BMD,S 1854

Southport Visiter 1854


Jan 7th, Residence of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Downing St, Mrs W. E. GLADSTONE, a son

Jan 9th, Oulton House, nr Stone, Staffordshire, J. S. ASTBURY. Esq, a dau

Jan 14th, Thomas CRAVEN, Lord St, a son

Jan 20th, 5 Vane St, Bath, Rev Henry BEAUMONT, a son

Feb 10th, Eldon Place, Lord St, George HAWKYARD. Esq, a son.

Mar 21st, Cambridge House, Hoghton St, Christopher SMITH. Esq, a dau

Mar 26th, Whetstone, nr Leicester, Thomas HAMMOND, Labourer, of a son and two daughters, both healthy and likely to live.

Apr 2nd, 4 Corlett Place, Falkner St, Liverpool, James CARLANE, Labourer, three children, both parents are deaf and dumb, they also have four other children living, Mr D. BUXTON, Master of the school for the deaf and dumb has satisfied himself that the aid of the benevolent would be well bestowed.

Apr 15th, Caunces Villias, New Bath St, Mrs S. F. ARMITAGE, a son

16th Apr, Teevanas, County Cavan, Frances CARROLL, a small farmer, 2 girls and a boy.

18th Apr, Mr Thomas GOULDSWORTHY, Wesley St, Liverpool, a dau,

19th, Apr, Mr John GOULDSWORTHY, a dau,

20th Apr, Mr Samuel GOULDSWORTHY, County Wicklow, a dau, these are all brothers.

24th Apr, Formby, Charles SUMNER Esq, a son

3rd May, James KERSHAW, Neville St, Southport, a dau.

24th May Mr T. R. HODGKINSON, a son

Jul 2nd, Ormskirk, Mr William WELSBY Esq, a son

Jul 21st, Rev B. SWIFT, Hoghton St, a son

Jul 31st, Thomas A. BUSHBY, a son

Aug 5th, John ROTHWELL, Tea dealer, a dau

Aug 19th, Benjamin FAWKE, Richmond Hill, Lord St, a dau

Aug 25th, George DARWELL Esq, a dau

Aug 28th, William MAWDSLEY, Ironmonger, a son

Oct 6th, Thomas MORLAND, Bookseller of this town, a dau

Oct 18th, H. W. WOODWORTH Esq, Sandhill Cottage, a dau

Oct 20th, The widow of Mr Francis RICHARDSON Jnr, a dau

Dec 9th, Castle Cottage, M. R. R. DINNIS, a dau

Dec 11th, Marlborough House, Promenade, Stephen WHITE Esq, a son

Dec 19th, Southport, J. PLATT, a dau

Dec 23rd, 77 Hoghton St, Scott Nasmyth STOKES Esq, B.A, Barrister-at-law, H.M. Inspector of schools, a son

Dec 25th, Mr F. H. CUMINE, Chemist, a dau


Jan 1st, Cathedral Manchester, William JONES of Waterloo to Martha, 3rd dau of R. TAYLOR of Southport

Jan 11th, Parish Ch, Blackburn, by Rev R. W. ELGEE, rector of Wexford, uncle of the groom, William Percival ELGEE Esq, late Capt, 30th Queens Own Regt, son of Major ELGEE, Royal Artillery, to Frances Parsons eldest dau of Joseph ECCLES Esq, Mill Hill House.

Jan 12th, Parish Ch, Blackburn, by Rev John William WHITTAKER. D.D, assisted by Rev Henry William MADDY. M.A. Edwin Davis MADDY of Lincolnís Inn, Barrister-at-Law, eldest son of Edwin MADDY, Gloucester Place, Hyde Park, to Alice Catherine, widow of Thomas KAY Esq and eldest dau of Henry Paul FLEETWOOD Esq, Woodfold Park, Lancashire.

Jan 13th, at Bebington by Rev W. JELLICORSE, Cousin of the bride, assisted by Rev C. J. HAMILTON, C. PALMER Esq, Surgeon, Ormskirk, to Margaret dau of C. LEDWARD Esq, Clifton Park, Birkenhead.

