Northern Times Thurs Feb 1st 1855

Articles in the Melbourne Argus and Melbourne Herald


We - , the undersigned first-class passengers by the ship SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS belonging to Messerís GODDEFROY, of Hamburg - Messerís W. S. LINDSAY and Co, 8 Austin Friars, London, Brokers, and Mr George MILLER of Hamburg, Master - while we are willing to record our conviction of the nautical skills displayed in managing the ship under very trying circumstances, wish publicly to express our most unqualified disapprobation at the treatment we received as passengers, on a voyage between London and Sydney.

We complain of the meagre quality of our fare, even a sufficient quantity not being supplied to our urgent and repeated demands, the extreme meanness of our table arrangements, the coarse and unwholesome cookery, the filth of the Stewardís Department, the miserable and uncivil attendance, the entire absence of all common comforts to alleviate the miseries of a long sea voyage, the want of all sympathy, nay, even the discourteous and uncivil behaviour of the Captain, all these we complain of in the highest degree.

At the same time we wish to express our perfect satisfaction at the professional conduct of our Medical Officer, Dr Hermann JONAISON of Hamburg. His unwearied discharge of the medical duties of the ship, and his impartial attention to all classes that came under his care, entitle him to this record of our thanks and approbation.

It is with view of justice to ourselves and the public, that we make this announcement, to warn others from the annoyance we have suffered, and to prevent a recurrence of such indignities, as we feel sure no passengers could have been subject to in any First-class ship sailing under the British Ensign, [signed] - James FREEMAN, Louisa FREEMAN, Charles TEAKLE, Charles Edward PORTER, Cecil HODGSON, C. Orlando HELM, Joseph BING, Alfred COHEN [for self and party] James TINGLE, Henry Solomon JAFFA, Rebecca Solomon JAFFA, Anna MULLINGS, Charles BAKEWELL


The passengers of the Dutch Barque AUSTRALIE, from London arrived here a few days ago, have published a complimentary address to the Captain, but which they strongly condemn the charterers of the ship, who, it appears sent her to sea badly supplied with provisions and other necessities.

Capt WILKIE of the Liverpool ship BUONAVENTURA, has also been proceeded against by nearly 200 of his passengers, and fined £5 for each, in this the blame appears to lie with the charterers of the ship, who, however escape the consequences of their gross neglect.


The passengers of this famous clipper have presented complimentary addresses to Capt WILD. It is only 11 days since she arrived in Hobsonís Bay, in which time 700 passengers and 1,000 tons of goods have been landed. The KENT is to sail on the 2nd of Dec, the same day as the MARCO POLO.

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