Transfer of licenses and summons 1854, publicans and beersellers

Northern Times Sept 26th 1854

Beer House cases before the court for selling beer at illegal hours.

Ellen FITZPATRICK, Chisenhale St, fined 40s

Johnston FORRESTER, Prince Edward St, fined 20s

James ROURKE, Freemasons Row, fined 5

John HOLDEN, Lambert St, fined 10s

Maria ENRIGHT, Marybone, fined 5

John LLOYD, Clare St, fined 40s

Richard Lewis BRECK, Napier St, fined 2/6d with 2/5d costs

H. B. MATHEWSON, Cable St, fined 20s and costs

James CATTARALL, Parliament St, fined 40s and costs


Northern Times Sept 30th 1854

Publicans and beer sellers

Samuel TOWERS, Angel Hotel, Dale St, summoned for selling wines and spirits during prohibited hours, witnesses at the case, John FLETCHER, Head waiter, Mr RUSH, Manager of the tap, Mr R. CASSELL, West Derby, Mr BERTRAM, A traveller, both customers - fined 10s and costs

John CROSS, Publican, Bevington Bush, summoned for the same offence.

Alice JONES, St James St, offence not proved.

Thomas COWBURN, Publican, Park Lane, summoned for Sunday trading - fined 10s and costs.

Sarah Ellen EVANS, Pitt St, like offence - fined 10s and costs

Summoned for Sunday Trading

James OWEN, Park St

Alice SAVAGE, Hygeia St

Mary BARNES, Hygeia St

Jane THOMAS, Low Hill

Thomas WALKER, Low Hill

Ellen DOWELL, Edgar St

Thomas WOODS, Clayton St

William DAVIS, Fazackerly St

Sarah ROUGHLEY, Tithebarn St

James BARNES, Hornby St

John CALLOW, Oriel St

Sarah WHELAN, Fairclough Lane

Thomas DAVIDSON, Maguire St

James LEEDS, Wilkinson St

James MORRIS, Upper Mount St

James STEWARD, Heath St

William VENABLES, Cleavedon St

Bevan GREEN, Limekiln Lane

Thomas PEARS, Thurlow St

Robert CAINE, Craven St

Jane THOMAS, Holborn St

Edward CURPHY, Myers St

John COLLIN, Hornby St

Martin DERRICK, Oriel St

Michael MC CUMISKY, Dander St

The Northern Times, Oct 13th 1854

Transfer of Licenses

Yesterday being quarter transfer day, his worship the Mayor and Mr J. H. TURNER Esq presided in court when the following cases came before them for transfer.

Atherton St, Eiza JOHNSON to Ellen SHARPE

Blackstock St, James BOLD to James KEARNS

Blenheim St, Ellen SHARPE to Henry EVES

Blundell St, George MC DONNELL to Matthew BORILLI

Burlington St, Marian WITHCOTT to Thomas GARDNIER

Byrom St, William WARD to ------- WARD

Chisenhale St, John EVANS to Edward GREGOR

Communation Row, Robert ARMSTRONG to William BELL

Dale St, George COLT to Anne HIGGS

Denison St, George DAVIES to Thomas F. GILBERTSON

Great Charlotte St, John FRANCIS Sen to Charles FRANCIS

Great Crosshall St, Anne EASTWOOD [deceased] to John WYNN

Greenland St, John NEWALL to John DAWSON

Greenland St, John CLAYTON to James FARRELL

John St, North, Mary BROWN to Francis C. PATH

Islington, Samuel WHITFIELD to Thomas LEA

Lydia Anne St, John WILDE to Henry SMITH [refused]

Milk St, William A. STUMBLES to John CLAYTON

New Bird St, James WHITE to John BRADSHAW [postponed]

Norfolk St, Eleanor MAINWRIGHT to A. W. FRANCIS

Norfolk St, William ROBERTS to Thomas OWENS

Park Lane, Richard WESTON to James HANCOCK

Pleasant St, James WILKINSON to William KERR

Portland St, George DIMES to John REILLY

Prince William St, Richard NAYLOR to William PORTER

Queen St, William H. THOMPSON to W. A. STUMBLES

Queen St, Henry MC CORMICK to Alexander MC PHILMORE

Redcross St, Thomas DAVIES to Albert ELWIN

Regent St, Michael SHEEHAN [deceased] to Hannah SHEEHAN

Scotland Rd, James GODFREY to Richard WESTON

Scotland Rd, William WORTLEY to Thomas HOLLAND

Seel St, Richard MORGAN [deceased] to Eliza MORGAN

Shadwell St, Hugh CONNOLLY to Hugh REGAN

Sherwood St, James WINKUP to Robert AMEADALE

Simpson St, Thomas OWENS to Susan OXFORD

Tempest Hey, Thomas SWARBRICK [deceased] to ,Mary SWARBRICK

Toxteth Park, Mary A. LYON to William MASON

Trafalgar St, J. BROWBELL to William LIVESLEY

Freeman St, J. H. CUNLIFFE to James MARMON

Union St, Thomas LLOYD to John COCKCROFT

Renewals, Anthony BARNS from Dale St to Great Howard St.

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