Loss of the brigantine BLANCH 1854

Southport Visiter,

Dec 14th 1854


On Wednesday morning two young men were walking at Marshside at low water and they discovered a man in sailor’s attire lying on the shore, the body was conveyed to the New Inn. The body was that of a middle aged man with whiskers all round his face. By letters found in his pockets it is supposed the body of John BRINT of the BLANCH from Liverpool to Donegal.

Dec 21st 1854


On Saturday last an inquest was held at the New Inn Marshside, by Mr C. E.DRIFFIELD, Foreman Thomas BAKER, Meols Hall, foreman, into the death of Capt John BRINT of the brigantine BLANCH.

Witnesses called, Thomas TASKER a weaver at Marshside and John WRIGHT who found the body. PC. WOODS who attended.

PC. WOODS, found £18-13s-10d on the body besides some foreign money, a watch, knife, purse and porte-mennala. There was also some letters and documents which were produced.

One of the documents was an account of dues paid on account of the ship BLANCH, another was a letter signed, William RANKIN, dated Donegal, Dec 2nd and directed to Capt BRINT. Another letter from his wife which was affecting, showing how anxiously a fond wife and cherished offspring were waiting for the return of the sturdy mariner, dated Donegal Nov 1854.

She had welcomed his letter, “The children are well, Bella sends a kiss for you and says you are gone to Ballywell for a Christmas Box for her, but, I hope you will be home for Christmas, signed your loving wife till death, Isabella BRINT.”

Mr Robert MILLS, Shipbroker of Liverpool identified the deceased as master of the brigantine BLANCH, employed by William RANKIN, merchant. The deceased he says was about 45 yrs old and had been in Liverpool about a fortnight, he last saw the deceased on the 11th and believed he sailed from Liverpool on the 12th to return to Donegal freighted with coal and salt.

There was a heavy squall on Tuesday night from WSW, from the stern of the vessel being found at Waterloo and one the deceased being found in double suit of every article of clothing, it is presumed that in attempting to put back the vessel ran ashore on the banks between here and Waterloo and went to pieces.

Dec 28th 1854


On Tuesday last an inquest was held at the Union Hotel on the body of a seaman, name unknown found by William BIBBY, Fisherman on Saturday night, washed ashore opposite Birkdale Nook, It is supposed to be another of the crew of the unfortunate BLANCH. The Inspector of Police has received a letter from the widow of Capt BRINT in which she describes her loss as heavy having lost in the vessel a husband and a brother.

The body found on Saturday had lost a finger, probably eaten off by some voracious inhabitants of the deep.


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