Marriages 1851

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 3rd 1851


Oct 31st, Stockton, California, Louis GEE of Columbus, Georgia to Mrs Ellen JENKINS, of Bath, England

Nov 28th, Tripoli, in the British Consulate, by license, in the presence of G. W. CROWE Esq, her Britannic Majesty's Agent and Consul General, Don Joaquin de ZUGASTI, Vice Consul of her Catholic Majesty, to Ann eldest daughter of the late John DICKSON Esq, surgeon in the British Royal Navy. The marriage was celebrated by the Superior of the Catholic Mission, according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church, under dispensation from his Holiness the Pope, the bride being a Protestant. This is the first marriage that has taken place in Tripoli according to the provisions of the recent act of Parliament for facilitating the marriages of British subjects abroad.

Dec 24th, Collegiate, Collegiate Church, Manchester, Robert, eldest son of Richard PARKINSON, of Eastham, to Harriet Harris daughter of Charles COMER of Manchester.

Dec 26th, George EAST to M. A. HARRIS, only daughter of Isaac HARRIS of Everton

Dec 30th, St Michael's Church, Robert DUFF to Elizabeth DUFFY

Dec 30th, St Michael's Church, J. PEVER to Miss M, DEAU

Dec 30th, St Philip's Church, William GANDY of Warrington to Elizabeth ELLISON, this town

Dec 30th, London, Horatio S, only surviving son of Simon SAMUEL Esq, London, to Henrietta, 3rd daughter of Horatio MONTEFLORE, Esq, of Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park

Dec 31st, St Mark's Church, Captain Johann Christian Emanuel BOHN, of the ship Helena of Hamburg, to Catherina Margaretta Langmaak, both of Arnis in the dukedom of Schleswig

Dec 31st, St Elfin's Warrington, Rev James COOK, L.L.B, of Magdalen College, Cambridge, eldest son of James COOK Esq of Blackheath, to Annabella, 4th daughter of the late John ALDERSON, Esq and niece of Sir Richard PULESTON. Bart, of Emral, Flintshire

Jan 1st, St Mark's Church, Henry ASHTON to Ann SILL

Jan 1st, Parish Church, Llanasa, Denbighshire, John PRITCHARD pilot this town, to Gay HUGHES, Llandulas, same county


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 10th, 1851


Nov 20th, St Thomas-in-the-Vale, Jamaica, Thomas W. NEVERSON Esq of Tulloch Estate to Sarah Ann, widow of Andrew N. SUTHERLAND Esq, and sister-in-law of the late Hon Dr EWART

Jan 2nd. Diss, Benjamin QUADLING Jnr to Sarah Anne daughter of Captain Thomas BARNES, late of this town

Jan 3rd, Edinburgh, David JAMESON Esq M.P, to Thomasina Louisa, daughter of Patrick IRVINE Esq, of Inveramsay

Jan 4th, St David's Church, William WILLIAMS Esq of Llangerniw, to Ellen GRIFFITHS, this town

Jan 6th, Trinity Church, Wicker, John BOOTH of Woodside to Barbara Brailsford, eldest daughter of the late Paul BRIGHT Esq of Sheffield

Jan 7th, St Bride's Church, John THOMPSON of London to Miss WALMSLEY

Jan 7th, St Mark's Church, G. BREARTON eldest son of J. BREARTON Esq, Weston nr Crewe, to Betsy, 2nd daughter of Thomas JONES Esq, Wrexham

Jan 7th, St John's Church, Mr TOWNLEY late of Hanover St, to Sarah widow of the late Thomas LUMLEY of this town

Jan 8th, St Barnabas Church, James MARSHALL to Sarah Elizabeth CHAMBERS

Jan 8th, Walton Church, William MAXWELL, St Domingo Rd to Miss WILLIAMS, 29 Seacombe St, Everton

Jan 8th, St John's Church, Edward ROBERTS, farmer, Ruabon, to Annie PUGH, this town


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 12th 1851


Lately at Dunfermline, James WYLIE, better known as the "Herd Laddie" the celebrated draught-player, to Helen HENRIC

At St Peter's, Thomas son of Mr A. SOCKETT, Farndon, Cheshire, to Emma youngest daughter of the late Roderick CLARKE, of Nottingham

Sept 9th, Octacamund, Madras, presidency, East Indies, Thomas Moss Mc HUTCHIN Esq, Lieutenant 19th regiment, N.I, son of the late clerk of the rolls of the I.O.M, to Madeline Eliza eldest daughter of W. E. UNDERWOOD. Esq, civil service.

Sept 16th, Mauritius, Henry Frank F. JOHNSON Esq, major 5th fusiliers, eldest son of Sir Henry Allen JOHNSON. Bart, to Emma eldest daughter of the Hon Sir David W. BARCLAY Bart.

Nov 26th, Lezayre, I.O.M, Rev Henry George Nassau BISHOP, vicar of Great Clacton, Essex, to Isabella Curphey, eldest daughter of William FARRANT Esq, of Ballamoar

Dec 1st, Barsham Church, Suffolk, by the Rev M. S. SUCKLING, brother of the bride, the Rev Robert CHILTON son of Thomas CHILTON Esq of Everton, and curate of Clifton Campville, Staffordshire, to Rosa Matilda, daughter of the Rev Alfred SUCKLING, rector of Barsham.

Dec 3rd, Parish Church, Rochdale, James Gartside son of John PALEY of Preston to Rachael, 3rd daughter of Abraham BRIERLEY of West Hill, Rochdale.

Dec 3rd, Warmingham Church, Cheshire, R. H. PERCIVAL of Tetton Hall to Fanny daughter of the late C. CRESTY. Esq, Warmingham.

Dec 4th, St George's Church, Kendal, George WILCOCK of the firm of WILLCOCK and TAYLOR, cabinet makers and upholsterers, to Martha, 3rd daughter of Philip HUTCHINSON, fishhook manufacturer of Preston.

Dec 6th, Abbey Church, Great Malvern, John GARTSIDE Esq, of Brookside, Ashton-under-Lyne, to Ann REDFERN of Welbeck House, Ashton-under-Lyne

Dec 7th, St John's Church, Richard WAGSTAFF to Mary HOGDEN

Dec 7th, St John's Church, Charles NAYLOR to Elizabeth SAUNDERS

Dec 8th, St Peter's Church, Sackville St, Everton, Thomas COLEBURNE of Birkenhead, to Ann COLEBURNE, this town

Dec 9th, St Philips, Church, George CAPSTICK to Isabella STUBBS

Dec 9th, St Bride's Church, John Arthur, youngest son of the late John LINDOP, corn merchant of Chester, to Ann youngest daughter of William CAIN, this town

Dec 10th, St Philips, Church, Robert George SELLAR to Louisa Robinson, daughter of James Gibson CARTER, of Everton

Dec 11th, St Bride's Church, William RANKIN Esq commander of the ship Rob Roy, to Sarah 4th daughter of John BURROWS, Esq, surgeon this town

Dec 11th, United Presbyterian Church, Mount Pleasant, John HORNELL to Jane eldest daughter of Mr C. ROME, Sandon St.

Dec 12th, by licenses, St Nicholas Church, Chas HOLLIWELL, optician, Park Lane, to Mrs Elizabeth BARROW, relict of the late Richard BARROW, Black Horse Inn, Greenland St.

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