EVERTON Cemetery Long Lane, obituarys from newspapers

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, December 29, 1881

The funeral of Dr R. T. LODGE, of Shaw St, who died suddenly on Saturday last, took place at the Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley, yesterday. There was a large attendance of the friends of the deceased, including Rev A. LODGE, Wavertree [brother], the Rev Dr HYDE, the Rev Gustavus CARSON, Dr WHITFORD, Dr WORRALL, and Mr John HOULDING, chairman of the Everton Burial Board, of which Dr LODGE was a member.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, February 25, 1882

WEIR, Feb 22nd, of 2 Greenwood St, Everton, Daniel, aged 62, late of H.M. Royal Navy, interred Everton Cemetery, February 25, 1882

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, April 11, 1884

Yesterday under the personal supervision of Mr SHELMERDINE [city surveyor] and Mr TURTON [dept surveyor] the remains taken from the graves in St Nicholas Churchyard, were placed in separate shells and conveyed to the Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley where they were re-interred in graves bearing numbers corresponding with those from which the bodies were taken Every necessary precaution, sanitary and otherwise was taken to carry out this work in a manner which would meet with the approval of the public. The operations will now be suspended until Tuesday next.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, January 3, 1885

The funeral of the late Mr Frank KENRICK, who was probably the oldest licensed victualler in Liverpool took place yesterday in the R.C division of the Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley. Among those attending the funeral were Capt M. H. LARMOR and Mr Thomas McCRACKEN

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, October 31, 1885

MOORE, Oct 26th, 6 Allen St, Belmont Rd, Mr MOORE, Aged 84, interred Everton Cemetery on the 29th.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, April 22, 1886

JACKSON, The funeral of the wife of T. W. JACKSON, Netherfield Rd, will take place at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley this day

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, June 22, 1886

DEVINE, June 20th, 62 Edinburgh St, William DEVINE, aged 37, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley this day

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, September 21, 1886

Death of a Liverpool centenarian, the late Mary SIMPSON, of 4. Gilfillan St, Everton, aged 104, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley this day she was the widow of an old Waterloo veteran.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, December 22, 1886

LEE, Dec 16th, 3 Dacy Rd, aged 1 yr and 4mths, Thomas Harold, youngest son of William and Eleanor Jane LEE, interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, August 16, 1888

DODD, 165 Walton Lane, aged 79, Thomas DODD, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley this day

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, May 20, 1889

REBBECCA, May 19th, 49 Newlands St, John REBBECCA, aged 54, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley May 22nd.

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, June 17, 1889

HOLDEN, June 15th, 19 Granton Rd, aged 72, Samuel M. HOLDEN, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley, June 19th.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, February 11, 1890

RHODES, Feb 10th, 112 Radcliffe St, aged 36, George RHODES, for 20yrs in the employ of Messers Brancker Boxwell and Co, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley, Feb 13th.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, February 12, 1890

WADDINGTON, Feb 9th, At the Northern Hospital, Thomas Groome WADDINGTON, aged 55, Engineer of 22 Monk St, Everton, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley this day

Liverpool Mercury Saturday, February 15, 1890

THEAKSTONE, Feb 13th, 59 Herschell St, Everton, Mary wife of William, Funeral Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley Feb 17th.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, March 15, 1890

LUNT, March 12th, 116 Oliver St, Birkenhead, Charles LUNT, aged 42, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley this day

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, June 18, 1890

WILLIAMS, June 15th, 14 Northcote St, Robert WILLIAMS, aged 31, 2nd surviving son of the late Richard and Katherine WILLIAMS, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley June 19th.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, November 6, 1890

TAYLOR, Nov 5th, Peartree House, Aughton, Phoebe TAYLOR wife of William, will be interred today at Fazakerley cemetery

WADE, Nov 4th, Gladstone Rd, Walton, William Stewart WADE, aged 66, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley Nov 9th.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, February 13, 1891