Jan 18th, Trinity Ch, Thomas SAWYER to Jane dau of Benjamin BOWER, Llaurhaiadr, North Wales.

Jan 22nd, St Peters Ch Liverpool, Mr E. BAILEY to Miss M. RIMMER, both of Southport

Jan 27th, Christ Ch, Southport, Thomas TRAVIS, Silk manufacturer, Manchester to Ann 3rd dau of the late James TRAVIS of Blackley nr Manchester

Feb 8th, Catherdral Manchester, William WALPOLE, this town to Sarah dau of Samuel DAWN of Broughton.

Feb 27th, Catholic Chapel, Mr Patrick MC GEE to Miss Ann LEIGH, this town.

Mar 1st, Ind Chapel, Archibald MAXWELL to Sarah ACTON, both this town.

Mar 15th, Parish Ch, Ormskirk, by Rev C. FORSHAW, Father of the bride, R. RANKIN. H.M. Customs, London, to Agnes Amelia youngest dau of Rev C. FORSHAW, Incumbent, Altcar.

Apr 1st, St James Ch, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Jonathan MALLALIEU, eldest son of William MALLALIEU of Southport to Sarah Ann only dau of the late James SEEL of Liverpool.

Apr 6th at Childwall Ch, S. W. RAYNE Esq of Newcastle-on-Tyne to Mary 2nd dau of John LOMAX Esq, late of Liverpool

Apr 9th, Trinity Ch, Mr T. Reuben ROTHWELL, Stonemason to Miss Alice ROBINSON

Apr 20th, Parish Ch, Blackburn, by Rev William FIELDEN, assisted by Rev John Randall FIELDEN, brothers of the bride, Rev Robertb Atherton RAUSTORNE, incumbent of Penwortham, nr Preston to Cecilia 2nd dau of J. FIELDEN Esq of Witton House

Apr 23rd, St Lukes Ch, David HENDERSON of Liverpool to Mrs ARNOLD, eldest dau of the late Peter SMITH of Westhead, nr Ormskirk

May 4th, Trinity Ch, Southport, Joseph JONAS, Liverpool to Ann only dau of Robert YATES of Manchester Rd.

May 5th, St Georges Ch, Hanover Sq, by Rev Charles BARING, Lord SUFFIELD to Miss Cecilia BARING, dau of the late Henry BARING of Berkley Sq.

May 7th, St John Ch, Liverpool, Alfred HODGE to Miss F. JACKSON, both of Southport

May 9th, Christ Ch, Henry BAILEY in the employment of James HUNT of the Scarisbrick Arms Hotel, to Mary 2nd dau of William BUCK, Joiner this town.

May 24th, Walmsley Ch, George EASTHAM Esq, cotton spinner of Preston to Alice 2nd dau James SLATER Esq, Dunscar, nr Bolton-le-Sands [1st marriage in this church]

May 25th, Christ Ch, Southport, Thomas JOHNSON of Manchester to Mary youngest dau John BILLINGTON of Southport

May 25th, St Silas, Ch, Liverpool, Thomas WRIGHT to Ann BLUNDELL of Southport

May 28th, Parish Ch, Ormskirk, Thomas SLATER of the Ormskirk Advertiser office, to Elizabeth dau of William HOWARD of Ormskirk

June 1st, St Johns Ch, Liverpool, Mr C. H. BROWN of Southport to Mary only dau of William JACKSON Esq, Liverpool

June 3rd, Christ Ch, Southport, James HURST of Wigan to Sarah, 2nd dau of the late J. A. H. EVANS, Coachman this town.

