Transfer of licenses and summons 1850, publicans and beersellers

Liverpool Mercury Aug 30th 1850

Transfer of Licenses

Messers BOLTON and TURNER sat yesterday in the Police Court, High St, to hear the applications for the transfer of licenses. There were eight applications for removals, two only of which were granted, namely, John GILL from Mason St to Hill St and Sarah MAGUIRE from Baxter St to Hurst St.

The following transfers allowed

Basnett St, James ALLEN to John CORBISHLEY

Beckwith St, Thomasina HOUSTIN to James HARGREAVES

Benns-gardens, Margaret ANDERTON to Elizabeth PRITCHARD

Blake St, John CARDWELL to James SAYER

Brownlow-hill, Jane REVELL to William PHILLIPS

Cheapside, Richard ROMERA to Emma BOOTH

College-lane, Marinea FRANCIS to Mary Ann ANDERTON

Concert St, James CAREFOOT to Joseph ELLIOT

Crosshall St, Sarah KIRBY to John BROWN

Cunliffe St, William CURTIS to John YEOMAN

Dale St, R. C. GARDNER to Thomas NICHOLSON

Richard HEYWOOD to Robert HEWARD

Daly St, Mary FOULDS to Thomas HANLON

Derby St, John COOMBES to James TAYLOR

Dickinson St, Charles BALL to Robert STEVENSON

Dublin St, Peter WALKER to William WALKER

Edmund St, John LEWIN to Henry BEAVAN

Fontenoy St, Samuel JOHNSON to Barrow MOSS

Forrest St, Thomas MORAN to Alexander FORBES

Gill St, James EDMONDSON to James AIREY

Great Newton St, Edmund KIRBY to John GASS

Great Oxford St, Joseph SAVAGE to Thomas TAYLOR

Greenland St, Thomas CATON to John TOWNSON

Jane HUGHES to Hannah ELLIS

Greetham St, Joseph BABRIEL to Thomas DOLLINSON

Houghton St, Thomas W. ATKINSON to John O’NEILL

John St, South, Edward P. HOUGHTON to Peter WALKER

Lime St, William BAGOT to Thomas MATTHEWS

Limekiln Lane, George ENTWISTLE to James HAMER

Lionel St, James WATMOUGH to James GREGORY

Litherland Alley, Elizabeth FRANCIS to Thomas DAVIES

London Rd, William PRESCOT, deceased to Mary PRESCOT widow

Maddox St, Margaret FISHWICK to Margaret SHARP

George BAYLIS to Ambrose VEEVERS

Maghull St, James BUCHANAN to William JONES

Manchester St, John GALLOWAY to Thomas CROOK

Marybone, John BOARDMAN to Thomas A. LEIGH

Mersey St, Neil MENZIES, deceased to Mary MENZIES widow



Milk St, Richard BOLTON to Edward MORGAN

Mould St, Mary BLACKBURN to James PENN

Mount-pleasant, Thomas PEARCE to John BROUGHTON

New Quay, Gilbert BATTY to John SHIER

Norfolk St, Jane HUNTER to Richard H. BARBER

Park-place, Roderick FORBES to Henry BLUNT

Pitt St, Thomas S. DODD to William CARTWRIGHT

Pownall Square, James RYAN to Daniel MC LEISH

Preston St, Robert SMITH to John CHILTON

Richmond St, John HENDERSON to W. H. JACKSON

Richmond Row, Robert WORKMAN to James BARLOW

Ridley St, James SHAW to Christopher LOWES

St James Place, Robert HOWARD to Richard WILDING

Scotland Place, Henry NOBLE to Henry PROCTER

Seddon St, James SCOTSON to Jane POVER

Seel St, Patrick CARROLL to John L. DOWNING

Simpson St, George STONE to John DEAN

Spitalfields, Patrick GARY to James SHACKLADY

Suffolk St, Thomas WOODROOFE to John SHANKLAND

Thomas St, Thomas M. FERNYHOUGH to Peter STUBBS

Trafalgar St, John GARDNER to Archibald THOMSON

Union St, William CHATTERTON to Michael MC DONNELL

Vauxhall Rd, William HOULDSWORTH to John MOORE

Edward SUMNER to Jonathan FARRER

Vulcan St, John MATTHEWS to Thomas BRIGHOUSE

Waterloo Rd, John HARRISON to James WALLBRIDGE

Wavertree Lane, Mildred WORMALL to Thomas LIVESLEY

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