Southport Visiter, Oct 14th, 1858


On Friday last the Sloop DELIGHT, belonging to Ulverston, and well known as a trader between that port and Liverpool, left the Ulverston canal laden with iron ore and empties for Birkenhead. Owing to the lock gates of the canal being out of repair, and a want of strength to get the vessel out quickly, she was somewhat late of the tide and consequently grounded on a sandbank at Chapel Island.

The situation is a very exposed one and as the tides are high, and considerably increased, with a strong westerly wind, it was feared, should the night turn stormy, that some casualty would occur.

Those on board the vessel, Todd GREAVES, the Master, William PENNY, the mate, James PARKER and John BRIGGS seamen and two passengers, Mr A. LUCAS, Hatter of Ulverston and a young sailor named WOODHOUSE.

The night set in pitch dark with heavy rain and strong winds. During the flow of the tide the vessel kept thumping upon the sandbank, and sprang a leak.

The mate at once ran to the tiller, Mr LUCAS went below, he immediately re-appeared, exclaiming, the vessel was filling with water.

So rapidly was she sinking that everyone was ordered up the rigging, the mate, the sailor and the two seamen sought this refuge, when she sank and went over in the channel on her beam ends.

It is not known what happened to the Master but Mr LUCAS was last seen standing on top of the cabin ladder.

The boat was kept on the deck, soon after the men took to the rigging she was seen afloat. The mate dropped into the water to catch the boat and sank three times before being able to do so. The young sailor dropped out of the rigging, fortunately into the boat. As the boat was without oars or steering, the two were completely at the mercy of wild and stormy waters.

With an old coat they found at the bottom of the boat, which they used as a sail, and the seat as an oar, they finally reached Cark Beck. They landed and where provided with food and shelter at a cottage nearby.

It was 1am and they had been driven in a straight line from the vessel.

On Saturday morning, James PARKER, and John BRIGGS were taken from the rigging alive, but much exhausted. Both of these men have been in the employment of Messers PETTY and POSTLETHWAITE for many years and are both old men, James PARKER, being 74.

The Master Todd GREAVES was found dead in a fishing net, Mr LUCAS was on a pleasure trip and the sailors tried to dissuade him from taking the trip owing to the bad weather, but he said he felt impelled to go. He was a married man and leaves a large family.

What adds to the distress of the family is that the Master Todd GREAVES of the DELIGHT, was engaged to a daughter of Mr LUCAS, weeks from being married


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