RUSSELL, Feb 10th, 40 Woodville Terrace, Charles Smith RUSSELL, aged 53, late of London will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley Feb 14th

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, February 17, 1891

HOWELL, Feb 16th, Christ Church vicarage, Everton, Margaret Maria, wife of Rev G. HOWELL, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley Feb 19th

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, September 4, 1891

HARDISTY, Aug 30th, 23 Letterstone St, Caroline, aged 29, wife of Charles Frederick HARDISTY, youngest daughter of the late James WHITTAKER, was interred Everton Cemetery, Longmoor Lane on the 3rd inst [this says Longmoor Lane so could be Kirkdale Cemetery or should be Long Lane]

MC WILLIAM, Sept 2nd, Liddisdale Penkett Rd, Liscard, Robert R. MC WILLIAM aged 20, funeral Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, November 24, 1891

MURRAY, Nov 21st, 30 Dunduce St, Walton, Charles George MURRAY, aged 58, for many years in the employ of Messers Lamport and Holt, funeral Everton Cemetery, Nov 26th.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, May 12, 1892

IMPETT, May 10th, Catherine, aged 42, wife of Benjamin IMPETT, interment at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury , Saturday, June 18, 1892

The remains of Mr George E. COOKSON, Harley St, Walton, cotton broker, were interred on Thursday afternoon at Everton Cemetery, in the presence of a large gathering of friends, deceased was one of the best known men on "Change" and his death after a few days illness of paralysis, leaving a widow and three young children is greatly regretted. Chief mourners, Master Harry COOKSON [son], Messers C. H. ADKINS, Fred NORBURY, William A. COOKSON, J.P, [Seaforth], John KING, John BROWN, George A. HYSLOP, T. WILSON, W. G. RICHARDSON, D. R. HEATH. CLAY, J. E. WAUGH, and Capt DICKSON. The funeral service was conducted by Rev Charles A. CARTER of St Mary's Kirkdale. The Liverpool Cotton dealers represented by, Messers W. H. SOULBY, Charles McARDLE, Thomas CRAIG, Edward DOWDALL, Harry SMETHURST, W. ADAMS, and W. F. W. SPICER. Friends at the cemetery, Messers Joseph SAVAGE, J. GRIFFITHS, HICKMAN, J. W. McWEAN, JONES, F. WHEATLEY, HAIGH, J. WORSLEY, AUSTIN, CAUFIELD, WILD, DAVIES, MAHON, McCOY, ANSDELL, PARRY, ALLEN, GIBBONS, HURDLEY, WOOD, BOGLE, CLAY, CANEADIS, McCONKEY, Captains DUFFY and BROWN and a number of ladies.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, September 2, 1892

MARTINDALE, Aug 31st, 19 Verona St, aged 56, William MARTINDALE, will be interred at interred Everton Cemetery Sept 4th.

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, October 13, 1892

JUMP, 18 Hartnup St, William after 2hrs illness, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley this day

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, May 30, 1893

The funeral of George WALLACE, aged 52, of Chelmsford St, and who for 24 yrs had been in the Liverpool Police force took place yesterday afternoon at Everton Cemetery, Longmoor Lane. There were present in addition to relatives of the deceased some 200 police constables in charge of Supt IRVINE, Dr McPHERSON [bridewell surgeon] was also at the graveside. The service was conducted by Rev Douglas McCLELLAND of the Everton Valley, Presbyterian Church. Sergeant WALLACE, who had been a bridewell keeper for some time, was a favourite with the men, many of whom, including those from Rosehill and Westminster Rd sent wreaths. [this says Longmoor Lane so could be Kirkdale Cemetery or should be Long Lane]

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, March 6, 1894

CRAWSHAW, March 4th, 35 Walton Park, Annie aged 21, daughter of John Miles and Rachel CRAWSHAW, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley tomorrow.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, April 10, 1894

HUGHES, April 7th, the wife of Richard HUGHES, 54 Rockfield Rd, Anfield, will be interred at Everton Cemetery Fazakerley tomorrow.

