Launch of the SCHOMBERG, 1855

Northern Daily Times

Friday April 7th 1855

Launch of the Australian clipper ship SCHOMBERG the largest every built in Britain.

Aberdeen Thursday

This day having been appointed for the launch of the magnificent clipper ship which has been in the process of construction by, Messers Alexander HALL and Sons, for several months past, and was looked forward to with great interest and anxiety by all interested in the prosperity of this port.

2pm was the time fixed for the launch and long before that time crowds of citizens had assembled in the neighbourhood of the builders yards and where a view might be obtained. In the yard we noticed Mr A. H. LAYARD. M.P, the new Lord Rector of the Marischal College.

All the arrangements carefully made, the signal was given, the noble ship received the name SCHOMBERG.

The Schomberg is made of the “Aberdeen Clipper build,” that is to say, possessing great length, in proportion to breadth and beam, and depth of hold, with a sharp entrance, and fine “run” aft. Her dimensions are, length over all 288 ft, extreme breadth 45 ft, depth of hold 29 ft, tonnage 2,400 new measurement, 2,000 old per register, say 3,500 to 4,000 tons burthen. Her entrance lines on the water are long and exceedingly fine, she had a beautifully moulded run and clearance, a flat floor and full form above. She is built on the diagonal principle, introduced by her enterprising builders, and will be a full-rigged, three masted ship.

The lower end top masts are of pitched pine, the mainmast 110 ft long, 42 inch in diameter at the deck and is 15 tons in weight. The main yard is 110 ft long. It is 10 mths since the keel was laid, but the builders have finished three other vessels, besides constructing her during the period.

She will be fitted for carrying passengers [calculated 1,000], having three decks with poop and forecastle. She is named after Capt Schomberg R.N, Chief Government emigration agent at Liverpool, according to whose plans the arrangements for the comfort of the passengers has been carried out.

She is to be commanded by Capt James Nichols FORBES, late of the MARCO POLO and LIGHTENING, who has though still a young man, the credit of having been the first to perform the marvellous trips which those vessels have been known to accomplish.

The SCHOMBERG is the property of Messers James BAINES and Co and will form one of the Black Ball Line of British and Australian Royal Mail Packets, her value is £50,000. From a list published here by their agent, Mr MUIR, their fleet consists of upwards of 20 magnificent vessels, none, however, equalled to the present. The SCHOMBERG is the largest vessel ever built, the DONALD MCKAY is a dozen ton less.

She was christened by, Mr A. H. LAYARD. M.P, the new Lord Rector of the Marischal College.

A banquet was given at one of Messers Alexander HALL’s moulding rooms with upwards of 500 guests present including Mr T. M. MACKAY, Mr T. HARRISON of Liverpool, A. H. LAYWARD M.P, Provost of Aberdeen, Mr BLAIKIE, the Rev Dr DEWAR of the university.


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