Loss of the British King 1876

Jan 20th 1877,

The British King, Liverpool ship of 1,700 sailed from Sheilds on May 28th last for San Francisco, laden with coals. On 28th June she was spoken in lat 5N, long 26W, four days later in lat 11s, long 26W. At this time there were rough seas. The ship had to double Cape Horn, no intelligence has been received of her. Since then she has been reinsured at over 80%.

She was a fine iron ship owned by the British Shipowners Co of Liverpool and built in 1869, launched under the name of GLENSANNOX. She was classed A1, and 20yrs, red letter in the Liverpool register. The managing owner is Mr James BEASLEY of Liverpool.

Her crew list :-

Capt N. W. RUTTER, Liverpool, master

John LONGHURST, Birkenhead, mate

James HAWARD, Liverpool, 2nd mate

J. C. DOYLE, Greystones, Wicklow, 3rd mate

William BLACKSHALL, Aberdeen, carpenter

James O’BRIEN, Liverpool, carpenter

John GIBBONS, St Lucia, cook

John BELLS, North Shields, boatswain

William COOKE, Liverpool, sail maker

Able seamen

Carl DAHLMAN, Prussia

John ELFFEN, Hamburg

John BECK, Manchester

A. M. NILSEN, Norway

William FRISK, Penzance

Duncan MATHESON, Inverness

Charles HANOVER, Demerara

George BUSH, Paisley

James BAXTER, Edinburgh

Barcey BRADY, Belfast

Ludwig KRIERSEN, Norway

Henry ORTEN, Essex

M. PERSEN, Malmo

Peter JOHNSEN, Sweden

W. CARR, Whitehaven

Ordinary seamen

Henry LAVERY, Widnes

R. HARRISON, North Shields

Alexander DARNELL, North Shields

William JAMIESON, Dundee

Alexander HENDERSON, Dundee


H. Napier AYRTON, North Shields

F. WITT, North Shields

Louis Napoleon SMITH, Liverpool

R. S. HORRIDGE, Liverpool


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