr Lewis LOYD, aged 90, father of Lord Overstone, the deceased was for a period of 50yrs, head of the banking firm, JONES LOYD and Co, of Manchester and Lothbury London. He was the eldest son of Mr William LOYD, Court Henry, County of Carmarthen, early in his life he became a Pastor of a Dissenting chapel in Manchester, having married the only daughter of a wealthy merchant in that city, the late Mr John JONES, he was induced to enter the world of commerce.

His Father-in-Law took him into partnership in Manchester, in consequence of repeated complaints from the London agents of difficulty in keeping accounts of the firm Mr LLOYD proceeded to the Metropolis and established a bank there under the same name, JONES LOYD and Co drew bills on JONES LOYD and Co OF Lothbury London. Through Mr LOYD’S energy, industry and intelligence the firm prospered and his son Samuel Jones LOYD rose to the honours of the British peerage, to Lord Overstone

20th, Mr Wingfield HARDING, aged 66, Booden Brook, Shelton Potteries, Father-in-Law of Mr Benjamin PIDDUCK, Ironmonger this town.[2 sons deceased above]

22nd, Henry, aged 27, youngest son of Henry SHARROCK, Farmer, Scarisbrick

23rd, In this town William DAWSON Esq, aged 44, Surgeon, 3rd son of Samuel DAWSON Esq of Stone Staffordshire and Assistant to George WOODS Esq, Surgeon, Southport.

27th, Herbert, aged 3, son of Mr Richard WRIGHT, Builder.

28th, Thomas, aged 20, son of William HALSALL, Bricklayer, West St.

30th, Alice, aged 54, wife of Charles ROTHWELL, Chapel St, Ormskirk


1st, Caroline, aged 18,1/2 yrs dau of Richard WRIGHT, Hoghton St, Southport

4th, Rivington Hall, Robert ANDREWS Esq, aged 73, Deputy Lieut of the County of Lancaster

6th, Melbourne Australia, Henry Ramsey COLLINS, Surgeon, late of Burton-of-the-Water, Gloucestershire, youngest son of the late COLLINS. R.N, Devonport

10th, Edward aged 24, youngest son of the late Edward CROWLEY of Manchester

12th, Henry HALTON, Narrow Moss, Scarisbrick, nr Ormskirk

14th, Hoghton St, Ann, aged 81, relict of Edward WORTHINGTON of Lower Whitley

14th, Chicago Illinois, Joseph Frederick GARSIDE, Printer, Brother of Mr F. B. GARSIDE Chemist, Lord St

16th, Miss Jane NEWSHAW, aged 68, at Leamington, late of this town

18th, Anne Kay, wife of S. PARSONS, King St, Manchester

21st, Elizabeth, aged 53, wife of John TOMLINSON, Keeper, Crossens

26th, Frederick, aged 6mths, son of William JACKSON, Eastbank St

30th, At Manchester, John ROTHWELL, aged 64, brother-in-Law of William MALLALIEU of this town.


5th, at Uncles house, Rev T. DIXON, Crosthwaite, Elizabeth, aged 18, eldest dau of John AIREY of Southport

10th, Frederick Briggs, infant son of, John RIPLEY, Bookbinder

12th, Margaret, aged 61, dau of the late William BOWER Esq of Rochdale

14th, Birkdale Parsonage, Hannah, aged 33, wife of Rev B. SWIFT

14th, Alice, aged 72, wife of Henry MAWDSLEY, Plumber and glazier

17th, The wife of W. JACKSON, “The Smack” Eastbank Rd

20th, New Bath St, John Pilkington TYRER Esq of Bolton

30th, William, aged 9yrs 10mths, only son of Reuben ROTHWELL, Stonemason, Upper King St.


1st, Miles TODD, aged 24, Plumber this town.

