February 1849

February 1849



21st Oct last, Shanghai of Ague, Benjamin WATERHOUSE age 47 formerly this town

27th Oct last, on board the LAHORE on passage home from Calcutta Capt John BURT age 42yrs

15th Nov, at Ferozepore killed by a fall from a horse Lieut Henry John EDWARDS, 15TH Regt Bengal Native Infantry, eldest son of the late Rev Benjamin EDWARDS Rector Frodesley, Shropshire

13th Dec last, Nassau N.P, Mrs Margaret WILLIAMS age 140yrs [that's what it says]

18th, Dec last, on passage home from Demerara, William JONES age 49, Chief Officer of the barque CANENA

18th ultimo, London Samuel Lees CRAIG, age 27 eldest son Robert CRAIG this town late of Manchester

21st ultimo, Hague, Abraham Van OVEN eldest son of the late Joshua Van OVEN Esq of this town and London

21st ultimo, Warrington, William NORCLIFFE age 64 late of this town

21st ultimo, Elton Schools Bury, Oldfield HAIGH many years master of National Schools, Paddock nr Huddersfield

22nd ultimo, Highfield St, John EDWARDS age 52 Seaman only brother of William EDWARDS, Printer this town

22nd ultimo, Camberwell Jane widow P. EWART Esq Rosefield, Dumfrieshire

22nd ultimo, Ellison St Everton Walter age 9 wks son of William HECKLE, Compositor, Albion Office

22nd ultimo, Puckridge, Staffordshire, Joseph ROBERTS age 40 grandson of the late Joseph ROBERTS Esq, ,Morpeth Wrexham

22nd ultimo, Mary MAFFEY age 74 for many years housekeeper for the Earl of Derby at Preston

22nd ultimo, Edgar Papley age 9yrs son of John JONES, Bamber St

26th ultimo, Ellison St Everton, George Edmund age 3yrs eldest son of G. ROBINSON, Compositor Albion office

26th ultimo, Ann age 32 youngest dau of Dennis GRUNDY of Bury

Sat last, Oakfield Barrowbridge nr Whalley, Mary age 52 wife Benjamin BRENDAN of Ainsworth Sykes and Co, Calico printers Manchester

Sat last, Esther age 61 wife of William ORANGE of Chapel Place, Brunswick Rd

Sat last, William Elam only child of James ARNOLD

Sun last, Rufford, Henry NORRIS age 70

Sun last, Wavertree, Anne Hiles age 16 days dau of George SILKE

Sun last, London William PICKERING age 84, Shipwright this town

Mon last, I. O. M. Lionel Courtier DUTTON Esq late of Warrington

Mon last, 30 Park Place, Elizabeth Wylie wife of Henry COUBROUGH

Mon last, Roberta Sophia youngest dau Robert LEASON Jnr

Mon last, house of Brother-in-Law John KAY, Wilton St, Miss STEPHENSON

Tues last, Seacombe, Mary Jane wife of N. C. EFFORD youngest dau of Adrian LOWE

Tues last, Alice 3yrs 3mths youngest dau of John BIRCHALL, Gildart Gardens

Tues last, of scarlet fever Mary Lydia 3yrs only dau William COLSTON, Hamilton Sq Birkenhead

Tues last, Mary Ann age 48 relict of the late William ROBERTS, Bricklayer late, Sawney, Pope St

Tues last, John USHER age 64, Trueman St, late of Shropshire

Tues last, Maria Gorgiana 2nd dau Mr CARSON, Bebington, Grand daughter late John LATHBURY Esq St James Lodge, Liverpool

Tues last, Parsonage, Seaforth, Clement Robert youngest son Rev William ROW

Weds last, of bronchitis Bryan age 4 only son of Bryan HOLME, Spirit merchant, 52 James St

Thur last Christian age 26 wife of Robert Bebington STEWART, Letterpress printer Liverpool 3rd dau the late Robert KELLY Renscault, Kirk, I.O.M

Thur last of croup and scarlet fever Anthony age 15mths youngest son the late Anthony HEDLEY this town

Liverpool Journal Feb 10th 1849


31st Oct, at sea on board the NIZAM, Benjamin aged 21yrs son of Mr WEST, Civil engineer of Seacombe

16th Dec, on board the LENA of this port on her passage from Rio Janeiro to Pernambuco Capt John McALPINE

