Marriages 1868

Liverpool Mercury Jan 1st, 1868


ADAMS / WINDEATT, Dec 31st, St Augustines, William Bradley eldest son of William ADAMS this town to Elizabeth Worth youngest daughter of the late William Hamlyn WINDEATT of Shaldon Devonshire

CEYENS / WILLIAMS, Dec 31st, St Marys Kirkdale, R. CEYENS to Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Major St, Kirkdale

MAYALL / DAVISON, Dec 30th, St Judes, Joseph MAYALL to Miss Ellen DAVISON

MOIR / LENTON, Dec 26th, St Lukes, J. Malcolmson MOIR to Miss Rosinea J LENTON, 3rd surviving daughter of Mr James LENTON of Myrtle St, late of London

NICHOLS / HOUSTON, Dec 26th, by license, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, William Dempsey NICHOLS master mariner to Elizabeth only daughter of David HOUSTON both this town

ORRETT / PHILLIPS, Dec 25th, Parish Ch, West Derby, Thomas eldest son of Ralph ORRETT, Page Moss, West Derby, to Annie eldest daughter of John PHILLIPS, Coalbrookdale, Salop.

ROUGHLEY / LIDDELL, Dec 19th, by license, Parish Ch, Northwood, Isle-of-Wight, Henry Alexander youngest son of John ROUGHLEY, Great Crosby, to Agnes Sarah youngest daughter of Andrew LIDDELL, Esq, Oak Villa, West Cowes

WHITE / MC DOWELL, Dec 26th, St Marys, Birkenhead, George eldest son of George WHITE, Monk St, to Mary only daughter of James MC DOWELL, Woodland Cottage, Clifton Park.


Liverpool Mercury Jan 2nd, 1868


ALCOCK / MILLIONS, Dec 29th, St Michaels Ch, Chester, John ALCOCK, commercial traveller to Mrs Margaret MILLIONS of the Red Lion Inn, Bridge St, Chester.

CLARK / JONES, Dec 29th, St Albans Peter CLARK to Miss Anne JONES

DEURRELL / MC MASTER, Dec 28th St Michaels, William DEURRELL master mariner to Miss Mary MC MASTER

DRYSDALE / BROWN, Jan 1st, Myrtle St Chapel, Donald M. DRYSDALE to Sarah Elizabeth eldest daughter of Aaron BROWN Esq, Hartfield ,Allerton.

JOHNSON / MC KENZIE, St Michaels, Alexander JOHNSON to Catherine MC KENZIE

JOHNSON / RIDYAD, Dec 30th, St Albans, Joseph JOHNSON to Miss Margaret Alice RIDYAD

JONES / CHAMLEY, Dec 31st, St Albans, Thomas JONES to Miss Ann CHAMLEY

PATERSON / MC CLEAN, Jan 1st, St Marys Kirkdale, James PATERSON to Isabella MC CLEAN

RUSSELL / O’REILLY, Dec 28th, Longherew Ch, Edward, youngest son of Jesse Watts RUSSELL Esq of Ham Hall, Staffordshire and of Biggin House Northamptonshire to Alice eldest daughter of Anthony O’REILLY Esq of Beltraena, County Meath

VAUGHAN / LEE, Jan 1st, by license at St Marys Kirkdale, W. R. VAUGHAN only son of David J. VAUGHAN, maltster of Pembrokeshire to Emma youngest daughter of William LEE of this town

WILLIAMSON / SHAW, Dec 30th at Sefton, Thomas WILLIAMSON of Penrith to Lizzie only daughter of the late Robert SHAW of Brighton-le-sands, Waterloo


Liverpool Mercury Jan 3rd, 1868


DOUGHAN / DUCKWORTH, Dec 31st, James A. DOUGHAN Esq to Mary Elizabeth only daughter of James Joseph DUCKWORTH Esq

MINTO / SMITH Dec 25th, St Silas, J. H. MINTO to Martha eldest daughter of William SMITH, relieving officer, Marsh Lane, Bootle

