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TITLE The Liverpool Burning

Before Mr Justice WILLIS , Archibald MITCHELL accused of the murder of Thomas LANDOR, aboard the BOGOTA on passage from RIO to LIVERPOOL 25th January 1859. on the high seas.

Archibald Mitchell was a Second Engineer aboard the Steamship Bogota belonging to the Pacific Steam Navigation Co Thomas Landor was a 44 yr old Miner from Cornwall who had been mining in Chilli and had become homesick, he was working his passage home as a stoker.

Landor was thought by Mitchell not to be up to the job and was not pulling his weight, Landor complained constantly about the heat. Mitchell decided to tie Landor to a ladder in front of a furness to punish him, ignoring his constant cries of mercy. He would not allow anyone to release him and refused his requests for water.

Landor eventually collapsed and was taken on deck and seen by the ships surgeon

Charles Theodore SMIDTZ he did his best to revive him but Landor died of Heatstroke and Apoplexy.

For the Prosecution Mr Attornrey General BLISS. Mr OVEREND. Q. C, ,And Mr HOSACK.

For the defence Mr BRETT, Mr WEIGHTON, Mr ASPINALL watched the case on behalf of absent Engineer John BUCHANAN.

There was a crew of 67 and they were under the command of Capt WILDE

Witnesses in the case-

Mr OVEREND Coal Trimmer

Robert WILSON Stoker

James WILSON Fireman

LAWSON Trimmer


William McCELLAND Seaman

Robert GRANGER Seaman

John LANGHAM Boatswain boy

John PUGH Fireman

John COOKSON Passenger

Others involved Inspector MAWDSLEY of the Liverpool Police arresting officer

and an old man called LANG from the ship who died on the Voyage.

Eventual verdict MANSLAUGHTER sentenced to 15 Years Penal Servitude.

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