June 8th, Parish Ch, Blackburn, Thomas HART Esq, St Johnís Terrace, Blackburn to Anne youngest dau of the late HUTTON of Lancaster

Jul 17th, Trinity Ch, William WICKSTEAD to Margaret PRICE

Jul 17th, Parish Ch, Cheadle, Richard HAMPSON this town to M. TURNER of Stockport

Jul 18th, Parish Ch, Bolton-le-Moors, Robert Alexander CLARK Esq, Surgeon Farnworth, to Agnes youngest dau John Brown HOLDEN, Bolton

Aug 1st, Christ Ch, William GASKELL to Miss NICHOLSON

Aug 14th, Parish Ch, Ormskirk, James GORSE to Mary CROSTON, both this town

Aug 20th, St Pauls, Liverpool, Richard 3rd son of Mr SUMNER, Surgeon, Formby, of the Long-room, Customs House, Liverpool, to Alice Mary only dau of T. WOODROOFFE. Esq of Liverpool, and niece of, Judge HALLIBURTON. U.S.A.

Aug 28th, Trinity Ch, John Alexander BROOKS to Catherine SOUTHWORTH, both this town.

Sep 6th, Parish Ch, Churchtown, James son of Thomas ORMROD of Bolton to Annie youngest dau of Gilbert BALL of Southport.

Sep 12th, Gt George St Chapel, Liverpool by Rev James PARSONS of York, uncle of the bride, Abraham Kershaw, 3rd son Thomas FRANCIS Esq, Surgeon, Ipswich to Margaret Anne dau of the late Edward Sanderson GEORGE Esq of Leeds F.L.S.

Sept 18th, St Simons Ch, Liverpool, William SIMISTER, Joiner of Liverpool to Ann HESKETH, this town

Oct 9th, Christ Ch, Alexander HUTCHISON of Greenock to Mary BALL dau of William BALL, Southport

Oct 10th, Trinity Ch, James DANDY to Margaret HOWARD

Oct 11th, Parish Ch, Walton-on-the-Hill, Johnson Gore WELSBY Esq of Birkenhead to Sarah eldest dau J. W. ANDERSSEN Esq, Walton-on-the-Hill

Oct 12th, James HALSALL, Provision dealer to Emma dau of John NEVILL, both this town

Oct 17th, Trinity Ch, John Cooper HARRISON Esq, Manchester, to Mrs William BURD of Whalley Range nr Manchester

Nov 13th, Cathedral Manchester, Henry CATTERALL of 161 Oxford St, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, late of Croston to Hannah dau of Elias WARHURST of Ardwick.

Dec 7th, Trinity Ch, Southport, by Rev John Leighton FIGGIN, cousin of the bride, Rev James George DARLING, of Stanton-by-Dale, nr Derby to Emily only dau of the late James JOHNSON Esq of Chester and niece of William MAJOR Esq of Heaton Mount, Southport

Dec 19th, St Silas, Liverpool, John DEWHURST this town to Fanny dau of Ralph BEBBINGTON, Butcher, Sir Thomas, Buildings, Liverpool


Jan 5th, Castle St, aged 16, Joseph TODD, Orrell, son of James TODD. Esq, Bleacher

Jan 7th, James PEMBERTON, Butcher, this town.

Jan 17th, Churchtown, Mary BLUNDELL, aged 72, relict of Barnaby BLUNDELL

Jan 18th, Seabank Terrace, Charles TURNER, aged 77, of Liverpool, father of Mr TURNER, Late M.P, for Liverpool.

Jan 19th, East Bank Lane, Thomas HUGHES Esq aged 49

Feb 4th, Waterloo House, Promenade, Ebenezer Roscoe FISHER Esq of Rivington this county, aged 44

Feb 4th, Cottage Ornee, residence of son-in-law, Leigh LAYLAND, aged 86, from Wigan.

Feb 7th, Hoghton St, Miss PAYNE

Feb 11th, at his residence, Altcar, Richard Gore BALSHAW Esq, aged 73

Feb 13th, Margaret, 2nd dau of John AUGHTON Esq of Birkdale Park

Feb 14th, Mr PLUMBES, London St, Mr STIRLING, Commercial Traveller of Bradford

Feb 15th, Southport, William OCKELSHAW of Ashton-le-Willows

Feb 20th, Charles, aged 7mths, infant son of William ASHTON, 39 Lord St.