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, December 14, 1894

MILNE, Dec 11th, James, aged 45, late of the Rimrose Hotel, Bootle, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley this day

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, January 29, 1895

GRANT, Jan 25th, 11 Breck Rd, Charlotte wife of Edward F. GRANT, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley this day

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, February 23, 1895

PARKINSON, Feb 21st, 1 William Henry St, Richard aged 66, chemist, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley this day

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, July 22, 1895

EVANS, July 17th, 1 Breck Rd, William A. EVANS, aged 48, was interred Everton Cemetery, July 21st.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, November 12, 1895

LINDSAY, Nov 10th, at West Kirby, aged 27, Catherine Edith, wife of Charles Munro LINDSAY of Liverpool, will be interred Everton Cemetery, Higher Lane Fazakerley, tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, March 16, 1896

Funeral of a Crimean veteran, the remains of David SPOONER late of 27 Prince Rupert St, Everton, were interred in the Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley on Saturday, in the presence of a few sorrowing relatives and friends. The deceased was born in 1826 in the village of Greasby, nr West Kirby, in his 20th year took the career of a soldier enlisting in the 10th Royal Hussars, and the following year he joined his regiment in East India. When the Crimean War broke out the 10th Hussars were ordered to the front, and marching down to Bombay sailed thence to Suez, and as the canal was not then in existence the troops had to march through the desert to Alexandria, to be shipped thence to the Crimea. The 10th Hussars arrived too late to be at Balaclava, but they took part in other engagements, and the deceased was the possessor of the Crimean and Turkish war medals and the clasp for Sebastopol. He served 25yrs with the colours and after he left in 1871 [at his own request] he was in receipt of a pension. At the time he resigned he held the rank of sergeant and his discharge signed by "Baker Pasha" states that Sgt SPOONER'S conduct was very good, and that he was in possession of four good conduct badges and would have had a fifth but for promotion. On leaving the army SPOONER came to Liverpool and for 20yrs faithfully served the Vauxhall Foundry as a messenger. He lived in Everton and his genial way won him many friends. He died on Tuesday, aged 70. Chief mourners, Mrs SPOONER [widow], Mr Herbert SPOONER, [son] who also served with the 10th Hussars taking part with his regiment in the battles of El Teb and Tamai in the Egyptian campaign of 1884. Other mourners, Mr and Mrs NEVIN, Mr and Mrs SURTEES [brother-n-law and sisters], Mrs Herbert SPOONER [daughter-in-law] Mr and Mrs Edward PARKES [nephew and niece] Mr R. D. JONES [nephew] Mr and Mrs HOLMES, Mrs SLOANE, Messers Thomas JONES, A. G. COURTENAY, Fred GRANBY and one or two workmen from the Vauxhall Foundry. The burial service was conduct by Rev S. WARREN of St Benedict's Everton.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, November 4, 1896

The funeral of Mrs HOULDING, wife of Alderman John HOULDING is announced to take place today at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, February 12, 1897

Amid impressive testimonies of regret the funeral of Rev Dr HYDE, late vicar of St Matthew's Church, Scotland Rd, took place yesterday, the burial service was conducted at St Matthew's Church, the service conducted by Ven Archdeacon TAYLOR, assisted by Rev Canon TYRER [rural dean] and Rev S. HANKEY, [curate]. The interment took place at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, April 3, 1897

DUNN, April 1st, 47 Faraday St [late 215 Breck Rd] William, aged 51 husband of Jane, funeral at Everton Cemetery, tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, August 16, 1897

Yesterday morning the remains of Henry ASTON, who died at his residence Queen's Rd, Everton, aged 43, were interred at the Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley. Prior to interment a service was held at St Augustine's Church, conducted by Rev W. ADAMS. M.A.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, August 21, 1897

