Transfer of licenses and summons 1851, publicans and beersellers

Liverpool Mercury April 4th 1851

At a special session held yesterday the following transfers for licenses were granted.

Atherton St, from Jeremiah BRADLEY to Francis WOOD

Basnett St, from John CORBISHLEY to Henry SEDDON

Bath St, from William RICHARDS to John HENDERSON

Claremont Terrace, from Elizabeth ADDIS to William HENDERSON

Copperas Hill, from Margaret FLEETWOOD to Sarah DAVIS

Dawson St, from William SMITH to Thomas Harrison TATE

Dean St, From William ROBERTS to John NICKSON

Denison St, from Samuel PUGH to George DAVIES

Dutton St, from Thomas TYRER to Edward JOHNSON

Elliott St, from Timothy PARKINSON deceased to Robert MURAS

Everton Village, from Richard BRADSHAW to Joseph OYDEIR

Fairclough St, from William COTTERELL to Ann BAYNES

Gilbert St, from Sarah TAYLOR to Thomas COOPER

Gore St, from George V. MADDOCK to Richard CLARKSON

Great Crosshall St, from Luke EASTWOOD deceased, to Ann EASTWOOD

Great Howard St, from Richard PARTINGTON to Richard PORTER

Haymarket, from Robert ROBERTS to John BYRNE

Highfield St, from John TAYLOR to John PINNINGTON

Kirkdale Rd, from John HAYDOCK to Henry WEBSTER

Lawrence St, from Joshua WRIGHT to William DUFF

Leeds St, from John SMITH to George Alexander LEWIS

Limekiln Lane, from William MOSS to James RILEY

Litherland Alley, from George HUMPHREYS to David MORGAN

Marlborough St, from Edward Hayes IRVING to Robert IRVING

Mersey St, from John PARREY to Peter KAY

Murray St, from Thomas LUFF to Thomas Charles LUFF

Mulberry St, from James DANSON deceased, to Mary DICKINSON

Naylor St, from John Logan WATT to Henry LAMB

New Bird St, from Marmaduke DRAKE to John BREMNER

From Patrick SCALLON to Hugh DEVLIN

North St from Ann BARRY to Alexander HAMILTON

Pitt St, from Henry LYON to Edward IRVING

Queen St, from James SMITH to Margaret MC KENZIE

Raffles St, from John DOWNING to James SILL

Ray St, from John BRIDGE to Joseph SMITH

Regent Rd from Robert BRECKELL to Deborah BRECKELL

From John BELL to Thomas LUFF

Richmond Row, from Mary GRAHAM to David JONES

Roscommon St, from John LANE to Emma LANE

Salisbury St, from John WIDNALL to James ANDREWS

Sawney Pope St, from Alexander GEMMELL deceased to John MC CANDISH

Scotland Rd, from John THOMPSON to Thomas ATKINSON

Sherwood St, from Elizabeth J. CAMPBELL to Elizabeth PARKINSON

Simpson St, from Thomas TAYLOR to Thomas HUNT

Sparling St, T. G. A. HUNT to Mary ASPINALL

Standish St, from John ARNOLD to Elizabeth KELBRICK

Sumner St, from Ann CHADWICK to Ann BAILEY

Tarbock St, from John SMITH to Nathan NORRIS

Thomas St, from Robert MURAS to William SUTCLIFFE

Titchfield St, from Richard PORTER to Richard PARTINGTON

Vauxhall Rd, from Peter JONES to William ROCKLIFF

Warwick St, from Richard WRIGHT to Ellen WRIGHT

Westmoreland St, from Thomas TAYLERSON to Joseph LUPTON

Williamson St, from Matthew THOMPSON deceased, to Elizabeth THOMPSON

Wood St, from George ACTON to Joseph ASBERY


Liverpool Mercury July 4th 1851

Yesterday the magistrates held a session in the Crown Court for the removal and transfer of licenses, magistrates, Messers J. HOLMES [Chairman], BOLTON, R. V. YATES, J. H. TURNER, EVANS, BOOTH, BEAN and R. GLADSTONE.

Mr SNOWBALL made an application on behalf of Samuel KENDRICK, for a removal from Chadwick St to Bond St. As it appeared the house was not in such a complete state as to admit the question of a license coming in a proper state before the magistrates, the application was withdrawn.

Mr SNOWBALL appeared for the removal of a license on behalf of Matthew COFFEE, from Wapping to Bennett St, Circus St. Mr COFFEE had kept houses in different parts of the town, and had always conducted himself in a creditable manner. He submitted a memorial in support of the application, signed by a number of persons in Christian St and the neighbourhood.. Mr DEWHURST said, he was instructed to oppose this application, as there was already a great number of public-houses in the neighbourhood. He presented a petition against the granting of a license and added that drunkenness prevailed to a great extent in the neighbourhood, more especially on Sunday mornings. After a consultation amongst the magistrates, the license was refused.