OLIVER / TOWILL, Jan 2nd, St Lukes, R. Sidney OLIVER of Kenwyn Villa, Torquay to Clara only daughter of Edwin TOWILL, 85 Falkner St

RICKETTS / BOWDEN, Dec 31st, Grately, Hants, William Vincent son of Frederick RICKETTS Esq of Brighton to Emily Jane youngest daughter of the late Henry BOWDEN Esq of Bootle

ROBERTS / JONES, Jan 1st, St Georges, Everton, Thomas ROBERTS, mason and builder this town, to Catherine 2nd daughter of the late Pierce JONES, farmer, Gosorf, nr Holywell, Flintshire

THOMSON / MURRAY, Dec 31st, Ebanezer Chapel, West Bromwich, Capt William THOMSON of the screw steamer DELAMARE, to Mary eldest daughter of William MURRAY, High St, West Bromwich, Staffordshire.


Liverpool Mercury Jan 4th, 1868


APPLEBY / PARSONS, Dec 25th, St Georges, Everton, Thomas APPLEBY to Alice 2nd daughter of Joseph PARSONS, late of Rowton, Cheshire

BELL / BACKHOUSE, Dec 31st, Parish Ch, Cartmel, William BELL of this town, eldest son of William BELL, Headhouse, Newton-in-Cartmel to Eleanor eldest daughter of James BACKHOUSE same place.

COOPER / SADLER, Dec 25th, St Chrysostoms, Everton, Thomas COOPER to Harriet eldest daughter of Zachariah SADLER, both of Everton

COOPER / SAYLE, Dec 25th, St Philips, Joseph Oakes COOPER to Miss Eliza Mercy SAYLE

GUTHRIE / HENRY, Jan 1st, St Peters Everton, James GUTHRIE to Miss Isabella HENRY both of Edinburgh St

JAMES / MAYS, Dec 28th, St George The Martyr, Southwark, London, William Henry James to Miss Martha MAYS of Boston

JONES / LECOMBER, Dec 19th, St Marys-on-the-Hill, Walton J. L. JONES to M. A. LECOMBER

KANE / MC CLASKEY, Dec 25th, George KANE to Maria daughter of R. MC CLASKEY of Everton

MORRISS / MARSDEN, Dec 25th, St Philips, David MORRISS to Miss Emma Bennett MARSDEN

OWEN / JONES, Jan 1st, Llanwrst, North Wales, R. Lloyd OWEN Esq of Manchester to Elizabeth youngest daughter of Morris JONES Esq of Llanwrst

PACEY / JOHNSTONE, Dec 28th, by special license at St Silas James Alfred youngest son of the late James PACEY Esq of Boston, to Mary only daughter of Colonel JOHNSTONE, Isle-of-Mann, and granddaughter of the late Sir William JOHNSTONE of United States

PARKINSON / SOUL, Jan 1st, St Peters, Everton, James PARKINSON to Miss Catherine Mary SOUL, both of Salisbury St

RAYNER / BROWN, Jan 2nd, St Matthews Bayswater, London, Lloyd RAYNER Esq of this town to Annie Sophia widow of H. Newton BROWN Esq, captain 2nd west Yorkshire, L. L. and daughter of William RICHARDSON Esq, York

STEEL / WEBSTER, Dec 31st, Burnside, Forfar, by the Rev T. H. STEEL, The Grove, Harrow-on-the-Hill, father of the groom, Henry William STEEL Esq, Bengal Civil Service, to Flora Annie, 2nd daughter of George WEBSTER Esq, Burnside, sheriff clerk of Forfarshire

THOMPSON / DANN. Jan 1st, St John-the-Divine, Holly Rd, Fairfield, Jonah THOMPSON to Miss Elizabeth Anne DANN

TURNER / WRIGHT, Jan 1st, St Bridges, Thomas S. TURNER of Tarbuck to Miss Margaret WRIGHT of Woodbank, Cheshire

WALFORD / AWDRY, Jan 2nd, Lacock, by the Rev C. AWDRY, and the Rev W. AWDRY, the Rev W. L. WALFORD, eldest son of A. WALFORD Esq of Bebington to Sarah 2nd daughter of Sir John W. AWDRY of Notton, Wilts.

