Liverpool Mercury, January 5th, 1907

The new White Star Liner

ADRIATIC, launched on September 20th last from the yard of HARLAND and WOLFE, Belfast, is now rapidly nearing her completion for her maiden voyage early this year.

Her great size has been turned to the utmost advantage in providing both for the safety and comfort of her passengers.

While making the voyage across the Atlantic at a good speed, it is confidently anticipated the ADRIATIC will be of nautical parlance, “as steady as a rock”. Her good sea going qualities and the extreme comfortable character of her appointments, the pleasure of ocean travel will be advanced. She is the 4th steamer of the line over 20,000 tons, and brings up the average tonnage of the White Star Fleet to 13,020, by far the largest average in the world.

The dining room situated on the upper deck, extends the full width of the ship, and is exceptionally lofty and airy, it accommodates up to 370 people. It is panelled in the stately fashion of Charles 11 and painted in a delicate ivory-like white.

A feature in the saloon is the arrangement of small tables in the popular restaurant style, where an Orchestra will be provided.

A reading and writing room is another distinctive feature and a lounge provided with sofas, easy-chairs, cosy corners and card tables, attaining the acme alike of luxury and decorative art.

The smoking room has mahogany fitments and leather hung walls. With pictures denoting stirring episodes in English Naval history.

The novelties on board are numerous, including a gymnasium, furnished with mechanical apparatus, and electric lift serving 4 decks, electric baths, and most notable innovations, Turkish baths.

An Inquiry office is provided for information to her 3,000 passengers of all classes.

The ADRIATIC is 755ft 9ins long, 75ft 6ins beam, and about 50ft deep. Her gross tonnage nearly 25,000 tons, her displacement over 40,000 tons. She has 9 steel decks, divided into 12 watertight compartments. The cables are three and three quarter inches in diameter, and weigh 90 tons, the anchors weigh about 8 tons each.


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