Elizabeth RATHBONE applied for a removal from Salisbury St to Everton Rd, during a conversation which took place amongst the magistrates Mr EVANS said, there had been hundreds of houses added in the neighbourhood where a licenses was asked for, and not only one was wanted in the vicinity but a score, the license was granted.

The application of Agnes ELLIS for the removal of a license from Sparling St to Springfield St was supported by Mr SNOWBALL. He stated that the applicant had been 28yrs in the business and was a person of excellent character. He submitted a memorial in favour of the application signed by a number of respectable persons in the neighbourhood. Mr DODD, Solicitor opposed the application and handed up to the bench a memorial in opposition. On the votes of the magistrates being taken, they were equal. The Chairman Mr J. HOLMES gave the casting vote against the application and it was, accordingly refused.

List of removals and transfers, applications granted except were otherwise stated.


Thomas WILKINSON from Dukes Place, Wapping, to Fulton St, Regents St, allowed.

Samuel KENDRICK from Chadwick St to Bond St, Vauxhall Rd, deferred.

Matthew COFFEE from Wapping to Bennett St, Circus St, refused.

Elizabeth RATHBONE from Salisbury St to Everton Rd, granted.

Agnes ELLIS from Sparling St to Springfield St, refused.


Arley St, from William KISSICK to Edward PARKER

Blackstock St, from Thomas BOLD to James BOLD

From Thomas LAMB to Christ SHARP

Brownlow Hill, from William PHILLIPS to Samuel THORBURN

Cable St, from Alexander DALZIEL to Thomas LAMB

Commutation Row, from Joseph BRIERLEY to Richard GARNER

Cumberland St, from Thomas CULLINGTON to John Harper KIRKHAM

Dale St, from William JONES to Thomas IBBESON

From William WESTHEAD to William COOKE

Dublin St, from William WALKER to William WESTHEAD

Falkner St, from Robert BRADLEY to Thomas RAWSTHORNE

Frederick St, from Hugh HARLEY to Mary PULFORD

From Samuel SEEL to James SEEL

Gerrard St, from Samuel JONES to Elizabeth JONES

Gore St, from Richard CLARKSON to James BAGALEY

Grafton St, from Thomas ROBINSON to Richard ELLIS

Harrington St, from Alice ACTON to William BAGNALL

Hurst St, from John LINDON to Edwin PINFIELD

Lawrence St, from Thomas CALDWELL to Samuel SMITH

Lime St, from John GARNER to Charles B. CASTLE

London Rd, from John JOHNSON to Robert JOHNSON

Marybone, from Henry SCHOFIELD to John SCHOFIELD

Mersey St, from William BRUCE to John MC GHEE

Miles St, from Samuel WALKER to Mary Ann WALKER

Milk St, from William MERCER to James RAE

New Bird St, from John BRENNAN to John BARNES

Old Ropery St, from James LAMB to Jane LAMB

Parliament St, from Owen CONOLLY to Patrick TUMILTY

Plumbe St, from Elizabeth LUNT to James MOUNT

Pownall Square, from Daniel MC LEISH to Maria DOWLING

Redcross St, from Margaret WAGGETT to George LYCIL

Renshaw St, from Thomas DICKENSON to Thomas FERNIBOUGH

Scotland Rd, from Peter LIPTROTT to William MORRISON

From James LOVE to Hugh FAZAKERLEY

From Elizabeth CADDICK to John GODFREY

From Robert HILL to Ann HINTON

Sherwood St, from James ALLEN to John TOBY

Simpson St, from Catherine CASLEY to Thomas JONES

Sir Thomas Buildings, from Benjamin SYKES to Martha SYKES

Sparling St, from Mary ASPINALL to Ann CHADWICK

Stancliffe St, from William TOWNSON to Thomas BLEASDALE

Summer Seat, from James JOHNSON to Thomas BOLD

Tithebarn St, from Peter NERMAN to Robert BRADLEY

Toxteth Buildings, from Edward JONES to William Penant WILSON

Vauxhall Rd, from Thomas WILSON to Isaac GLOVER

Waterloo Rd, from Patrick O’NEAL to Marcella BYRNES

Williamson Square, from William PENN to James STREET


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 2nd 1851

Transfer and removal of licenses

A court was held on Thursday for the removal and transfer of licenses, before the Mayor Thomas LITTLEDALE Esq, Messers HOLT, J. H. TURNER, R. V. YATES and J. HOLMES.