31st Dec on his passage from Demerara on the Barque STANDARD this port which was wrecked off the island of Nartinigue, Capt James REZEY

7th ultimo, Hunslet nr Leeds, Jessie eldest dau of the late Rev T. COOPER, Wesleyan minister this town

22nd ultimo, Leamington, Sarah ILLIDGE, dau John CHEYNE Esq late this town

30th ultimo, Conistone nr Ulverstone, Mathew TYSON aged 62 clock and watchmaker

30th ultimo, Mary Ann aged 38, relict of William ROBERTS, Bricklayer late of Sawney Pope St

30th ultimo, house of Son-in-Law Devon St, James KELSHAW aged 64

30th ultimo, Glasgow, Mr J. BALLANTYNE aged 49 late editor of the Scottish Press

30th ultimo, Residence of Brother-in-Law, Crown Place, Miss Elizabeth FOXCROFT

30th ultimo, Warrington, Mrs CLARKE relict of the late Mr J. CLARKE, Publican, Church St, Warrington

30th ultimo, 6 Duncan St, Capt Dugald Mc FARLANE aged 46

1st inst, Earl of Buckinghamshire aged 60yrs

1st inst, Dee Bank Chester Mrs Elizabeth MASSEY Aged 86

1st inst, St Johns Churchyard Chester, Miss MASSEY aged 66

1st inst, Mr H. TINLING aged 63 late officer of excise Manchester

1st inst, Oxton infant dau and on Sat last Elizabeth wife of Mr John FOSTER of Her Majestys Excise

2nd inst, Rachael aged 31 wife of T. BOOTE, Shipsmith and eldest dau of the late J. BLAND Cabinetmaker

2nd inst, after fall from ladder at his residence Morris brook Cheshire, Ralph NEILD aged 63, one of the Society of Friends

Sat last, Devonshire Place Everton, Richard BARROWCLOUGH Esq formerly of Manchester

Sat last, Isabella eldest dau of Rev Dr BARR, St Enochs Glasgow

Sun last, Mary wife of C. C. MEDCALF, Joiner, 35 Paddington, Edge Hill

Sun last, Lucy Margaret aged 20 2nd dau Edward James PEMBERTON, Sankey Lodge Warrington

Mon last, Harrison son of Uriah PHIPPS

Tues last, Edge Hill, George LANGTRY Esq

Tues last, John 2yrs 4mths of Bronchitis youngest son R. A. McKNIGHT, 13 Epworth St, Low Hill

Tues Last, Vicars Cross nr Chester George Evory infant son George FOLLIOTT Esq

Tues last, 63 Crosshall St, Mary aged 53 wife of George HAY Tobacco manufacturer

Tues last, Nora aged 11mths youngest dau P. F. CLARKE

Tues last, Margaret wife of W. J. TAYLOR youngest dau the late Peter SOWERBY

Weds last, George KNOWLES aged 30, Islington Row, Wilton St

Weds last, Congelton, William ROACH Brother of Richard ROACH Upper Stanhope St

Thur last, William NEALE Esq, aged 58 of Crosby late of Altcar, 6th in descent of Shan’O’NEAL who was slain 1567. He and his ancestors have been tenants of the MOLYNEUX Family for 138 yrs.

Yesterday Catherine relict of the late E. T. WATSON Esq 12 Lord St


Feb 17th, 1849


16th, Sept last, on board the ELLEN JENKINSON, Bonny River, Africa, from the explosion of a gun, John, aged 21yrs, eldest son of Samuel FLETCHER, Accountant, Manchester, Grandson of the late Edward RIGG, Hatter, Dale St.

21st, Oct last, Rio de Janeiro, Capt Robert TURNER of the port.

1st ultimo, at Trinidad, George La COSTE, Judicical Referee of the Island.

30th ultimo, Widnes Dock Runcorn, Ellen Manley, aged 42yrs, wife of Thomas DAVIES, that place.

3rd inst, Martha DODD, aged 72yrs, of Middlewich, Cheshire

3rd inst, Windemere Terrace, Boundary St, Kirkdale, Adam Graham THOMPSON, of Annan.

4th inst, Lucy Margaret, aged 20yrs, 2nd dau of Edward J. PEMBERTON Esq of Sankey Lodge, near Warrington.

