Alabama award

Liverpool Journal, 20th Jan 1877

The Alabama award

The following letter from Mr Joseph HUBBACK of Liverpool appeared in Wednesday s Times:-

How will the American Government “dispose of the handsome surplus of nearly £2,000.000?”

This is the question being asked by all men of business who remember and suffered during the Confederate War. Would you allow me to suggest that the British claimants should now have some consideration?

I had a considerable amount of property destroyed on board the American ship MANCHESTER, on her voyage from New York to Liverpool. It is well known the ALABAMA burnt this fine packet ship. Having the privilege of being a British subject, and not having insured the war risk, to this day I have received no compensation for my loss.

American citizens who had property on board the MANCHESTER have been paid because the Geneva Tribunal decided the British Government were in the wrong in allowing the ALABAMA to escape.

Now, is it not an anomaly that my government will not compensate me for the wrong they have done, while they pay the foreigner who suffers under the identical circumstances as myself.

- I, individually, am a taxpayer, contributing my quota towards the payment? Surely there is something wrong here? Perhaps powerful pen might influence the American Government to take into consideration, before they disburse in any other way the £2,000.000 the claims of British subjects like myself.



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