Loss of the Rhone, 1874

Liverpool Mercury, March 13th 1874

Supposed loss of the steamer RHONE and thirty five lives

Some days ago we announced this screw steamer, on her outward voyage to Palmero, was considerably overdue, and fears for her safety were entertained. The conviction that the unfortunate steamer has foundered at sea now generally prevails, and all hope that she will be again heard of is gradually being abandoned.

The RHONE which belonged to the Mediterranean fleet of Messers F. R. LEYLAND and Co, of James St, this town, and was built by Messers J and G. THOMSON of Glasgow, in 1856, therefore 18yrs old. Her dimensions, length 257ft-2ins, breadth, 34ft-6ins, depth of hold 22ft, builder's measurements 1466 tons, registered hp 180. The vessel was constructed with 6 bulkheads, was barque rigged, and in every respect considered a most seaworthy steamer. She left Liverpool for Palmero with a general cargo on the 8th Feb, and in the ordinary course of events ought to have been reported not many days after. She has not, however, been since seen or heard of, and the inference is that she foundered at sea.

When the RHONE left this port she was under the command of Capt J. CABELLA, a skilful commander and a crew of 35 all told, this was only the third voyage Capt CABELLA had made in the RHONE. There is reason to fear the whole crew have perished, some hope is entertained that the crew may have taken to the boats and been picked up by passing vessels, but it is difficult to understand upon what foundation such hope rests.

The following is the official list of the crew left in charge of the authorities at the Sailor's Home, from which it will be seen that the crew comprised of several Liverpool men, and, should all hands have gone down with the ill-fated ship, the disaster will be the most serious to any vessel leaving this port during the present year :-

J. CABELLA, Genoa, master, David Henderson DOW, Edinburgh, mate, Lewis John Hales BRUCE, Teddington, 2nd mate, Frederick C. L. NEVILLE, Peterborough, 3rd mate, George NICHOLLS, Liverpool, carpenter, Peter McALLISTER, Warrenpoint, boatswain, W. R. CLARKE, Suffolk, steward, John McARDLE, Liverpool, cook.

Able bodied, seamen, Robert FOSTER, St John's N.B, Thomas CAIN, I.O.M, Alexander McKETTERICK, Stranraer, James BELL, Liverpool, Alexander DONALLY, Liverpool, George ROBINS, Liverpool, Thomas BRIEN, Dublin, William McCOUNESKEY, Warrenpoint, Thomas CLIFFORD, Belfast.

Engineer's Department, Robert WALLACE, Edinburgh, 1st, William J. ISRAEL, Bristol, 2nd, James SHEARER, Edinburgh, 3rd.

Firemen, George DUFFUS, Toronto, James WILLIAMSON, Woolton, Peter ANDERSEN, Sweden, James CLAUGHERTY, Galway, Alexander McKENZIE, Glasgow, Thomas FOXCROFT, Edinburgh, John KELLY, Wexford, William Evan JONES, Liverpool, Edward FLAHERTY, Dublin, William HOLDING, Liverpool, boy.

Substitutes, James SYMMERS, Liverpool, cook, John FARRER, Manchester, A.B, Joseph DENSY, Canada, A.B, Bernard O'HARA, Longford, A.B, John McPHILLIPS, Monaghan, fireman.

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