WESTCOTT / BEECHAM, Dec 15th, St Philips, George Henry WESCOTT to Miss Ritza Frances BEECHAM


Liverpool Mercury Jan 6th, 1868


BUTCHER / KENNEDY, Nov 28th, Free Church of Scotland, Bombay, by Rev D. C. BOYD. M.A, brother-in-law of the groom, Louis Holt BUTCHER Esq, C.E, to Agnes Young, youngest daughter of Thomas KENNEDY Esq, merchant Glasgow

COTTAM / BARON. Jan 1st, St Saviours Ch, Brook St, Manchester, James COTTAM to Mary Jane BARON granddaughter of the late Robert SUTTON of Tranmere

GRIFFITHS / GRIFFITHS, Jan 2nd, Mold, Richard Christopher, 3rd son of John GRIFFITHS Esq, Rake, Hawarden, to Caroline 3rd daughter of George GRIFFITHS Esq, Tynewydd, Mold

LAMB / JONES, Dec 31st, Old Ch, Wrexham, Richard son of Mr LAMB, Inspector of Police, Wrexham, to Eliza eldest daughter of John JONES, late of the Seven Stars Inn of that town

MOYES / WALSH, Jan 4th, St Marys Ch, West Derby, John MOYES of Newcastle to Caroline daughter of Samuel Henry WALSH of this town

REDMAN / EDWARDS, Jan 4th, St Michaels, James REDMAN to Mary EDWARDS widow of Capt EDWARDS of the ship SEA KING

WILLIAMS / JONES, Jan 3rd, by license at Chatham St, Chapel, William WILLIAMS of Aberystwith to Emma Catherine daughter of David JONES, 26 Earle St, St Pauls Square


Liverpool Mercury Jan 7th., 1868


MORRISS / GRIGG, Dec 26th St Johns Ch, Chester, Joseph MORRISS to Elizabeth, widow of John Salisbury GRIGG and eldest daughter of John ROBERTSON, City Rd.

NOON / DANSON, Jan 2nd, Church of the Holy Innocents, Alfred NOON to Lizzie, youngest daughter of John Allan DANSON both this town.


Liverpool Mercury Jan 8th, 1868


BAIRD / SHRUBBS, Jan 1st, St Pauls Cambridge, William BAIRD, Architectural sculptor, eldest son of Thomas BAIRD this town to Emily Charlotte, eldest daughter of Edward SHRUBBS, Cambridge

BALMER / ROBERTS, Jan 6th, St Johns, Daniel BALMER to Miss Margaret ROBERTS

BERRY / HARRISON, Jan 2nd, St Johns, William Brough BERRY to Miss Eliza Ellen HARRISON

FOULKES / WHITLOW, Jan 4th, Holy Trinity Ch, Twickenham, London, by Rev A. WHITLOW brother of the bride, William FOULKES of Southport, to Anne youngest daughter of the late James WHITLOW Esq of Whitehall Fernlice, Derbyshire

HARBORD / HAYWARD, Jan 6th, Woodchurch, Frank HARBORD to Eliza Jane daughter of Richard HAYWARD Esq, both of Oxton.

IMRIE / WALLACE, Jan 6th, St Georges Ch, Douglas I.O.M, Robert Carnegie IMRIE, Mathematical master, Sandbach Grammar School, to Annie Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Henry WALLACE.

JONES / BLACKMORE, Jan 2nd, St Johns, Richard Humphrey JONES to Miss Elizabeth BLACKMORE

MOFFAT / PRINGLE, Jan 2nd, Pirn, Stow, John MOFFAT engineer of Birkenhead to Mary eldest daughter of James PRINGLE, Stow.

