Loss of the ORIANDA, 1907

Loss of the ORIANDA, 1907

Liverpool Mercury Feb 23rd 1907



A terrible shipping disaster occurred in the Bristol Channel off Nash Point on the Glamorganshire coast at midnight on Saturday, when the steamer HELIOPOLIS of London collided with the steamer ORIANDA of Liverpool. The latter vessel sank almost immediately and 14 of her crew of 19 were lost.

The HELIOPOLIS was going to Cardiff from London in ballast, she is a steel screw-steamer, 4,688tons owned by HARRIS and DIXON of London. The ORIANDA left Cardiff on Saturday with a cargo of coals for Leghorn and Spezzia.

At about midnight the lights of the vessel were seen approaching the shore some distance away. Before the ORIANDA could alter her course she was struck amidships, leaving a big hole in the hull between the engine-room and stokeholds.

The ORIANDA at once keeled over and commenced to settle down, within half an hour she was completely submerged. The crew had been mustered onto the deck and supplied with lifebelts. One boat was smashed the other could only be released from the davits with great difficulty.

The crew had to jump clear of the wreckage and some were injured. Only 6 gained the boat and one died from exposure before being rescued.

Three men were picked up by the Barry pilot cutter BRITANNIA, the steamer EBBA of Stockholm rescued another two men and the dead body.

Those rescued

R. AITKEN Chief engineer

W. H. BEVAN, 3rd engineer, Cardiff

R De C. JUSCATA, M. JOAN both seamen of Cardiff

Those lost

Capt John WILLIAMS, Master of Borth, Cardiganshire

T. JONES, Chief mate, New Quay

R. HUNTER, 2nd mate, Cardiff

John HANSEN, 2nd engineer, Barry Dock

D. LAMBROS, Cook and steward, Cardiff

J. VOLENDER, Messroom steward, Cheltenham

GARCIA, Boatswain, Cardiff

George VONOFAHELOS, Cardiff

John MORRIS, Cardiff

T. DAVIDSON, Donkeyman, Cardiff

J. TALLIS, Fireman, Cardiff

S. SHENNER, Fireman, Liverpool

H. JONES, Fireman, Bristol

Capt WILLIAMS and Mr AITKEN were the last to leave the sinking vessel.

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