The death of Liverpool Police Detective George BAILEY, No 25 and his son

Liverpool Mercury, July 5th 1880

A Liverpool policeman drowned bear Bangor

On Saturday afternoon a Liverpool policeman George BAILEY, No 25, and his son aged 9yrs were drowned near Bangor, under the following circumstances as far as can be ascertained :-

It appears BAILEY with his son and brother-in-law, Charles T. JAMES, left Birkenhead on a holiday trip for Bangor on Saturday morning, and in the afternoon they hired a gig-boat for a sail along the coast. BAILEY was himself a sailor as was his father, and it seems there was no difficulty in his obtaining the use of the boat. In coasting about, however, the small boat capsized, and the occupants, BAILEY, his son and his brother-in-law had to swim for their lives. Only the brother-in-law succeeded in saving himself, and as soon as he gained the shore he telegraphed to his brother in Birkenhead, who communicated the drowning of BAILEY to the police in Liverpool. The deceased, who is about 35yrs of age leaves a widow and three children, the youngest about 6mths old. He was a very usful officer about the docks, being able to converse with seamen in Spanish, French and Italian.

Liverpool Mercury, July 7th 1880

The drowning of a Liverpool Detective and his son

An inquest was held at Voryd near Rhyl yesterday on the bodies of George BAILEY detective in the Liverpool police force and his son Frederick BAILEY who were drowned on the coast on Sunday. The deceased left Bangor at 10pm on Saturday, in the company of William JAMES [as written], a sailor, and brother-in-law of George BAILEY, in a gig carrying three sails, intending to go to Liverpool. A slight breeze at starting increased, and eventually became so great that the waves filled and then capsized the boat. All were thrown out, but JAMES who could swim, assisted the others. The father was washed away almost immediately, but with help Frederick kept up for some time. JAMES, with great difficulty swam and scrambled to the shore, being so buffeted by the waves as to arrive in a very weak condition at the lifeboat station. A verdict of "Accidental death" was returned. The coroner commended the survivor for his bravery. The body of George BAILEY was recovered yesterday, near the Voryd river.


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