Terrible plight of emigrants

Terrible plight of emigrants

Southport Visiter, April 22nd 1853

Accident to the steamer NIMROD

The steamer NIMROD on her voyage from Cork to Liverpool, sustained a vary serious accident on Sunday morning.

Shortly after 8 o’ clock whilst the vessel was running in by the Formby Lightship, the pilot noticed that she was very much by the head, and directed the Captain’s attention to the fact. The reply was that this could scarcely be as the vessel was 14ins by the stern on leaving Cork.

The draught of water increased rapidly and it was found the fore-hold was filling with water, the pumps were immediately put to work but were unable to carry off the water. With the view of saving the lives of those on board the vessel was run into Bootle Bay, when the passengers, upwards of 450 were placed on board tug-steamers and landed in safety.

On Sunday afternoon the compartments other than the fore one being found tight, the vessel was brought up to the Bramley-Moore Dock, but owing to her great draught of water forward, could not be docked. She was consequently obliged to be alongside the pier.

Although the lives of the passengers, who are all emigrants of the poor class, en route to Australia, have been happily preserved, we regret to say the entire stock of provisions, which those poor people had provided themselves with before leaving Ireland, has been totally destroyed. Their boxes were stored in the fore-hold and became totally saturated with water, and nothing can be more pitiable than the sight present on Monday by those poor creatures whose luggage was landed. Each box as it was opened exhibited the destructive influence of the salt water on its contents. Biscuits were reduced to pulp, tea, sugar, oatmeal, eggs, flour, and all the other necessities for a sea voyage were curiously amalgamated and in many instances adhered to the clothing in the same box.

Beds and bedding shared the same fate, and the tears of the many females whose little property were destroyed were truly affecting.

The day, however, was fine, a glorious sun shone out, and within an hour after landing, beds were opened out to dry, and clothes in all their varieties, spread in every direction for the same purpose.

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