WATKINSON, Aug 16th, 35 Neston St, Walton, John aged 48, was interred at the Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley. Aug 19th

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, October 12, 1897

The mortal remains of Corpl J. WATKINSON, D Company, 6th V.B King's Liverpool Regiment were interred at Everton Cemetery with full military honours on Tuesday afternoon last in the presence of many friends and comrades. The deceased who passed away on the previous Saturday was 26yrs and had been a member of the battalion for some 8 or 9yrs, he was highly popular with his comrades especially by those who like himself were members of the band. A short time ago he had a bicycle accident which resulted in enteric fever and from this he died. He leaves a widow and two young children to mourn his loss. The members of D. Company under Captain WHITEHEAD and the full band mustered at headquarters Everton Rd, and reaching the hospital Netherfield Rd, North, where the remains were lying, the body was placed on the hearse and the band played the Dead March in Saul. At the graveside a firing party under Col Sgt T. MORRIS fired the three volleys, Sgt Major SWEENY was also on parade to pay his last tribute, with many of the deceased's fellow-workmen from Messers Hignett's, Whitechapel, in whose employ the deceased had been for many years. It has only been weeks since we recorded the death of Mr WATKINSON Sen, who was for many years a member of the 1st Liverpool.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, November 9, 1897

JONES, on Sunday morning after one days illness at the residence of his brother-in-law Rev Richard WILLIAMS, 106 Heyworth St, Ebenezer youngest son of the late David JONES, Bryngollen, Llanerchynedd, Anglesey, aged 51, interment at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley, tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, November 24, 1897

FINLAYSON, 187 Strand Rd, Bootle, aged 55, James husband of Edith, interment at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley, tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, November 25, 1897

HUTTON, Nov 21st, 58 Spencer St, Everton, Jane wife of Henry, interment at Everton Cemetery, Long Lane, tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, April 20, 1899

HUTTON, April 18th, 58 Spencer St, Everton, Henry 64yrs with Carver and Co carriers and late L and Y. Railway, interment at Everton Cemetery, Higher Lane. Fazakerley. on Saturday.

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, April 22, 1899

CALDWELL, April 19th, 83 Woodville Terrace, Robert Charles aged 18, 3rd son of the late Robert Henry CALDWELL, interment at Everton Cemetery this day

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, May 4, 1899

THOMAS, May 2nd, 32 Stanley St, Fairfield, Robert aged 50, husband of Annie, interment at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley. tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, May 8, 1899

BIRCH, May 6th, 15 Schomberg St, aged 56, Fanny wife of James, interment at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley, tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, May 11, 1899

GUILE, May 10th, 12 Houlton St, Kensington, Elizabeth, aged 74, relict of the late John GUILE of West Kirby, interment at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley, on Sunday

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, May 29, 1899

LLOYD, May 25th, 12 Belgrave Terrace, Charles husband of Rhuamah, for upwards of 40yrs in the employ of the Liverpool Corporation, also late of the Liverpool Engineers Volunteers for which corps he was connected for 25yrs, interment at Everton Cemetery this day.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, September 12, 1899

MACAULAY, Sept 9th, 107 St Domingo Vale, John, ex-inspector Liverpool police, aged 72, interment at Everton Cemetery tomorrow. After seven years service in the Royal Irish Constabulary he came to Liverpool early in 1856 and joined the police force where he remained until October 1892, when he retired on a pension. In 1857 he gave evidence before the House of Commons committee relative to the transfer of the town dues from the Corporation to the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, which took place on the 1st January 1861. He was promoted to detective rank and whilst occupying that position tracked and apprehended the Spaniard, Jose ALVAREZ, who had murdered a man named HARRISON, the occupier of the house in Grenville St, South where the notorious Gleeson WILSON committed so many murders. In 1865 he was made inspector and in 1874 he apprehended CORRIGAN, who murdered his mother in Chisenhale St. For his work he was complimented by the jury who tried the prisoner at the assizes. The public in the same year to mark their acknowledgement of his services presented him with a valuable testimonial.

