Arrival of the CITY OF BALTIMORE to the Mersey 1855

Northern Times Mar 22nd 1855

The longest screw steamer in the world taken up by the French Government.

Amongst the maritime public for some time past, the talk has been about the screw-steamer CITY OF BALTIMORE, speculations as to her size, appearance and sea-going qualities, have been as varied as the winds. However, Mr John DANIELS one of our most experienced and talented branch pilots, accompanied by Mr INMAN, No 1 and No 13 Tower-Buildings, proceeded to Glasgow last week for the purpose of bringing hither the new steamer CITY OF BALTIMORE, and she arrived on the Mersey on Saturday afternoon, and was taken into the basin of the Sandon Dock, where she was the admiration of thousands.

Having been taken up by the French Government for the conveyance of troops to the Crimea she was ordered to sail hence for Marseilles on Tuesday, accordingly under the immediate superintendence of Mr INMAN she commenced loading coal shortly after 12 0’ clock on Monday morning and having taken on board 1,500 tons by 12 0’ clock on Tuesday, besides a quantity of ship’s stores, and her commander Capt LEITCH having engaged a crew, who 70 in number were on board in time, with the exception of about 6, she was again placed in the hands of John DANIELS the pilot, and not withstanding her immense length was taken out into the basin in some 7 minutes, in admirable style without touching her sides.

The tug-boat CONSTITUTION was in attendance, and having cleared the Pier Head, towed her a short distance, when her own screw was set in motion, she proceeded down the river and through the Victoria Channel at a rate of 12 mph.

Having engaged to tow the ship TICONDERAGO of 1,227 tons to Marseilles where she is also to embark troops for the seat of war, she lay to, to wait her coming up in tow of the POWERFUL steam-tug. In the meantime a party of about 40 gentlemen partook of dinner in the dining saloon, presided over by Mr NICHOLSON, the croupier being Mr H. O. HAUGHTON.

The TICONDERAGO reached the CITY OF BALTIMORE and was taken in tow, at a rate of 10mph, when off the Ormes Head the company on board including Mr and Mrs INMAN, Mr MACGREGOR her builder, Capt JELLARD and several others transferred to the tug-boat amid loud cheers and firing of canon from the CITY OF BALTIMORE, they bid her “God speed” for a safe voyage and then returned to Liverpool.

The CITY OF BALTIMORE is commanded by Capt LEITCH

Chief Officer Mr James F. TORRENCE

2nd officer, Mr Samuel BROOKS

3rd officer, Mr Edward MC CORMACH

4th officer, Mr John Malcolm RUSSELL

Surgeon Edward BAGOTT

1st Engineer James CAMPBELL

Chief Steward James ROBINSON

She is an iron vessel built in the Clyde by Messers TOD and MACGREGOR for the Liverpool and Philadelphia steamship Co. Her engagement is for 6mths at the expiration it is expected she will return to Liverpool and take her station between Liverpool and America.


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