Feb 15th 1851, Mr F.B.GARSIDE Druggist this town a dau

Feb 23rd 1851, Mr WOODBURN Lord St a dau.

Mar 15th, at Seaview John HARGREAVES a son

Mar 18th, Montaque Sq London Rev. H. HAMILTON of this town a dau.

Mar 19th, Manchester Rd Evan TYRER a son

Mar 21st, Islington Sq Salford, J.H. McKEAND a dau

Apr 8th, At Seaforth Hall Richard MUSPRATT a dau

Apr 10th, Wellington Terrace 12 Lord St Joseph DONNELL a son

May 1st, Claremont Terrace James ANDERTON a dau

Jun 22nd, Rev Jonathan JACKSON incumbent Trinity Church a dau

Jul 18th, at Springfield Wigan Edward WOODCOCK a son

Aug 9th, Rev B. SWIFT this town a dau

Sep 3rd, At Liverpool the wife of Henry C. CHAPMAN Esq a dau

Sep 11th, Thomas Fisher MOORE a son La Mancha Halsall

Oct 13th, The Lady Arabella HESKETH of Rufford Hall a dau

Oct 27th, Mr Henry BLUNDELL a dau

Nov 2nd, Christopher SMITH Laburnum Terrace Hoghton St, a dau

Nov 16th, Henry JOHNSON Coronation Walk a dau

Dec 5th, W. J. LEE Provision dealer Lord St a dau

Dec 29th, Rev T. A. KERSHAW Mellon Rectory Northamptonshire, a son.

Jan 7th, 1852, Thomas Weld BLUNDELL Ince Hall a dau

Jan 17th 1852, Edward STANTON at chorley a dau

Jan 28th 1852, Joseph SMITH Aintree a dau

Jan 30th 1852,Mr GASKELL Coronation Cottages a dau


Mar 10th Trinity Church, Thomas STANLEY Builder to Miss BARBER of Bedford House

Mar 31st, Parish Church Churchtown, F. B. GARSIDE to Druggist Mrs YOUNGHUSBAND

Jun 2nd, Catherdral Manchester, Henry James LAURIE 3rd son of J. F. STUBBS Esq Mount Broughton to Jane youngest dau John WALKER Esq Higher Broughton.

July 5th, at Liscard Cheshire John ECCLES of Southport to Miss HILTON of B'Head

July 8th Inependant Chapel Thomas MARSHALL shoemaker Birkdale to Mrs Ellen JOHNSON of Little London.

July 14th, Parish church Churchtown, by Rev B SWIFT Curate, Thomas ASHCROFT Stonemason to Miss Ann SCOTT both of this town

Aug 13th The Parish of West Derby Rev B. SWIFT , David eldest son James Hardy WRIGLEY of Sandown Southport to Mary 4th dau Thomas ROGERS Fairfield Terrace Liverpool

Sep 4th, Trinity Church by Rev J. JACKSON M. A. Rev Henry BEAUMONT B.A to Anne 2nd dau of the late John HOLFORD Esq of Holford House Regents Park London

Sep 16th, Walton-on-the-Hill Richard WRIGHT to Mrs JENNINGS both this town.

Sep 22nd, Christ Church, Roger PARKINSON to Miss Elizabeth FOSTER both this town.

Sep 24th, Parish Church Churchtown, Robert eldest son Thomas BRODRICK of Macclesfield to Mary Jane eldest surviving dau Henry HARGREAVES this town

Sep 24th, At Gee Cross John BAKER of Dodge Hill Heaton Norris to Helen 2nd dau of John THORNLEY Highfield House Godley Cheshire

Dec 29th ,Parish church Churchtown Mr STUBBS to Miss Maria CUNNINGHAM

Dec 25th 1851, Parish Church Bolton-le-Moors by Rev W. SLADE, Samuel Henry OAKES Esq Thr Holly Banks Staffordshire to Mrs Dorothy RADCLIFFE of Fisher House Rivington relict of Thomas Hayward RADCLIFFE Bank House Clitheroe.

Jan 15th 1852, Trinity Church Liverpool, Alexander BURNETT to Ellen 3rd dau the late Thomas BLUNDELL Butcher this town.