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, September 19, 1899

The funeral of Police Constable James MASON 161G, the Liverpool Police Force, took place on Sunday morning at Everton Cemetery. The large number of friends present left the deceased's house 53 Robert's Rd, at 8am, the procession included William MASON [father], Messers Richard, William, John and Joseph MASON, brothers of the deceased, Mrs PRESCOTT [sister], Messers John, Thomas, and Joseph FOX [brothers-in-law], Messers John HASSALL, T. SMITH and T. VAUGHAN. Many beautiful wreaths were sent by the Old Swan Division [to which deceased belonged], others attending Acting Supt REID, Acting Chief Insp TYNAN, Acting Insp MALLARD, Sgt's MATTHEWS, LEESON, WILSON and Messers WHITE, PETERS, BATESON, and PASCOE of the staff division with 40 constables from Old Swan.

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, October 9, 1899

RICHARDSON, Suddenly Mary Ann wife of James, 9 Mackenzie St, interment at Everton Cemetery on Wednesday

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, October 21, 1899

MORRIS, Oct 20th, George William, aged 67, interment from 34 Richmond Terrace, at Everton Cemetery on Tuesday

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, October 31, 1899

MC GRATH, Oct 29th, 96 Shaw St, Samuel, aged 11, son of Samuel and Emma McGrath, interment at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley, tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury, Saturday, December 9, 1899

Funeral of a Liverpool Freemason, The remains of George WILLIAMS Jnr, secretary-elect of Anfield Lodge 2215 were interred at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley yesterday

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, December 11, 1899

JERMY, Dec 9th, 136 Breck Rd, Ernest George, husband of Alice, will be interred at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley, tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday, January 9, 1900

CASEMENT, Jan 7th, 35 Jacob St, Robert, marine engineer in the employ of Messers T and J. HARRISON, shipowners, interment at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley. Thursday

Liverpool Mercury, Thursday, March 1, 1900

ROBERTSON, Feb 26th, 83 Spencer St, Everton, John aged 73, for 47 yrs principal press reader on the "Liverpool Mercury", will be interred at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley. tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, April 18, 1900

Death of an ex-police inspector, yesterday afternoon at Everton Cemetery the remains of Insp CHAPMAN were laid to rest, he had served 28yrs in the Liverpool police force and retired through ill-health in June 1898. Among those present at the graveside were his two sons and Sgt COWAN, late of the fire station [son-in-law], Supt SUMMERVILLE, Insp PATTERSON, Insp DIXON, Det Insp KNEALE, Insp POGUE, ex-Insp McCALLA, ex-Insp LOLLER, ex-Insp KELLY and Messers BLAND, PICKERING, DELVIN and 60 constables.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, April 25, 1900

KAY, April 24th, 5 Sybil Rd, Anfield, Thamer Georgina, wife of William H. KAY and daughter of the late Daniel ERVING, will be interred at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley, on Friday.

Liverpool Mercury, Monday, April 30, 1900

WHITEHEAD, April 26th, suddenly at the White Star Works, Bootle, William husband of Elizabeth, member of Kirkdale Lodge No 1756, late troop sergeant-major 2nd Dragoon Guards [Queen's Bays], will be interred at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley. tomorrow

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, May 9, 1900

RICHARDSON, Wrecked on the 25th March off the Lakes Entrance, Cunninghame, Victoria, Australia, Alfred aged 19, eldest son of John S and Amy RICHARDSON of Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley.

Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, July 11, 1900

CUTHBERT, July 10th, suddenly 15 Haigh St, William Stuart, late of Northumberland Terrace, interment today at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley

Liverpool Mercury, Friday, November 2, 1900

CORBIN, Oct 16th, sons residence, 56 Margaret St, Everton, Sarah aged 74, relict of William CORRIN late Liverpool pilot, interred at Everton Cemetery, Fazakerley. Oct 19th.


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