MALTA-Thursday Her Magesty's ironclad SULTAN is ashore at Comino, near here, the Alexandra, with the Duke of EDINBURGH on board and other vessels have proceeded to her assistance

Lloyd's Agent 5-20pm SULTAN lying on rocks southeast side of Comino, 600yds from shore; bow east-north east; drawing 30ft aft; 29ft forward; water in hold fore and aft; most forward; wind west-north-west moderate breeze.

Her Majesty's ships, ALEXANDRA, TEMERAIRE, ALBACORE, LANDRAIL, SAMPSON and HELLESPONT gone to assist German Steamer BERGER WILHELM went alongside, Grech's 12 inch steam pumps sent for. MALTA FRIDAY 11.30am Position of the SULTAN unchanged now full of water. The salvage steamer BERGER WILHELM is alongside working the centrifugal pumps and gaining slightly on the water. Other vessels of the Mediterranean squadron under command of the Duke of EDINBURGH are doing their utmost to render assistance. The accident occured during torpedo practice

SULTAN- among the largest ironclads of the navy, tonnage 9290, engine 7,720 h.p, her age, inferior speed and armament place her in second class of battleships. Launched 1870 at Chatham, designed by Sir E. J. REED then Chief Constructor of the navy. Speed given as 131/2 knots estimated. Armament, heavy canon all muzzleloaders of moderate size, 8 of 18 ton 10ins, 4 of 12 ton 9ins, 7 of 4 ins breech loaders, 4 lighter guns, 4 quick firing and 11 machine guns. She also carried 2 torpedo boats and had several torpedo tubes fitted to her hull

The SULTAN has lived and died without firing a shot iin anger her nearest approach to warfare was when she was part of Admiral HORNBY'S command, when in February 1878 he passed up the Dardenelles to Constantinople. She participated in the memorable review which took place before the Queen of SPITHEAD on July 23rd 1887 and navy manoeuvres which followed when she belonged to Sir William HEWETTS Fleet.

She was temporary attatched to the Mediterranean squadron and her principal officers were Captain Ernest RICE Commander G. M. HENDERSON Lieutenants, Robert S. LOWRY, Charles W. THOMAS, David E.P. CARMICHAEL, Spencer W. M. BEAUMONT, Hon Stanhope HAWKE, Lawrence De W. SATOW Staff Commander Albert R. WONHAM Captain [Marine Artillery] Leonard T. PEASE Lieutenants [Marines] Henry W. LOGAN-HOME and Louis F. J. CAVENDISH

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