Transfer of licenses and summons 1853, publicans and beersellers

Liverpool Mercury, May 13th 1853

Transfer of Licences

Yesterday several of the borough magistrates, [John HOLMES Esq, chairman], sat in the Sessions House, Chapel St, to hear applications for the transfer of licenses. In an application for a transfer from George CUNNINGHAM to Henry BELLION, the house being in Pembroke Place, the applicant was questioned by the magistrates whether he was the person really interested in the house. The applicant replied, after some hesitation, that the house was being taken for him Mr RIGBY, spirit merchant, Whitechapel. The magistrates wished to know why Mr RIGBY interested himself so far as to take the house for him, but the applicant said he could not say. Afterwards he said it had been done through Mr PRESTON, the distiller, with whom he had been in service with for 14yrs as a gardener. Ultimately the applicant said he was going to keep the house on his own account and reside in it himself and receive the profits. The transfer was then granted.

The application for a transfer from Richard HOLDEN to Harriett HAMPSON of a house in Plumbe St, was ordered to stand over, it having been elicited that the real proprietor of the house was a man named HUDSON, a pilot.

An application for a transfer of a house in Sefton St from Mary HILES to William DODD, was opposed by a publican named DODIN. The opposing party spoke of the licenses having been sold for £79 in October last, and also referred in a questionable way to a child said to belong to Mary HILES. He was proceeding with some further irrelevant remarks when, in reply to a question by the magistrateís clerk, he admitted that his only objection was being a neighbour and in the same line of business, and that the transfer might do him injury. He was immediately silenced by being told he had no business to say anything. The transfer was granted.

One of the applications was for a transfer of a licensed house in Hill St, from Edward URMSON to Thomas BYRON. The magistrate made some inquiries respecting the license and elicited that the holder of it retained two licenses for some time back, one being in the name of his son, a youth not having yet left school. Such conduct was denounced from the bench, one of the magistrates calling the applicant a fraud. The transfer was refused.

List of transfers :-

Richard TIPPING to Mary TIPPING, Athol St

John BROOKS to Margaret BROOKS, Bailey St

Margaret HALE to Horatio MILLETT, Belle St

George SMYTH to William WARD, Byrom St

Christopher MEADOWS to William NEEDHAM, Chapel St

Ann LOUGH to Alexander FINDLAY, Cleveland Square

John MATTHEWS to William PARR, Cleveland Square

Richard BINKS to Joseph HEPWORTH, Cockspur St

Charles William SHARPLEY to James SEARLES, Crosshall St

Margaret BROWN to Richard STIRZAKER, Crosshall St

John CALVERT to Ellen WOODS, Dale St

Peter WHITTLE to Thomas HANLON, Daly St

John BERRY to Robert MC LELLAN. WALKER, Drury Lane

Henry BARNES to John MARSHALL, Fontenoy St

Robert ARUNDALE to William ARUNDALE, Fox St

Mary Ann ROBERTS to William Molyneux TOWNSON, Frederick St

Matthew MUDD to Thomas PASCOE, Frederick St

John SADDLER to Fryer Glendinning QUICK, Great Charlotee St

Francis MURPHY to George CLARKE, Greenland St

Michael OíLONERGAN to Thomas WILLIAMS, Hanover St

Edward WATSON to Isaac WILLIAMS, Harford St

Ann WILLIAMS to Francis MOON, Jervis St

George LEEDS to James RAWSTHORNE, Leeds St

Samuel BIRCHENOUGH to Walter SLATTER, Lime St

William KERR to Ann WORKMAN,. Mersey St

George FAZAKERLEY to Ellen DOWNING, Mersey St

Mathew ATKINSON to George William HUNTER, Mill St

John BURNS to John ABELL, New Bird St

David STARK to James GILMOUR, Oil St

John RICHMOND to Edmund ELLIS, Paddington

Thomas BULLEN to Joel FILDES, Park Lane

George CUNNINGHAM to Henry BELLION, Pembroke Place

Richard HOLDEN to Harriett HAMPSON, Plumbe St

James NEVILLE to Richard HERDMAN, Preesonís Row

John WASHINGTON to Richard NAYLOR, Prince William St

John David PHILLIPS to John BARNES, Robert St

Richard WILDING to John BRADLEY, St James Place

William SMITH to John MANSLEY, Scotland Rd

Elizabeth WOODMAN to William EDMONDSON, Scotland Rd

Mary HILES to William DODD, Sefton St

Thomas MATTHEWS to Ann HOLT, Sir Thomas Buildings

James QUAYLE to John DODD, Spitalfields

Henry SMITH to James INMAN, Springfield St

John SHANKLAND to Nicholas CURNON, Suffolk St

James CARNEY to Benjamin HILL, Titchfield St

Thomas CRAWFORD to Agnes SPENCE, Townsend St

Henry CHRISTIAN to James MEAD, Toxteth St

John MARTIN to Mary ORME, Vernon St

Edward NOWNES to Lawrence BIRNIE, Wakefield St

John BATH to William ATKINSON, Warwick St

Bell GLOVER to William Frederick GLOVER, Waterloo Rd

John HAYES to Catherine HAYES, Eaton St

The following applications were refused :-

Jessie WEBSTER to John JONES, Cable St

Edward URMSON to Thomas BYRON, Hill St

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