Mar 10th, Fatherís residence, London St, of consumption, Mary, aged 14, dau of Thomas WITHNELL, Architect.

Mar 15th, 165 Higher Cambridge St, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Edward MORELAND, Bookseller, father of, Thomas MORELAND, Bookseller this town.

Mar 16th, Thomas aged 21, 4th son of James MOLINEUX, Painter, East Bank St.

Mar 17th, 17 Nevill St, Mr W. RATCLIFFE, aged 79, for 13yrs a resident in this town.

Mar 23rd, Union St, Southport, John HURST, aged 83, has been a sick member on the books of the Catholic Sick and Burial Society of Ormskirk since Sept 1808, having received 7s a week in the first year and 3s-6d per week afterwards up till his death.

Mar 30th, Moorhouse, Farnworth, nr Bolton, Sarah Grace, aged 40, wife of Dr ANDERTON

Mar 30th, at his residence, Great Crosby, Rev Richard WALKER, aged 54, brother-in-law of Thomas BLUNDELL, Innkeeper of Churchtown, formerly curate of the Parish Ch, North Meols

Apr 8th, Miss TYRER, sister of Mr TYRER of the firm of TYRER and HEATON, Grocers

Apr 11th, Miss MC KIE

Apr 11th, Union St, Mr CARNSON

Apr 14th, Bath St, Robert John, 3rd son of Mr WILSON, Bolton

Apr 18th, Fair Lawn, Richard SAUNDERS Esq, aged 90

Apr 21st, Acomby St, Manchester, Rev J. G. ROBBERDS for many years minister of Cross St, Chapel, Manchester

Apr 24th, Southport, Ann, aged 34, wife of Samuel ASTON, H.M. Customs Liverpool

Apr 26th, Edinburgh, Lord COCKBURN, aged about 75, called to the bar 1800, was appointed Solicitor General by the Whig administration who carried the Reform Bill, raised to the Bench, 1834

May 7th, Southport, Capt William ARMSRTONG, Adjutant of the Lancashire Hussars, aged 56.

June 5th, Southport, James DILWORTH Esq, aged 64, of Manchester formerly Preston

June 11th, Hoghton St, Abel ALMOND, aged 41, late of the firm John SLATER and Co, Bleachers, Little Bolton.

June 27th, Southport, Ellen, aged 17, eldest dau of George KENYON, Joiner, Wigway, [that is what it says, could be Wigan?]

June 28th, Mrs NIMBY, aged 32, wife of F. NIMBY of Liverpool. Mr NIMBY was a Lutheran of Denmark and he and his wife were members of the Protestant Dissenting Ch in Liverpool for several years.

June 29th, Eliza 3rd dau James GOODALL, late of Halifax, now Southport

Jul 23rd, Beech Hill, Southport, Miss Hannah COOKE youngest and last surviving dau of the late Rev James COOKE of Ardwick Green, Manchester.

Jul 26th, Seabank Rd, Thomas son of Nathan SLATER Esq, aged 1yr 11mths

Jul 27th, Coronation Walk, Mrs Betty DEAN, aged 76, mother of Mrs SHARROCK , of East Bank St

Jul 31st, Ormskirk, Ann wife of John JEFFRYES, Auctioneer, only dau of the late Robert HALSALL of the Morris Dancers Inn, Scarisbrick.

Aug 1st, Fairlawn, Miss WORTHINGTON, aged 57, having lived for 28yrs, highly valued in the family of Richard SAUNDERS Esq.