MORRIS / BUTLER, Jan 7th, St Marys, Birkenhead, James MORRIS to Miss Emma BUTLER both of Birkenhead.

MORRISON / STEVENSON, Jan 5th, St Johns, Peter Phillips MORRISON to Miss Margaret STEVENSON

SCOTT / TURTON, Presbyterian Ch, Queens Rd, Everton John SCOTT of Breck Rd, Everton to Mrs Margaret TURTON of Rainhill

STEPHENS / KAIGHIN, Jan 2nd, Manghold Ch, I.O.M, Thomas E. STEPHENS of Sartfield, Jurby, to Judith Margaret, eldest daughter of the late John KAIGHIN of Ballachrink, Jurby, I.O.M.

SWEENEY / ROWAN, Jan 6th, St Peters, Seel St, Henry SWEENEY, Great George St to Miss Minnie ROWAN


Liverpool Mercury Jan 10th, 1868


CLARKE / LEWIS, Jan 8th, St Marys Edge Hill, Joseph Nicholas CLARKE to Eleanor Maria LEWIS both of Garston

MELLING / BEVAN, Jan 9th, Parish Church, Blackburn, Thomas MELLING to Mary Ellen BEVAN, niece of Reece BEVAN Esq, of Freckleton House, Wigan

PARTON / CALLWOOD, Jan 8th, St Marys, Nether, Alderley, John PARTON Esq of Lea Hall to Margaret youngest daughter of John CALLWOOD Esq, Yarwood Farm, Nether, Alderley

WILSON / ALLAN, Jan 9th, by license, St John the Baptist David WILSON, Master mariner to Janet youngest daughter of the late John ALLAN, accountant, Dunfermline

YOUNG / HUGHES, Jan 9th, St Brides, A. YOUNG to E. HUGHES


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 22nd 1868


FAWTHROP / GAWTHORP, Oct 16th, Lawford, Essex, John FAWTHROP Esq, F.C.R.S, of Queensborough, Yorkshire to Katherine Louisa, eldest daughter of the late S. Thurlstone Wade GAWTHORP Esq, C.E, of Wakefield in the same county and of Mrs GAWTHORP, Bibalve House, I.O.M.

GRIFFITH / JONES, Oct 20th, by license at Llanbeblig Church, W. Bodvan GRIFFITH, son of the late R. Bodvan GRIFFITH Esq, solicitor, to Margaret Maria, 2nd daughter of Robert JONES Esq, land agent, both of Carnarvon

JACOBS / MOONEY, Oct 18th, St Silas, George youngest son of the late Benjamin Joseph JACOBS, of Lichfield to Elizabeth eldest daughter of the late Peter MOONEY of Clontarf, county Dublin

JANSON / SMITH, Oct 20th, St John-the-Baptists, Henry JANSON to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Solomon SMITH

JONES / ELLIS, Oct 19th, St David's Brownlow Hill, E. R. JONES to Mrs Mary ELLIS, Sun St, Birkenhead

M,'GAUL / PRATT, Oct 20th, Trinity Chapel, Grove St, William Owen, eldest son of the late James M'GAUL, of Higher Tranmere, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late James PRATT, of Rock Ferry

PARSONS / HINSLEY, Oct 20th, Madeley Church, Salop, William Lamble son of William PARSONS of Wavertree to Ursula, 4th daughter of John HINSLEY Esq, of Madeley Wood

ROWETT / SKENTLEBERRY, Oct 17th, parish church, Talland, John Q. ROWETT Esq, of Rangoon to Caroline eldest daughter of A. SKENTLEBERRY Esq of West Looe, Cornwall

SMITH / GRIFFITH, Oct 18th, St Andrew's, Thomas SMITH to Miss Martha GRIFFITH

UNSWORTH / WATSON, Oct 18th, St John-the-Baptists, Edward UNSWORTH, to Mary daughter of George WATSON


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