Testimonial to Capt COX of the steamship IMPERATRIZ

Testimonial to Capt COX of the steamship IMPERATRIZ

Northern Times

Testimonial to Capt COX of the steamship IMPERATRIZ

Steamer IMPERATRIZ off Constantinople, Jan 18th 1855

Sir, As our voyage is now near its termination we are sincerely desirous of expressing our unqualified satisfaction with all the arrangements which you have made for our convenience , comfort, as well as for the health and safety of the troops under your charge. We would especially bear testimony to the indefatigable zeal and attention to your duties which you have displayed and to the caution with which you have navigated these intricate seas, and we declare in the strongest terms that much of our comfort on board and the confidence we have felt in your seamanship has risen from the knowledge that you did not spare yourself either night or day in guarding against danger. No one could possibly be more vigilant or earnest , in the fulfilment of trust reposed on him.

The provisions and wines have all been the best quality, and supplied in the liberal scale, and the servants have been extremely attentive.

We cordially hope that you may long continue in the active discharge of your duties, and that all your future voyages may be as prosperous as the present, we now take leave of you, earnestly wishing you heath and future happiness.

A. STEPNEY, Lieut Col, Coldstream Guards, J. V. RANLEY, Brevet Major, 20th Regt, H. WALKER, Capt Rifle Brig, Edmund W. CROFTS, Capt Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Frederick James TAYLOR, Capt 95th Regt, Arthur Henry LYNCH, Staff Asst Surgeon, James CREAGH, 21st Royal Fusiliers, W. S. DICKENS, Lieut 20th Regt, J. B. COULSON, Ensign and Lieut Grenadier Guards, F. Hedworth WILLIAM SON, 4th Kings Own Regt, G. ROBERTSON, Ensign 95th Regt, John W. HULSEBERG, Asst Surgeon Staff.

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