4th inst, Manchester, Alexander SMITH Esq, aged 84yrs

4th inst, Son-in-Laws residence, Charles FINGLASS Esq, H. M. Customs, Margaret, aged 85yrs, relict of Arthur LEECH, H. M. Customs, Dublin.

6th inst, William WADDINGTON, aged 29yrs, Pullan Watchmaker, Burnley, from this town.

6th inst, Eleanor, wife of John NICHOLAS, No2 Williamson Sq.

7th inst Wrexham, Septimus, aged 19yrs, youngest son of John STOKES of Toxteth Park, formerly Wrexham.

7th inst, Brunswick Cottage, Bootle, Isabella wife of John SELBY

7th inst, Portobello Barracks, Dublin, on a visit to his Brother-in-Law, Col HAY, of the 6th Carabineers, John Fowden HINDLE Esq, of Woodfold Park, this County, a Magistrate and Dept Lieut of the County.

8th inst, Samuel HEYWOOD Esq, of Walshaw Hall, near Bury

8th inst, Hertford, Philip Egerton, aged 44yrs, son of the late, T. WEDGEWOOD Esq of Overhouse, Burslem, Staffordshire, Potteries.

8th inst, Mr J. BOSTOCK, aged 38yrs, Innkeeper, Daresbury, Cheshire

8th inst, Jane, aged 59yrs, wife of William BAYLIFF, Houghton St.

9th inst, Joseph STRETTON, aged 49yrs, for 19yrs servant to Mr THOMAS, Pied Bull Inn, Chester

9th inst, Chester, Thomas LANGLEY, aged 34yrs, Engineer and eldest son of Henry LANGLEY, Brewer for many years to John BENT Esq this town.

9th inst, Ann WILLIAMS, aged 47yrs, at the house of Mrs CHEGWIN, Edge Lane.

9th inst, George GREENWOOD, aged 32yrs, Surgeon, son of the late, John GREENWOOD, Solicitor, Preston.

Sat last, Archibald Edward CAMPBELL, aged 34yrs, this town

Sun last, Moses GRIFFITHS, aged 55yrs, for 12yrs Porter at the Northern Dispensary

Sun last, Caroline, aged 21yrs, of Consumption, 2nd dau of Thomas MATHEWS, Concert Inn, Wood St.

Sun last, Mr JACKSON, Grocer, Lower Bridge St, Chester

Sun last, George, aged 16mths, son of Capt James WILKIE of the ship WASHINGTON

Sun last, James GOODSON, aged 23yrs of 36 Front Portland St

Sun last, Jane wife of James ROBINSON, 3 Washington St, Everton

Mon last, Harold aged 1yr 10mths of Scarlet Fever, eldest son of W. H. FITZHUGH of Bootle

Tues last, Ann, aged 26yrs, dau of the late William GATCLIFF, Miller, Regent Rd.

Tues last, Kinghorn Cottage, Bow, London, James WILLIAMSON Esq, aged 59yrs, assistant Secretary of Excise

Weds last, Ralkhouse, Walton, Son-in-Laws residence, Anatasia, relict of the late John Richard DAVIES Esq, first officer appointed to the Princes Dock, which opened on the day of the coronation of George 1V.

Weds last, Joseph John GRANT, Engineer, aged 26yrs, eldest son of John GRANT, Publican Richmond Row, formerly Leeds.

Weds last, John WELSH, aged 38yrs, late of Preston

Thur last, Thomas, aged 13yrs, of inflammation of the bowels, youngest son of James HARRISON, Book Keeper, Mansfield St

Thur last, Everton, Edward HALL, Late of Belper Derbyshire

Thur last, Joseph JACKSON, aged 41yrs, Washington St, last surviving child of John JACKSON Esq, Duke St.

Thur last, Joseph GLEAVE, aged 66yrs, for many years assistant in the Bridewell

Thur last, Robert, aged 20yrs, son of Daniel MADDOCK, Red Cross St this town.

Liverpool Journal, Feb 24th 1849


Lately at Hurdsfield House, nr Chester, Eliza GRANT, having lived with the family of the house for 22yrs

24th Dec last, lost overboard during a gale, John WARD of Bristol an apprentice on board the AMERICA of St John’s N.B, CORNISH Master, bound from this port to Straten Island

31st ult, Furchal Madeira, William WALKER Esq of Lawn Cottage, Southport, formerly Manchester.

