Loss of the JAMESMASON

February 22nd 1877

Yesterday Lloyds posted as lost with all hands, the screw steamer JAMES MASON. She sailed from Cardiff with a cargo of coals for Gibraltar, she was 870 tons gross, 99hp, built at Middlesborough in 1872, and classed 100 A1 at Lloyds. She was owned by Messers DIXON and HARRIS of London and worth, £18,000, her cargo £1,200.

Her crew of 20:-

Master Capt John HARWOOD, aged 45, of London

John FINLAY, aged 33, of Liverpool, mate

Timothy REARDEN, aged 35, of Cork, boatswain

John BURGE, aged 44, Poole, AB

W. ROWE, aged 23, Penzance, AB

William ROGERS, aged 22, Penzance, AB

E. PUDDY, [?PADDY] aged 20, Penzance, AB

George BARRETT, aged 34, London, 1st engineer

Robert SIDNEY, aged 26, South Shields, 2nd engineer

J. P. CULPECK, aged 21, Grimsby, 3rd engineer

John LOCK, aged 30, Plymouth, donkey engineer

Joseph GRAHAM, aged 25, North Shields, fireman

Anthony STEVENSON, aged 26, North Shields, fireman

Alexander BLAKEY, aged 24, Blyth, fireman

Dennis COGHLAN, aged 53, Cork, fireman

David CHAPMAN, aged 36, Whitby, steward

Thomas CUMMINGS, aged 52, St Johnís, AB

William JOHNSON, aged 24, Cornwall

John TENERY, aged 18, Cornwall

The last two were engaged in place of Daniel FRANKLIN and Thomas WALTERS who deserted the ship before she left British waters.


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