1st, William MAWDLSEY, aged 43, Ironmonger, Lord St

12th, Charles Clarke CARR, 2yrs 5mths, only child of John CARR, Tailor, Upper King St

14th, Thomas GASQUOINE Esq, aged 58, of Birkdale Park

16th, Gilbert Henry aged 14mths, son of Samuel BALL, Market Inspector

18th, Holmfirth, Rev William DAWSON, aged 50, Wesleyan Minister, nephew of the celebrated preacher, Billy DAWSON

21st, Adelaide Terrace, Waterloo, Lieut Henry Gray KELLOCK. R.N


5th, Residence of James Hardy WRIGLEY Esq, Sandowne, Southport, Eleanor JOHNSON, aged 57.

11th, Hoghton St, Elizabeth, eldest dau the late James De La PRYNE, Nore House, nr Kirkham

13th, London St, Miss REED, aged 37.

Recently at I.O.M, Abraham ISHERWOOD, School Master, this town

26th, Moses Purceil FORESTALL, the oldest Police Inspector of Liverpool, he entered the force in 1836, was previously a Capt in the army, during the Penninsular War, was well known for his bravery and fondness for duelling. He inherited valuable property near Waterford where he was born, but his estates so heavily encumbered, soon became valueless.

27th Taunton, Lady BOWRING, aged 64, wife of Sir John BOWRING, Her Majesty’s Plenipotentiary in China.

28th, Burrow Hall, Kirkby, Longsdale, Samuel ALCOCK Esq, aged 68.


3rd, At York, of Dropsy, Sarah, aged 52, wife of Thomas WITHNELL, Architect this town.

4th, 50 Bath St, Elizabeth eldest dau the late Benjamin WHEELDON, Manchester

14th, Jumalpore, India, H. S. PORTER Esq, aged 35, youngest son of the late Smiker PORTER Esq of Chester

21st, Ampthill Sq, London, Rev Samuel HALL. M.A aged 76, formerly Fellow of St John’s College, Cambridge, Late incumbent Billinge.

22nd, Jane, aged 65, wife of Samuel PENNINGTON Esq, Halliwell nr Bolton

23rd, Fanny aged 7, eldest dau Mr MARTIN, Bath St

25th, Liscard, Miss Catherine REYNOLDS, aged 72, late this town


12th, Cicily DANDY, aged 97, of Little London nr this town

12th, Thomas BOND of Birkdale, aged 84

17th, Rev John PHILLIPS, Wesleyan Minister, aged 88, in the 65th, year of his ministry.

20th, Everton, Jane Dorothy, eldest dau of the late Stephen WALMSLEY of Ormskirk

27th, Marshside nr Churchtown, William BUTCHER, aged 58, Deacon of the Ind Ch, Churchtwon formerly Bury

29th, 19 High St, Rhyl, at her daughters residence, Ann BURWELL, aged 85, for many years resident at Southport

30th, Sutton House, Howth Dublin, Mrs JACKSON, relict of Judge JACKSON, dau of the late Benjamin CLARKE of Cullens Wood and Rutland Park, Dublin, sister of Capt CLARKE, Mount Jerome


1st, Mr W. M. EDGE, aged 76, Montaque Cottage, Promenade, late Sgt Major of the 1st Kings Dragoons and Sgt Major of Lord De TABLEY’S Cheshire Yeomen, for 3yrs.

6th, Clevedon, Somerset, Alexander RIPPINGILLE, aged 63, Artist, late of Liverpool

15th, Ann, aged 59, wife of Edward TINSLEY, Farmer Scarisbrick

14th, Richard WRIGHT, aged 58, builder this town

15th, Robert WRIGHT, aged 53, brother of above, plumber and glazier this town.

19th Holly Tree Cottage, Manchester Rd, John Charles CORLETT, Artist, late of Manchester

19th, Philip RAMSBOTTOM, aged 37, Draper, late of Preston, assistant to the Manchester trustees of the late James MAWDLSEY, Albert Warehouse

20th, Residence of Mr OWEN, Hulme, Hannah CARFIT, aged 60yrs, Domestic servant of the late John ARROWSMITH Esq, Ardwick Place, Manchester

21st, Thomas BALL, aged 32, son of Richard BALL, Portland Brewery, Upper King St.

28th, Anne FLEMING, aged 70, Tulketh St

28th, John ANDREW, aged 38, Summer Place, Broughton

28th, William MALLALIEU, aged 67, of this town, Father-in-Law of above, John ANDREW


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