5th inst, Ann aged 39, wife of W. JONES, youngest daughter of the late Mrs E. HIGGINSON of Upper Stanhope St.

6th inst, at Manchester of consumption Mr Luis CRESSWELL, aged 21, late of this town, and on the 11th, aged 60, at the same city, Martha CRESSWELL mother of the above.

11th inst, Dr Alfred DAY, the eminent composer, aged 39 of disease of the heart.

11th inst, 7 Longville St, Toxteth Park, John HUTCHINSON, aged 37

12th inst, Weymouth, Prince Clarence, aged 14, son of the late and brother of the present King of the Mosquito Territory.

12th inst, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Elspet, aged 23, 2nd daughter of the late Alex BRAIK of Manchester, formerly this town

13th inst, Leixlip Castle, Hon George CAVENDISH, aged 63

14th inst, On his passage to Naples Thomas GOODWIN, aged 21, brother of Edward GOODWIN of the Post Office, Liverpool. Caused by the ship MARANHAM coming into contact with the SARAH ANN, [which subsequently foundered] 20miles off Holyhead, he being the only person drowned.

14th inst, R. BOWERBANK, aged 37, many years Police Officer of this town.

15th inst, at Bootle John MACKAREL, aged 67

14th inst, Bank Cottage, Heaton Norris, W. H. HORROCKS, aged 73

15th inst, Thomas aged 13, youngest son of James HARRISON, Book keeper, Mansfield St

15th inst, John, aged 37, eldest son of Robert JONES Esq, Clwyd St, Ruthin

16th inst, Walton-on-the-Hill, Sarah Wilkinson, wife of Francis MORTON Esq, after giving birth to a daughter

Sat last, 4 Duncan St, Christopher WITHERS, aged 54, druggist, late of Byron St

Sat last, Margaret aged 56, wife of Edward TUDOR, Birkenhead

Sat last, West Nile St, Glasgow, George WATSON, aged 58, Surgeon, of Cholera

Sat last, 1 St Pauls Terrace, Princes Park, Esther, wife of E. WITHERS, Artist this town, of consumption.

Sun last, Mr Griffiths VAUGHAN, for many years employed at Mr J. JONES, Drapers, Church St and formerly of Pontardulais, Glamorganshire

Sun last, Lytham, James EWER Esq late of Holywell

Sun last, Gloucester Place, Low Hill, Mrs Duncan DOUGALL, aged 73, relict of the late Mr DOUGALL and sister of the late Miss Judith PIGGOTT

Sun last, Jane, aged 48, wife of James LYON of Adelaide Buildings, Randolph Place

Sun last, daughter’s residence, Springfield, Claughton, Mrs HOPLEY, aged 69

Mon last, Son-in-Law’s residence Bedford Place, London, Isabella, aged 90, widow of the late John LEGH Esq of Bedford Place, London and Notbury, Booths Hall, Cheshire

Mon last, 54 Berry St, Mrs Avara ELLIOTT, aged 55

Mon last, 79 Hunter St, Ellen EDWARDS, aged 59, mother of James EDWARDS, Tobacconist this town

Mon last, Margaret, aged 19, of consumption, only daughter of William MOORE, Tallow Chandler, Paradise St.

Mon last, Stanhope Cottage, Windsor, John Francis Auselem De RIDDLER. Snr, of paralysis of the brain.

Mon last, Halton Cheshire, Anne, aged 32, daughter of the late Stanley ORRED Esq, of Sutton nr Frodsham

Tues last, Margaret, 2nd daughter of Mr FISHER, Soho St

Tues last, Mary Ann, wife of James JONES, Watch -case maker, Hunter St

Tues last, Bootle, Sophia GEORGE, aged 20

Tues last, David SCIVIER, the Usher to Mr Commissioner PERRY’S Court, Liverpool District Bankruptcy Court

Tues last, Halsall nr Ormskirk, Mrs SEGAR, aged 62, widow of the late Thomas SEGAR, surviving her lamented partner by only 9weeks.

Tues last, Ann, aged 24, wife of John EDWARDS, only daughter of John PUGH, Pentre House, nr Ruabon, Denbighshire

Wed last, John, aged 8, son of William HODSON of Crosby Green, West Derby

Wed last, Harry, aged 2, son of John FENTON Esq, Surgeon, Upper Parliament St

Wed last, Henry DAVIES Esq, aged 74, Upper Islington

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