Departure of the ATLANTIC

Northern Times

Departures from Liverpool

Nov 2nd 1854

The ATLANTIC, Capt WEST sailed yesterday morning with a mixed cargo and 127 passengers

Mr PECK, Mr BEEBIE, Mr J. G. BOND, Mr S. GLOVER, Mr WEBB and Lady, Mr M. D. HOGE, Mr H. YOUNG, Mr GANDIN, Mrs YOUNG, Miss GAILLARD, Mr A. WIGGIN and Lady, Mr WOODMAN, Mr H. D. WIGHT, Mr P. S. JUSTICE, Mr MC KEEN, Miss CARVER and servant, Mr M. MICHELL, Mr G. L. WARD, Mr PECK and Lady, maid and 2 children, Mr H. CARY and Lady, Mr C. A. DAVIS, Mr R. A. SOUTHWICK, Mr J. L. WHITMORE and Lady, Mr M. MUTRIE, Mr J. B. JOHNSON and Lady and servant, Mrs HUMPHREYS nurse and child, Mr Van NEST and son, Mr REDMOND, Mr D. S. WILLON, Mr DAVIS and 2 ladies, Mr MOWTON and child, infant and 2 servants, Mr M. HILLMAN, Mr C. A. ELY and Lady, Mr CHAMISSO, Miss TUTHELL, Mr T. A. BAILEY, and Lady, Mr J. M. ATWOOD, Mr E. ATWOOD, Miss E. Y. STEWART, Mr LOREAL and Lady, Mr A. B. GRISWOLD, Col P. DICKENSON, Mr WARWICK, Mr WARWICK Jnr, Mr EDMONTON, and Lady, Rev. H. H. WELLES, Mr J. Van WART, Mr J. RICKWOOD, Mr W. MAN, Mr J. KENDRICK, Mr SEDGEMAN and Lady, and servant, Miss CUSHING, Mr W. J. BARKSDALE, Miss GRIMAN, Miss BRALEY and sister, Mrs BRADLEY and daughter, Mr DAVEALA, Mr RODIQUEZ, Judge CAMPBELL, Mr MUTRIE, Mr S. L. BARLOW, Mr E. LAFAYETTE, Mr J. W.BEAUM, Mr R. W. YOUNG, Mr A. EDWARDS, Mr Y. H. ELY, Mr PRIHN, Miss DUGGE, Mr G. H. REDFORD, Mr E. REDFORD, Mr JONES, Mr R. GARDNER, Mr PRETERRE, Wife and infant, Mr STOCKS and Lady, daughter and infant, Mr R.SWAN and 4 friends, Mr SILIBEY Lady, 2 children and infant, Mrs Anne MOORE, Mr J. SCHNEIR, Mr William HYDE, Mr D. SANDS, Mr J. COOK, Mr J. C. JOHNSON, Rev P. SCHOFF, Mrs CLARKE and 2 children, Mr Thomas PERREL.


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