An application was made by Mr John YATES Jnr on behalf of Mr G. SMITH to have a license removed from a premises in the Old Haymarket, which are to be taken down for public improvement to a house in Byrom St, a short distance from the applicants present premises. Mr YATES stated that there were no fewer than six public houses to come down on the south side of Shaw’s Brow and the Old Haymarket, and the occupants were naturally desirous to remove within a limited distance as possible. The magistrates agreed that the license should be transferred as soon as the house was put into proper order and repair.

Matthew COFFEE applied to have his license for a house in Wapping, which had been pulled down for dock improvements, removed to a premises in Crown St. Mr BREMNER who appeared for the applicant, said the applicant did not intend to keep the house, but he became answerable for all the requirements of the license. It is said a Mr ROBERTS was to keep the house and it appeared he had a license which he was applying to have transferred - application declined for the present.

Mr BREMNER applied on behalf of Mrs Ann CROPPER for the removal of a license for a house in Shaw’s Brow, taken down for the reason of the improvements now going on in the district to premises on the corner of Atherton St in Paradise St.

The application was similar to the previous one and it was intended that the license should be disposed of, a principle which he contended was recognised by the legislature. A protest against the application was handed in, there had been a previous application. The bench declined to grant the application.

William RICHARDSON applied to have a license transferred to him to a house opposite Gill St, market. An objection was taken by Mr PARSONS, solicitor who appeared for Thomas LYTHGOE, he claiming to be the lessee of the premises. It appeared LYTHGOE had no locus standi, the application was allowed.

List of removals and transfers


William ALLANBY from Salthouse dock to Neptune St

Ann FORMBY from Darwen St to Myer’s place, Limekiln Lane

George SMYTH from Haymarket to 7 Byrom St

The application of Ann CROPPER from Shaw’s Brow to Paradise St and of Matthew COFFEE from Wapping to Crown St were refused


Arley St from Edward PARKER to David MARSHALL

Athol St from William GRINDLAY to William WALLACE

Batchelor St from Peter WILCOCK to John LAMBIE

Bold St from William LASSELL to William Henry BECKETT

Boundary St from James FLETCHER to Robert HOWARD

College Lane from M. A. ANDERTON to James MACK

Commutation Row from William HARGREAVES to John JOHNSON

Crosshall St from Thomas CHANDLER to Selma BLACKBURN

Dale St, from Francis WOOD to Martha WOOD

Dale St from Edward HURST to Thomas CHANDLER

Dansie St from Robert ALDERSEY to William RICHARDSON

Deane St from William ROBERTS to John NICKSON

Eldon St from Selma BLACKBURN to John HARTLEY

Essex St from Philip NEWTON to George John NEWTON

Fazakerley St, from Miles PYE to John HAMILTON

Fletcher St from John MC KAY to John LITTLAR

Forrest St from Joseph GENT to Rebecca SMITH

Fox St from Isaiah DRAKE to David DRAKE

Fox St from Andrew MORRISON to William BURROUGHS

Frederick St from William SOTFLEY to Matthew MUDD

Greenland St from William HAMILTON to Thomas WILKIN

Houghton St from Mary WALLACE to Rebecca WALLACE

Hughes St from Walter RIDGEWAY to Horatio N. ASHCROFT

John St from George BOYER to Alexander THOMPSON

John St from Thomas B. BURROW to Richard BENSON

Kirkdale from William NEW to George GOODISON

Kitchen St from Robert STEVENSON to William DEVONPORT

Lambert St from M. HAWKSWORTH to James Cardwell HEATLEY

Leeds St from James BICKERSTAFF to George LEGGOTT

London Rd from John TURNER to William COLE

London Rd from John DRENNON to Andrew MORRISON

Low Hill from William RICHARDSON to Frederick WATSON

Market St from Mary CROOKHAM to John KING

Marybone from Sarah WITBELL to Thomas FOSTER

Mersey St from John PHILLIPS to Marshall Henry HYDE

Milk St from John STOCK to George HUNT

Mount Pleasant from Sarah RIDING to Mary RIDING

Netherfield Rd from John HAYES to Elizabeth BOARDMAN

New Quay from William BURROW to Richard UNSWORTH

Pitt St from Mary WEBB to Isaiah DRAKE

Porter St from Hugh BRADY to Henry ADKINS

Pownall Square from Jane NOBLE to Thomas JOYCE

Queen St from W. H. THOMPSON to Robert Willis HOWARD

Rathbone St from Ann BROUGH to John BOLTON

Sawney Pope St from James HARRISON to Peter MC LEAN

Sawney Pope St from James BARLOW to Elizabeth BARLOW

St James St from Thomas HAGUE to Henry HARRISON

Scotland Rd from Matthew BROWN to James RYAN

Vernon St from E. S. FIELDING to Thomas ROBERTS

Walker St, from John KING to Ann HOPE

Westmoreland St from William THOMAS to Hugh HARLEY

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