Aug 7th, Sea bank Terrace, John Knight MANSELL Esq, aged 44, of Old Trafford, Manchester

Aug 8th, Jane, aged 1yr 5mths, infant dau Charles BLACKBURN, Lawn Cottage

Aug 14th, Henry HUYTON, Tulketh St, aged 74

Aug 26th, Frederick, aged 14mths, son of William SHERRINGTON, Painter, Cable St

Aug 29th, Richard CROMPTON Esq, Ashley Bank, Bolton

Sep 1st, John Edward JOHNSON, aged 22, eldest son of Robert JOHNSON, Visiter Office Southport

Sept 1st, Rev Thomas WOODWARD, Rector of Hopton, Wafers, Salop

Sept 7th, Larkhill Southport, Mary Ann widow of Henry GASKELL Esq, Southworth House, Deceased was interred in the family vault at Billinge yesterday.

Sep 12th, Southport, Miss LEDSON only dau of the late R. LEDSON Esq, Everton

Oct 19th, Springfield nr Garstang, George FISHWICK Esq, aged 66

Oct 21st, Peter St, Tabitha EVELEIGH, aged 67, a member of the Society of Friends

Oct 21st, Southport, Capt L. H. JOHNSON, aged 29, son of the late Giles JOHNSON of Bootle

Oct 22nd, Southport, Elizabeth Anne, aged 9, 2nd dau Alexander LIEBERT Esq of Swinton Hall

Oct 26th, Mrs PIERPOINT, aged 65, widow of the late James PIERPOINT of Churchtown, after a fourth paralytic stroke.

Oct 27th, William ROTHWELL, aged 48, hairdresser this town

Oct 27th, Hoghton, Caroline Sarah, aged 9, dau of William JOHNSON, niece of Robert JOHNSON, Visiter office Southport.

Nov 18th, Thomas MARSLAND Esq of Henbury Hall, Cheshire, aged 78, H.M, J.P for Cheshire, Lancashire and Staffordshire and High Sheriff of Cheshire in 1852

Dec 6th, Pilgrim Cottage, nr Southport, Richard LUNT, aged 82, Doorkeeper and sexton at the Independent Chapel, Southport, from the time of its creation to his death.

Dec 9th, Ellen, aged 58, wife of William PYE, this town

Dec 14th, Alvan, Hyde, aged 21, 2nd son of Rev J. E. MILSON, this town

Dec 14th, Catherine, aged 82, relict of Daniel FODEN Esq of Manchester

Dec 21st, Churchtown, Linnaus AUGHTON, Letterpress printer, aged 34

Death and inquest

Feb 10th 1854

A strange eventful History

On Wednesday Mr BRENT held an inquest at the Queens Head, Keppel St, Chelsea, on Mary MADGET, aged 72 the widow of an extensive American cotton planter, whose history was of singular character.

The deceased who was highly connected, her grandfather being a Viscount, eloped with her husband at the age of 18, and they shortly after set sail in one of his vessels for America, where he owned several cotton plantations, and large estates in Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

At the time they started for America, Europe was involved in war, and while on their outward bound voyage, they were seized by a French privateer, which carried them into Brest, whence, after being detained for sometime prisoners, they effected their escape to England.

After a short stay in England they set sail again for America, and were again captured by the French, but before their vessel could be conveyed into port, both vessels were re-captured and taken to New York.

The deceased and her husband then settled down in South Carolina, where they lived in greatest luxury and comfort until the outbreak of the revolution preceding the American war, when her husband was massacred, she herself was cruelly beaten, and the whole of her property confiscated.

After several months of illness she succeeded in getting on board a British vessel, which conveyed her back to her native country after 20 yrs absence.

Upon landing in England she was unable to discover any of her relatives, and was reduced to the lowest depths of poverty. She then applied to the Government for compensation, but in consequence of her being unable to sustain her claims, in the absence of original deeds, her prayer for redress was not complied with. Still, However, several influential noblemen, from a conviction of the justice of her demands upon the Government, and sympathising with her, occasionally contributed to her support.

At length she found some of her relatives who granted her a small allowance, which, with that she obtained from other quarters, enabled her to sustain life, until her body and mind sank under the pressure of accumulated misfortune, which terminated in her sudden death on Saturday morning, when she was found dead in her room. It is the intention of the deceased relatives to prosecute her large claim upon the Government for compensation.

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