Liverpool Journal 21st January 1882

At St Georgeís Hall on Tuesday, the Board of Trade inquiry on the stranding of the iron screw steamer STRATHSPEY of Glasgow, which stranded off the Cumberland coast, near Seascale, 24th December last.


Capt BEAZLEY and MURDOCH, Nautical assessors.

Mr PAXTON for the Board of Trade


Mr RAFFLES stated, they were of the opinion that before leaving Glasgow on the voyage previous to the one under consideration, a small stove was put in the Engineerís cabin, the funnel of which came within about 4ft on the starboard side of the steering compass.

The master and mate both noticed on the voyage from Glasgow to Dublin that there was a deviation upon the courses steered, which they could not account for, they considered the compass was affected by the proximity of the funnel recently placed there.

A safe and proper course had been set on leaving Dublin Bay, had the compass been as it was before the funnel was put in.

On account of the time of the vessel, which the court considered an unsafe one, it was impossible except in smooth water, and fine weather, for her to make good her course. No calculation would be reliable in the, then, state of the weather.

The court found the master did not take any measures to verify his position, and ought to have certainly ascertained the distance at 2am, when he was in his cabin.

He saw a bright light which he thought was a steamerís masthead, but in a minute and a half, trying to make it out , on the fog lifting, he saw the land. He then did all he could to save the vessel, but it was too late.

The cause of the ship being so much to leeward of her course was probably partly due to her compass being affected. By not making sufficient allowance for leeway, the master overran his distance and stranded the vessel.

The master was found in default for want of attention to the navigation of his vessel, especially in him remaining below after 2am, when he knew he was approaching land. He should have personally taken charge of the vessel.

The court suspended the certificate of Mr Thomas MC CARTY, Master for three calendar months.


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