Jan 22nd 1852 Christ Church William BALL Master of Christ Church School to Mrs BALL Widow of W. BALL Coronation Walk

Feb 22nd 1852, Parish Church of Wigan Rev Howard St GEORGE, John WALKER Cordwainer of this town to Mary KENYON of Wigan.


Jan 9th during the passage of the JOHN SPARKES from Whampoa to Akyab John DEAN Chief mate eldest son of Thomas DEAN of this town formely Bolton

Jan 27th, on board H.M.S MEANDER at Guaymas South America as the result of a musket shot an accident during firing practice, Granville age 17 youngest son of the Earl of ELLSMERE .

Jan 29th, Giles son of William LINAKER Churchtown

Jan 30th, At Bedford House age 17 Christopher BRIGGS Jnr of Bolton

Lately John ABRAM 91 Fisherman the banks Lately Robert WRIGHT Fishmonger age 90 Marshside

Mar 22nd at Wigan age 69 James LOWE Esq. One of the guardians of the poor.

Apr 3rd, at Bowood age 66 the Marchioness of Lansdowne

Apr 7th, Uplands Hall Lieut General Sir Thomas WHITEHEAD, K.C.B age 74.

Apr 7th, William age 20 second son of James CARR gardener of this town

Apr 22nd, Jane BLACK age 58 Neville St formely Manchester,

Apr 24th, John DRAPER age 25 St James St Liverpool formely Stafford brother of W.C. DRAPER Pendleton House Southport.

Apr 25th, Ellen age 70 wife of Francis RICHARDSON 177 Lord St.

Apr 28th, at Mellor Derbyshire John Buttefield MAXWELL adopted son of the late John BUTTERFIELD of this town.

Apr 29th Mary Frances age 18mths dau of J.B. MARKLAND Esq Clifton Villa Victoria Pk Manchester

May 3rd Martha age 36 youngest dau late Timothy L. HARGREAVES Mansion House Lord St.

May 31st, Elizabeth age 64 wife of Samuel WHITELEY Beachhouse Coronation Walk

June 4th, Mr Giles FLETCHER age 50.

June 26th, New Brighton Harriet wife of H. A. EWER Esq Liscard Mount youngest dau the late Rev Mr PIPE of this town

June 27th, Hannah HUNT Widow age 89 at Churchtown well known in this town

June 27th, Cheadle Staffordshire, Rev William ROBINSON age 47 former Pastor of Independant Congregation West Houghton.

July 4th,, Ann 91 widow William TOMLINSON. Trap Lane

July 9th Mary BALL 92 at the banks this parish

July 20th at the residence of his mother Church St, St Helens Thomas ROUGHSEDGE age37 Wholesale stationer of Cable St Liverpool

July at Freckleton House Wigan Rachel Mary age 17 beloved dau and only child of Reece BEVAN Esq

Aug 2nd, Seaview House Manchester Rd, Benjamin K Hick age 7, second son J. HARGREAVES Jnr Esq

Aug 4th, St Marys Court Shewsbury Mary age 35 2nd dau the late Thomas SUTTON Surgeon this town.

Aug 9th at her residence Wellington Terrace Amelia HARDING age 85.

Aug 28th, at Preston Rev Thomas GREENHALL age 83, For 34yrs Minister of the Independant Chapel Burnley.

Sep 26th John RICHARDSON age 41 of this town formerly Ormskirk

Oct 5th, At his residence Waterloo Terrace Mr John TURNLEY.

Oct 29th, Thomas BALL Age 71 this town formerly Wigan

Nov 5th Annie SANDERSON Infant child of Christopher SMITH (Births above only 3days)

Nov 17th, William Herbert infant son of Robert JOHNSON Bookseller, Visitor Office Lord St.

Nov 18th, John SHEWELL age 63 of Hamilton Villa St Johns Wood London of Apoplexy.

9th Jan 1852 Rev James POWER age 46 Crossen Parsonage

13th Jan 1852, Union Place Miss PARTICK Formerly of Wigan

17th Jan 1852.Jane Widow of Robert BAKER Bold Arms Churchtown

Feb 17th 1852 in this town John WALSH Esq of Longsight Manchester

Feb 25th 1852 at his residence Mountjoy Sq Dublin Right Rev Dr MURRAY age 83, R.C Archbishop of Dublin.

Mar 2nd 1852 George RICHARDSON age 66 tailor of this town.


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