Jan 18th 1913

The recent disaster in the channel last Thursday evening of the BETA, a hopper belonging to the corporation, showed 12 lives lost.

She collided with the Hoylake fishing smack FLEETWING, after dumping her refuse and returning from sea.

While a rescue was in progress the BETA was struck from behind by the Booth Line, Liner AMBROSE, which was coming up behind the BETA after completing her voyage from South America.. The hopper sank almost immediately and 15 souls were thrown into the sea.

4 men were picked up by the AMBROSE, one being, Capt GRIFFITHS who so exhausted succumbed soon afterwards.

The missing crew of the BETA,

R. FAIRLIE, Engineer, Orwell Rd, Kirkdale, Liverpool

T. WILCOX, A.B, Dorritt St, Liverpool

J. GARNET. A.B, Dorritt St, Liverpool

A. PORTER. A.B, Powis St.

F. WATSON. A.B, Wye St

James CLIFF, Fireman, Conway St.

David LEDSOM, Fireman, Latham St

Those missing from the FLEETWING.

Capt Frank JONES, Edward JONES, J. JONES

The three survivors,

Frederick Arthur JONES. 16 Ferndale Rd, Hoylake, belonging to the FLEETWING.

S. FRIER, Orwell Rd, Kirkdale, mate on the BETA.

Henry James EVANS, Grove Rd, Wallasey, a White Star Pilot who was aboard the BETA.

A pathetic feature of the tragedy was that a boy, Harry STRINGER, aged 15, who begged a trip on the hopper from one of the engineers and set forth in high glee, doubtless was returning well satisfied when disaster struck.

An inquest was held on the death of Capt GRIFFITHS on Monday.INQUEST

Mr MAXWELL, appeared for the corporation.

Mr F. H. EDWARDS represented the BOOTH Line Steam Ship Co

Mr H. J. SHARMEN represented Capt GRIFFITH’S family.

Present in court Mr E. W. PIERCE, Dept Town Clerk.

Mr COOPER, Dept Engineer

Mr A. L. R. RATHBONE and William MUIRHEAD, represented the Health Committee.

A telegram of sympathy was sent from Delhi from Mr BRODIE the City Engineer.

The inquest was adjourned till Thursday week.

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